“If We Don’t Protect Nature We Can’t Protect Ourselves” Harrison Ford | Extinction Rebellion
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“If We Don’t Protect Nature We Can’t Protect Ourselves” Harrison Ford | Extinction Rebellion

February 29, 2020

Transcribed by [email protected] You’re here, I’m here, because we care. Not just for today but we care passionately for the future we know that we only have the possibility of avoiding a looming climate catastrophe if people like us refuse to give up. the future of humanity is at stake. While you work to meet the challenge of climate change I beg of you don’t forget nature. The destruction of nature accounts for more global emissions than all the cars and trucks in the world. We can put solar panels on every house. We can turn every car into an electric vehicle. But as long as Sumatra burns we will have failed. So long as the Amazon’s great forests are slashed and burned So long as the protected lands of tribal people, indigenous people are allowed to be encroached upon. So long as wetlands and bog peats are destroyed. our our climate goals will remain out of reach and we will be shit out of time! If we don’t stop the destruction of our natural world, nothing else will matter. Why? Because protecting and restoring forests, mangroves, wetlands, these huge dense carbon sinks represents at least 30 percent of what needs to be done to avoid catastrophic warming. It is, at this time, the only feasible solution for absorbing carbon on a global scale simply put, if we don’t protect nature we can’t protect ourselves. This is what we need to do. We need to include nature in every corporate, state and national climate goal. Put in place the plans, the timetables to meet those goals. Invest in mangroves and tropical forests In the same way, invest in renewable energy. work to end the destruction of these ecosystems. commit to the effort, in the next decade, to secure them for the future. Pursue research in reforestation like we pursue research in carbon capture and storage. Set of goal, to cut costs and increase scale dramatically. Empower indigenous communities to use their knowledge, their history, their imaginations, our science, to save their heritage and their lands. Respect and ensure their rights. Stop, for God’s sake, the denigration of science stop giving power to people who don’t believe in science or worse than that, pretend they don’t believe in science for their own self-interest. They know who they are, we know who they are. we are all ,rich or poor, powerful or powerless, we will all suffer the effects of climate change and ecosystem destruction and we are facing what is quickly becoming the greatest moral crisis of our time that those least responsible will bear the greatest costs. so never forget who you’re fighting for it’s the fisherman in Colombia. The fisherman in Somalia, who wonders where their next catch is coming from and wonders why that government can’t protect them from factory fishing from across the world. It’s the mother in the Philippines who’s worried that the next big storm is gonna rip her infant out of her arms. People in California who are fleeing from unprecedented fires People on the East Coast are facing the worst storms in in recorded history It’s our own country, our own community our own families. This is the core truth. if we are to survive on this planet, the only home any of us will ever know, for our climate, for our security, for our future, we need nature. Now more than ever. Nature doesn’t need people, people need nature. Let’s turn off our phones. Let’s roll up our sleeves and… Lets kick this monsters ass. PLEASE MAKE A DONATION AND JOIN US DONATION LINK BELOW

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  1. Same as the Greenpeace stunts of yesteryear. Addicted to stunts and the TV cameras. I hope Mr. Ford gets stuck in traffic because of one of your stupid block the bridge antics. And that's going to make things better, right? Delusional.

  2. How many plane journeys a year does this cnt take?….

    P.s ozone layer was going to kill us in 80s 90s…. all good now though

  3. You are a bunch of idiots and liars who ignore reality, Extinction rebellion needs its legs sweeping, you are socialist/communist/fascists in disguise, virtue signalling tyrants, wolves in sheeps clothing.

