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January 8, 2020

Jasper Wildlife Jasper Wildlife viewing Elk or Wapiti (male) Now this is Lac Beauvert We are in the center of the Athabasca Valley right here Thats is a big adult cow a female Mildred Lake Mule deer (male) Three mornings ago right after the bridge we came across really? Looking for wolves it would be so cool they (the wolves) are here but where? they have got a big territory they travel too they like the Elk absolutely they do yes, that is their favorite snack Athabasca river terminal for the skytram that building that is right there and it only operates during the summer time period then it drains in the northern Canada it drains in the Mackenzie river system and it drains in the Artic Ocean north of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories and the water slows down in this big eddy and you can see it is freezing up Old Fort Point Jasper Elk or Wapiti (male) Yellowhead Highway a muskrat? What is it? Is that a muskrat? Bighorn Sheep (male) Bighorn Sheep (female) but in September you find … Bald Eagle Pyramid Mountain Jasper Lake Athabasca river a little bit of snow you see their track so easily Elk or Wapiti (male and female) Jasper Wildlife Viewing Jasper Canada [email protected] 2019 Jasper Wildlife Viewing

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