Joe: GOP Still Refuses To Protect U.S. From Russian Interference | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Joe: GOP Still Refuses To Protect U.S. From Russian Interference | Morning Joe | MSNBC

February 29, 2020

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  1. In Canada we use paper ballots.Can't hack paper.You show up,show your ID,go in the booth and mark your choice with an X.No machines,no hanging Chads.And no interference from other countries.

  2. Obama did nothing on Russia. They have been interfering in our elections for four decades. They only care now bc they democrats lost power after the people had a revolution✊🏼

  3. I really never thought of countries like Iran interfering in our elections on behalf of the Democrats! That's just as alarming! Instead of the American people choosing who is elected all across our political spectrum, from the smallest office to the presidency, foreign countries will be choosing our leaders. If only people would do their homework when they hear different stories, liberal and conservative, none of this would be possible.

  4. If 45 is selected for a second term, he will undoubtedly, think he is invincible & unstoppable. Our Democracy as was proposed by the founders will be ravashed, demolished & dessimanated! 45 will, with the help of the GOP Senate attempt to change the 2, 4 year term for presidents time limits.

  5. Clinton proved that moderate policies and being owned by big business doesn't win an election.
    But the ignorant see it as a woman not being electable. Complete nonsense.

  6. Well, let's look at this like a good right wing conspiracy theorist would. 1) Citizens United made it possible to hide the sources of "campaign funds" under certain circumstances. 2) The republican party has never shown as much contempt for the American citizenry in it's history than it does right now. 3) Every time Putin wants something, Two Scoops makes sure it happens. 4) McConnell and the rest of the republican party refuse to honor their oaths and defend the country from this clearly unstable lunatic. 5) The republicans spent several weeks praising the Russians and talking about how they wanted a leader more like Putin. They still haven't said anything to hold Russia to account for interfering with our elections. 6) They still REFUSE to do anything to keep the Russians from hacking our elections again, in fact, I suspect they are hoping for it.

    Add these all up together, and lots more, but I'm at lunch, and it sure looks like there are plenty of rubles in republican bank accounts. And not from honest business dealing, either. I think the republicans are OWNED by the Russians, just like the "president" clearly is.

  7. Joe is not the smartest news canister because the way how Russia use the Internet is not by hacking it is by propaganda stores they make up and and that Trump supporters as should have the masot of the yellow belly sap sucker because how gullible that believe that Trump is the messiah if the messiah is Judas .

  8. Dont expect the GOP to protect our voting from Russia, because They Know, it's the Only Way that they can win.
    CHEATING, is in Republicans DNA…..always have been, and always will be.

  9. Russia may already be laying the foundation for a new disinformation. I've noticed an increase in the circulation of hoax warning memes. designed to heighten paranoia and create a general sense of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). This initial phase, known as "priming" creates an environment conducive creating anger, hate, division and even violence.

  10. The GOP needs it.  Gerrymandering is no enough.  Already in Wisconsin keeping Democrats off the rolls.  (Who needs rolls anyway?)

  11. The GOP becoming the pro Putin/Russia party was easy for them. They both hate democracy & since Putin fights for his boot lick boy Trumpy. – Its a marriage made in oligarch heaven !

  12. What interference Joe? I have far more concern with interference from the likes of you than I do from any Russians. Joe, did you not get the memo that the Russian Collusion hoax was a hoax. Try to keep up good buddy.

  13. Vlad. please release the peepee tapes. Everything will be sorted then. Trump will be jailed and all our countries can settle into detente. We all occasionally misbehave. But there's only one inhabitable planet, so let the truth reveal and America confess its utter folly as presidential choice.

  14. any so-called 'Christian' that calls themselves Patriots…is the reason why Our Country….STINKS….. allowing Russia and Putin into our WH via trump…

  15. Get ready for the Hunter Biden Emails 2.0 scandal. Russia if you are listening, release those emails on the Bidens. The most corrupt family in America!!!! Go MAGAts!