  4. The world is run by 20 world leaders who have managed to control 7 billion voices for years and years. They have written themselves into the history books and persecute the masses on a daily basis. A church burns in France and Billion of euros are offered as blood money to further their own agenda. The Amazon burns and the brazilian leader tells people to fuck off. Erdogan starts a mass killing in Syria and Trump says they needed to basically let of steam. Great comfort for the mothers of the murdered. The royal families amass great fortune and privilege and moan about privacy. XR want to save the planet and attack the average man and his family…..this is what you wanted and as soon as you gave yourselves a Deity to worship you were finished before you had time to begin. The earth is not your home it is a means to an ends…..if you want to save yourselves then stop voting in psychopaths who don't want anything else but to feather their own nests. Kim Jong Un feeds his people shit literally and the people adore him. Ping writes himself into China with a blood stained knib and Europe is run by a cabal as for the UK it is the mother and father of this whole sorry state of affairs and continues to control and manipulate on a massive scale. I expect the day will come when the media reports that governments are falling and the soldiers are on the side of the people, when the people rise up and take back control. Perhaps they will wonder why they go to work everyday when the ground, air, water and everything needed to sustain life should be FREE – ask yourself why money is required when some simple commercial trading would make the world a better place………As the comedian said – "It's all just a fucking joke"

  5. people need to lead the big shits no not care they will go under ground like a rat hope they never see green grass again

  6. One one hand: I love it when celebrities defend nature & climate. On the other hand: they live extremely lavish lifestyles that have an enormous negative impact.

    If we would all live like they do, we would all be dead by now.

  7. It is already too late. Only a mass awakening in the next 5 years would save us, and I dont´think it will happen .

  8. Earth is in trouble. We distruct Earth Earth will punish us it will take away land and all human nessesity. Plastics has harmed earth and ocean species and marine life.

  9. Honey bees is the one of the worlds inportant insects and its disappearing. We who use mobile phones with 5g will completely mess up bee species.

  10. What amazes me is how all.the actors in Hollywood have become scientists. For 40 years they have been saying the world is going to end in 20 years

  11. How long do we have to wait for money loving politician to do something ……. it's time to act NOW

    vote no more, remove people who think about money and power, our planet dies, remove those people NOW

  12. To those who knew of the coming disaster and did nothing, here is a message in the words of the late Tony Stark.
    "If we can't protect the Earth, you can be damn well sure we'll avenge it."

  13. Use Ecosia the search that plants trees. Use Ecosia  rather than Google to stop climate change. 

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  14. We need to stop "Civilization" and "Progress" because they are lies from moneymakers. Our Ancestors walked this earth for longer then 100 000 years without problems and especially fiat money. Mother nature can even leave this planet. But can we? Not the poor average guy. Deconstruct the lies lets give humanity a chance to survive in dignity instead of degeneration. Cars have no souls. People who drive cars can do it only because they abandon ethics as much as they can. The person who is the biggest psychopath can get the most income. Its time for change poor people of mother earth.

  15. Everybody knows that, if "climate change" didn't exist, it would have to be invented, to justify Agenda 2030 and micro-control of the world population. In fact, there's indication that the various climate change disasters that we're seeing, eg big fires around the world, ARE being arranged, just for this reason. So, I do wish people would put their head out of the matrix for a few minutes, stop believing the powers-that-be and corporations that have a vested interest in "climate change" and start THINKING and researching what's really going on. It's time to WAKE-UP!


  17. Scaremongering all the way to the new communism. Wheel out your court jesters and pig-tailed kids, you are still the same zealous hucksters who caused so much misery in the 20th century. Why is this shit even in my feed?

  18. CO2 is life for non humans. Learn this. It is easy 🙂
    O2 is what is coming from most growing. And it´s getting more to produce O2. It´s a fucking circle! Earth is a fucking cycle. Each CO2 molecule you produce is used by another creature.
    Every CO2 molecule in the air will be used by growth of a new generation of plants. It´s just a matter of speed on earth. The more CO2 is produced, the more plants will grow, the more CO2 will be used and the more O2 is produced in daylight.

  19. Lame extinction Nonbellion. Who does not believe in science? NO ONE. Wood burns. Dredging of sand for building is causing islands to sink. Chemtrailing of skies is causing droughting. China is using coal power stations, as is russia. This is organised by a Federalisation agenda of nations to make countries republic… see sandwars videos. See Christopher story. The EU is an enemy of its own member states. Plant some trees.. whilst the chinese chop them down in the amazon for a Railway line.

  20. Everyone believes in science. Not everyone believes in fake government agenda's to federalise and steal land. Plant some trees. Stop China building train lines through the amazon and tearing down trees for bankers. See Christopher storys book on the EU (Collective). This is an actor giving a NON speech .. because everyone knows that science exists.

