Instantly Eliminate Dry Damage Hair || In Between Wash Day Routine For Healthy And Longer Hair
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Instantly Eliminate Dry Damage Hair || In Between Wash Day Routine For Healthy And Longer Hair

January 9, 2020

Hi family, good morning Excuse my puffy face. It’s early morning, but I decided to record this video for you guys I know many of you asked me to show my Routine my hair routine a week in my hair routine a month in my hair routine I can do the a week in my hair routine but a month that’s gonna be a very very Long video which I’m really I don’t like making long videos one maybe you guys will get bored of it and two it takes a lot of work for me to edit it on YouTube cuz I know I have a lot of International subscribers also who don’t speak English. So each time I upload my video I also have to go on YouTube and edit it to put it into subtitles. So if you cannot Understand English you can just read it and you can know what I’m doing. So making such videok It’s gonna be very difficult on me. And I think you guys gonna get bored of it. So what I decided to do was that film each step of my routine and then I will just come on in one video and then just talk about it and leave everything down in the Description box. I will probably list it part one and part two in my routine and Whoever that is interested in my full month routine You can go and watch those video one at a time So my last video was my hair wash routine so after I wash my hair I put it in these twists If you watch that video then you will know what I’m talking about So I left my hair in this twist for, today is day six, and I only been spraying my aloe vera Sprays with fenugreek mix water. I also have this spritz on my channel I’ll leave it down in the description box. So day 2 I just spray My whole hair day 4 I spray my hair today is day six So I’m going to take these braids down and remoisturize it because I can feel it is It’s still moisturize but not to the extend that I want it to be so, let me just show you guys how I Re-moisturize my hair in between wash day properly yes that will be the Title for this video because I am in between wash day I normally used to wash my hair once a week But in 2020 hair growth challenge, I decided to wash my hair twice a month I decided to washing my hair Twice a month. So every two weeks I will wash my hair So since it’s in between wash days, I’m just going to re-moisturize this and put it back into The twist now when I want to re-moisturize my hair. I normally use a leave-in conditioner my first day when I wash my hair, I don’t bother to use this because my hair is very soft and Moisturize but in between wash day. I will use my black rice leave-in Conditioner. I don’t think I have Uploaded that video on my updates wash day routine with my leave-in conditioner I will make that video for you guys and then I will leave it But if you want to see the previous video of me making this I will also leave it down in the description box So I got my leave-in conditioner this week I decided to use my coffee growth oil and then I am still using my Chebe butter because it keep my hair moisturized for a longer period of time and this week Sprays I will be using the same aloe vera juice & fenugreek sprays Next week. I will switch to My moringa spritz or my potato spritz. Potato juice spray For my Moringa spritz. I have already recorded that video for you guys. I just need to edit it Yeah, it’s still moisturize but it’s feeling a bit Dry so first, I’m just going to spread a little bit of this on it. To get it to be softer And I’m gonna work that in Just put some oil on my scalp Massage that in a little bit And I’m taking a little bit of leave-in conditioner I’m going in with some oil after the leave-in conditioner Then I’m taking my Butter Part this hair in two Okay, my hair feels very very moisturize now, so I’m just going to Twist it up So I’m done Moisturizing my hair this is what I do in between wash days This is why I do not suffer from dry hair brittle hair Breakage, and so because I keep my hair very much moisturize so if you are suffering from any of those I will Recommend that you watch my wash day routine And then after you come back and watch this video so you can know how to moisturize in between your wash day and I hope you give this a try and I pray it work for you as much as it always been working for me if You’re new here My channel is about DIY natural hair and beauty if that’s something that interests you come on and join the family This is all for today If you liked this video, can you please give it a like leave a comment down below and subscribe? I will see you in my next video Bye. Bye

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  1. I love it too rightly put how she takes care of her hair. Thanks for the info dear. Also I always forget to tell you that you use moringa for hairspray or leave in I am glad you able to make available for those who don't know.

  2. Good Morning Selina and your face doesn't look puffy. 🙂 A month is a lot and I love the way you did this. Looking forward to seeing your leave in. I used one of your oils yesterday 🙂 I love how you showed us the steps to re-moisturize your hair. Last week I started back moisturizing my hair at night 1-2x's a week to add the moisture back and it helped a lot. FW

  3. Good Morning Fam 💜 I love that you made this video because I have been just putting leave in conditioner and water on my twist and not taking them down and really getting in there and re-moisturizing my hair. I really need your oil and your products seem so Awesome and have such great nutrients in them. Blessings 🙇🏽‍♀️😍💜

  4. Hi Selina thanks so much for the video and all the efforts you make so this can be available for us. Will do that moisturizing and I am planning on making the coffee oil.

  5. Hello Ms. Selina love the video. Truly appreciate your dedication for viewers like us. God bless you and Thank you🙏❣️😇

  6. Hi dear thanks alot for the information. Trying to buy your products from Amazon but it says can't deliver to Canada

  7. Wow Selina, your hair is so thick and healthy. I bought the chebe powder but didnt get a chance to mix it with butter. You need to start selling them girl. I so love your channel. keep up the awesome job and may your 2020 filled with happiness, wellness and progress. 👍👍👍

  8. I love this video your hair is very thick and healthy Selina. You are a natural beauty makeup or no makeup you still look beautiful. I always take your hair growth tips and my hair is growing so beautiful along yours. Thanks for the hard work.

  9. Your hair does look moisturized before you started to apply the products your finger ran through it seamlessly, it looks even more better afterwards, thanks for sharing ❤️

  10. Good evening! You scared me when you say you wash hair every 2 days😱😱😱😱…you corrected yourself oh thank God!😆 I am washing every two weeks now too because of cold winter months. 🌬🌧⛄

  11. Hi Selina! 👋🏽😁 I ❣your DIYs. Most of my products are DIY as well. 🤓 I find I get much better results when I can choose my ingredients! 🌰🍯☕Could you please include your hair's porosity?🤔 I ask because I get build up very quickly even though I'm high porosity! I still wash every 2 weeks. 😁👍🏽Thank you! ❣🤗

  12. Hello good morning everyone. I hope you all doing well.hey sis love your videos very much and will love to have some of your products for my hair. My hair is just as thick and long like yours but I have been suffering from excess dryness for about 6 months now.have used some other products but it's not helping me at all. Please text me your WhatsApp number so I can know how to get some of your products. Thanks for the video and God bless you
    U as well email me [email protected]

  13. You are really giving your hair a great treat .
    Besides that you are looking beautiful as always.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Full watch as always plus your ads.
    Happy new day

  14. Girllll you are beautiful no puffy face. This is personal but I was wondering if you were catholic because of the candle behind from your video. Hope I didn’t offend you if you’re not. I really like this routine, for the winter I put my hair in braids so it doesn’t dry out while I spray water in the morning and oil my hair every night. Is this good or bad for the hair? . Definitely will try this when I take my braids out

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