Isle of Wight House Renovation 3 – Conserving the Building’s Character- (RPL CONSTRUCTION PROJECT)
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Isle of Wight House Renovation 3 – Conserving the Building’s Character- (RPL CONSTRUCTION PROJECT)

December 25, 2019

Normally on an RPL Construction job we have two
breaks a day. One at 10 o’clock and one at 1 o’clock. During the working day we
try to keep the site as tidy as possible end of the day we tidy up after ourselves,
make sure everything’s been put in the skip and we need to site clean and tidy and safe. Sometimes we have special requests from
the client. On this particular job when all the bricks were removed for the roof,
they were all brought down and individually cleaned up. These are all
the bricks that we’ve managed to salvage from the house and our hope is
that they will all be going back in to the house to keep the originality and authenticity. It’s good
that we’ve got a partner in RPL Construction that are conservation minded. And now they
have all been relayed into the extension here so we have a uniform look
throughout the whole building. Another interesting feature where we’re
trying to keep the character the building. The arch of the front door is
hidden within the half landing of the staircase. We’re going to take the half
landing up, raise it up a step, and then reinstall it
so the entranceway is back to the existing with a nice archway over the
front door. Here we have the original arch on the door. We’ve had to raise the
ceiling to reveal the entirety of the arch. As you can see this was the
original ceiling so, we have had to raise it about six inches or so, when it’s
finished the archway will look very similar to how it was originally. These windows have been synthetically restored by a stonemason. We have to be very
careful not to damage them during the build and so far we’ve done a very good
job of that. Throughout the building we’ve been
trying to keep original features of the existing building. This is one of the
fireplaces that we found in other rooms we have numerous fireplaces as well.
Where possible we’ve tried to leave them in to keep the character of the original
building. These are all the original floorboards that were uncovered when we
started to strip out the house the client is having them refitted, they’re gonna be
sanded and then lacquered over the top to give us a nice wooden floor all the
way through building. Part of the brief was to preserve the character of the
building RPL Construction are here to do that, and so far I
think we’ve done quite a good job.

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