  16. You don’t seriously think the gop will do anything to Russia for hacking! They are working to elect republicans. Be kinda self defeating. They probably got money on Russia interference.

  17. The Republican Party is no more than a cult now, it is unsustainable, and will fall even if Trump wins in Nov. , inevitable, all things are impermanent, karma!

  18. I feel hopeful knowing that younger generations generally aren't as gullible as the audience of these clowns — buying into the notion that we really need to worry about a country with a smaller economy than Italy, Texas, Brazil, or Canada. Unless Russia dusts off their nukes, don't bother me with pearl-clutching over them. If you want to find people brainwashing Americans into believing falsehoods and propaganda, you're watching them.

  19. Mr. Trump and the GOP remember Putin, Kim, and Xi will still be in power and can turn against you. Joe makes a good point as voting machines across the South from Texas to North Carolina have bee deemed "hackable" but Republicans in those states ignore it thinking it is an advantage for them. I bet in November when Republicans get blown out in local and state races and Trump loses the White House then they will care.

  20. Im still waiting for the Russian hackers to start interfering with me.
    Meanwhile, our own Congress has wasted 3 years on B.S. " quid pro quo".
    So is Congress protecting us ? Nope.
    The guy who asked " how are we gonna report on it"? had the only good point of this whole video.
    Yer a bunch of professional mumblers.

  21. Biden steals money from Tax payer using that company Russia hacked …..there is proof that's why they hacked it.

  22. Doesnt Russia know by now that there are people that can break the law without getting in trouble if it reveals other illegal activities but theyre not part of that group so it doesnt matter everything they expose to be happening. Maybe they should get Tekashi 69 to leak the info since he knows how to successfully snitch.

  23. "National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal Elections" it's a website, 2016 was the LOWEST it's been in 20 years and Reublicans lost by just under 3 Million. They lost in State and Local 2017 Elections, 2018 set new Mid-term records, the HIGHEST Mid-term turn-out number in history, the highest Mid-term turn-out % in over 100 years, the US Census Bureau site, 54.3%. 114 Million Citizens of the United States of America voted and Republicans LOST by over 10 Million. They lost in 2019 State and Local, positions in States that had been Red for decades, flipped. Congress, House of Representatives is 2 year terms of service, the Senate is 6. 2018 Democrates focused on the House of Representatives and took it back, the Senate? 9 Republicans and 24 Democrats were up for re-election, ONLY 3 seats flipped from Democrat to Republican, that flips in 2020. At this point 22 Republicans including Moscow Mitch are up for re-election, 1 Republican Senator has resigned, at this point it's up to the State, run a special election, or just wait till Nov 3, only 12 Democrats are up for re-election. There are Republicans in both the House and the Senate that have already announced that they are not running for re-election. Donald has never once reached 50% of support since the day he announced that he was running for President. He is the 3rd President in the history of the United States to have Articles of Impeachment charges voted on and approved by the House of Representatives. Not only is he the 1st President to have it happen during their 1st term in office, technically, he won't even reach 3 full years in office until Jan 21s 2020. Those are facts, not Trump supporter fantasies.

  24. Okay Joe wrong again, ! The greatest threat to our democracy are the politicians who are allowing this to happen.
    2) if we had leaders in government who stood up to Putin they would slapping more sanctions on Putin making sure that NATO forces were showing strength against him and supporting those in Russia who are against him. Stop blaming Putin and start putting pressure on the idiots in Washington.

  25. The Republicans are not ignorant they believe that absolute power is required they are ready to sell out our democracy in order to stay in power. They believe they are saving our country by becoming what they fear that is not ignorance that is evil.

  26. China has no interest in beating Donald Trump. Why'd they do that? He's a chump and a dishonest one. One that can be bought.

  27. Trump & his gang of criminals in the senate, Barr, pence , Sessions & all the thieves in the cabinet (x lobbiests now running the agencies ) will forever be seared in American history as treasonous scum & those whom put American democracy in jeopardy! O’Connell is a traitor!

