Introduction to SHIELD Silo Protection System
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Introduction to SHIELD Silo Protection System

January 9, 2020

What we’re looking at here is the new SHIELD
system. What we would like to do is just explain briefly why the system is so different to
everything else that is out on the market. With Hycontrol’s experience in silo protection,
spanning over the last 15 years, we’ve worked very closely with the Mineral Products Association
and DEFRA, and we’ve always made sure our equipment meets these standards. However, this system is designed to exceed any of the standards that are out on the market today. We’ve made the system modular so it has minimum intrusion into the silo so that all the essential items such as the level probe, pressure sensor, and pressure relief valve can all be mounted off the same process connection. Secondly, this SHIELD system has an integrated
GLT feature – Ground Level Testing. This is not to do with earthing! The GLT feature was introduced by Hycontrol to remove working at height risk. This is severe in many industries, but GLT removes this risk because it tests all the equipment while the driver or the plant operator has both feet on the ground at the bottom of the silo, and he has peace of mind that all the equipment on top is working satisfactorily. Push one test button, which takes six seconds, and we fully test the pressure relief valve, which then guarantees that it’s a totally operational system. Our pressure sensor is also fitted with a Ground Level Test facility. When you press the same test button for the PRV it will clean the unit. It then causes a back-pressure to determine if the pressure sensing unit is fully functional over its operating range. This is all carried out in six seconds. This Ground Level Test is a patented feature of
the Hycontrol product. If we look at the sealing of the unit, we use a twin VIPER seal which gives a perfect seal on the pressure relief valve release plate. The main benefit of this seal is – one, that it’s expandable (as you can see in the video), but also, seals will require replacing every 12-24 months. With a conventional seal
that uses a large foam pad, these are very difficult to remove. The Hycontrol system is simply: push on, push off. If we now look at the springs on the pressure relief valve, these have all been specifically designed for this application, so that we offer a very accurate set point. So, the pressure sensor is designed to operate at 40 millibars,
and the springs are designed to operate at 50 millibars.
Another unique feature about SHIELD is the advanced alarm and event logging and the diagnostics
that can be obtained from this device. It will actually measure every time you have
a high-pressure event or every time that your pressure relief valve opens. If these counts
are measured, it will then provide you with the opportunity to investigate – if for example,
your filter is starting to block, you will get high-pressure events. These high-pressure events will then trigger an alarm, for you then to go and take preventative action. It’s an integral feature with the control panel that connects to SHIELD and is very very powerful in diagnosing where faults lie. If we now look at the maintenance for the
product, this couldn’t get any easier! If we look at the three quick-disconnect knobs over the weather shield, these are simply removed. The weather shield can be taken off so that the maintenance can be carried out. Okay, so that’s an overview of the system.
This provides total safety when having a tanker pneumatically conveying product into a silo, and reduces any risk of silo over-pressure damage. This complete system is at an extremely
competitive price. There are budget systems out there that have no test facility, but this system, with all its advanced features, is competing at the bottom end. This is groundbreaking technology at an incredible price. Please contact us if you want further details.

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