  28. The GOP is ok with Russian meddling, because it's being done for their benefit.
    They'd be screaming their heads off if Putin had worked to elect a Democrat.

  29. USMCA DEAL DONE= Promise made, promise kept
    CHINA TRADE DEAL DONE- Promise made, promise kept
    …in other news, democrats still cant get over it

  30. Joe continues to defend his impeachment of President Clinton, for an insignificant personal foible, yet to say Dump, a criminal who sold out America, should not be impeached. Come on you republican rascal. Until you reverse those two views, you';re still a weasel.


  32. Hey Joey, you look like a rich clown in that haircut while wearing your name on your shirt! What a hack #2020TopHacks

  33. This doesn't indicate that Russia sees Biden as a threat, it indicates they have spotted a weakness they think they can exploit.

  34. Joe: These GOP senators you spoke of spreading Russian propoganda went to Russia in the Fourth of July 2018 with no Democrats allowed to go. Maybe look into that a bit more.🤔

  35. Guess Putin is a little upset that trump could not accomplish his mission in the spying business! Disgusting that old Sen. Kennedy could be bought out….he has been in politics for so long….why would he sell out now?

  36. Joe keeps throwing the work "hack" around like it is some super complex technical process. What the Russians did with Burisma is simply keep asking until they found one employee stupid enough to give up their user ID and password (this is called social engineering). This is how most hacks happen. Someone gives up their user name and password, not so technical. A hack to search for information is different from an attack designed to shut down a website or some type of control application.

  37. Why not just vote in an attractive transG ('shemale' cuz thts what the Trump peep would call it..and luv her!!)…4 yrs of Oval Office web cam would fix the deficit…..🤪🤪🤪💥🤯!!!

  38. Misreporting. The DNC was not hacked by an outside entity but rather by an internal operator. Probably by the murdered Seth Rich. The DNC never allowed the FBI to examine their hacked servers.

  39. For years now the Joe Scarborough has been willing to say anything and with a salary of $8 million he is well paid for doing so.

  40. The unconstitutional republicans criminal organization is supporting a foreign puppet regime that's taken down the white-house in favor of Putin taken over global power. Putin has successfully compromised the white house, humiliated the president who's weakened U.S. alliances in his favor.

  41. Reminds me of those many individuals throughout history who have defended their guilt by saying they were just following orders.

  42. @UCeuaR0NjBq4mbnMNbS02IDw

  43. There's no question that the focal point of our country's problems today is the psychotic Mr. Trump, but that problem is exacerbated daily by the cowardice and complacency of the Republican Party, and particularly the Republican Senate. These cowards, outright derelicts to their oaths of office, are traitors to our country, pure and simple. Disgusting cowards they are, one and ALL.

  44. “If you're gonna play in Texas,

    You gotta have a fiddle in the band”.

    Song writers, Danny Mitchell and Murry Kellum…

    If you’re gonna report the news on television, you gotta have a blond dye head woman on the team, with long false eyelashes and greasy wet looking lips…I wrote that…

  45. If the DNC would come to its senses. Stop supporting the wealthy corporate donors and get behind Sanders… The Russians can't win. But instead you are afraid to pay your taxes too… NeoCons. That's what you are. DEMOCRATIC… When a majority body of the population votes on policy or individual where the MAJORITY wins regardless of their income bracket or educational status. Not where people on Morning Joe in $2000.00 suits tell me what's best for me. NO THANK YOU. Didn't we try this last time? Do you think Biden is enough more popular than Clinton… Because he's not.

  46. Or we can just be honest about it and have the rest of the world vote for our president, senitors and the United Nations can be the electoral college.(this is sarcasm, hopefully)

  47. Russian interference should not be our main concern for the upcoming election. What's really scary is how millions of Democrats, in a few states, HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE VOTER ROLLS, for no justifiable reason. With the Republicans controlling the vasty majority of state legislatures, this is bound to keep happening, but now on a much larger scale. – And there's NOTHING anyone can do to stop it.

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