  21. My dad said if we wanted to we could fit like the whole Earth's population in at least three states and for real there is so much uninhabited land that isn't owned by Natives and isn't part of a huge ecosystem that people could live on but honestly I don't see any of this changing within my lifetime.

  22. O derretimento das calotas polares causará desequilíbrio da salinidade dos oceanos e vai estereliza-lo colapsando a vida no planeta. Mas eu sei resolver este problema. Me liguem (71)993552643.

  23. Was wollt ihr Klimasektierer den mit Andersdenkenden machen? Einsperren, Indoktrinieren, töten? Was ist wenn es doch angeblich zu viele Menschen gibt? Massenmord? Kannibalismus? Was habt ihr vor mit mir wenn wir uns nicht eurem Wahn fügen.

  24. L O V V EEEE

    L O O V V E

    L O O V V EEEE

    L O O V V E

    Thank you for helping in every way for everyone and to this planet, we need to each other because to keep changing, every help is need to keep living. If you need to change something, begin with you. Live with love to live united. I share light with you. There is love in everyone. Why using words when we have feelings?. You need to think and feel everything from you to be yourself. Every help is need for every life. Love begin in your brain and end in your heart. Every life is connected by this planet. Feel what you are, think how you are, live what you need. Everyone can help, everyone can change. Everything can be repeated. Words not have sense, your life make sense. Love is need to heal ourself. Be yourself to connect to other same as you. Every life have the need to live. Live more your feeling than your thought. See the problem, be the solution. If you feel it, you live it. We are the same, how we live is different. Everything is possible without limit. Every life live the same connection. Love is a reflection of what is inside Be what you are, change how you live. Get out of your thought to be free. The more inside of your feeling you are, the more yourself you are. The help I receive is the help I give. To make the change is to be the change. We can change together, we can live united. Living freedom is how life is. Whatever you live, live with someone. Live love, be the love.

    Gracias por ayudar en todos los sentidos para cada uno y para este planeta, nos necesitamos unos a los otros porque para seguir cambiando, cada ayuda es necesaria para seguir viviendo. Vive con amor para vivir unidos. Hay amor en cada uno. Cada ayuda se necesita para cada vida. Comparto luz contigo. Amor comienza en tu cerebro y termina en tu corazon. Cada vida esta conectada por este planeta. Si necesita cambiar algo, comience con usted. Todos pueden ayudar, todos pueden cambiar. A mas dentro de tu sentimiento estas, mas tu mismo eres. ¿Por que usar palabras cuando tenemos sentimientos?. El amor se necesita para sanar a nosotros mismos. Se lo que eres, cambia como vive. Necesita pensar y sentir todo de ti para ser tu mismo. Siente lo que eres, piensa como estas, vive lo que necesitas. Ve el problema, se la solucion. Si lo siente, lo vive. Todo es posible sin limite. Se tu mismo para conectarse con otro como tu. Somos iguales, como vivimos es diferente. Sal de tu pensamiento para ser libre. Cada vida vive la misma conexion. Todo se puede repetir. Amor es un reflejo de lo que hay dentro. La ayuda que recibo es la ayuda que doy. Vive mas tu sentimiento que tu pensamiento. Palabras no tienen sentido, tu vida tiene sentido. Hacer el cambio es ser el cambio. Cada vida tiene la necesidad de vivir. Podemos cambiar juntos, podemos vivir unidos. Vivir en libertad es como la vida es. Como sea que vivas, vive con alguien. Vive el amor, se el amor.

  25. FACT > we don't have another decade
    Look at The FACTS >
    >> ClimateEngineering is the Single Biggest Factor Driving the OVERHEATING of our Globe + IT IS
    KILLING (all) our chances for survival in the very near term
    (/AS WE 'SPEAK')
    It CAN be STOPPED > please
    00:01 01:42
    Get Up + SeeeeeeeA+NEW
    >>> 💨💫💨💫
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    Closer2 NATURE = ALL The A+nswerZ 😽😽😻😻💫💫💛💛💫💫🙌🙌

  26. It’s already to late and you’re naive if you think that we won’t be extinct within the next few decades we’ve already lost 75% of both polar caps if you think we’re going to survive once they’re gone you’re wrong and we’re already at 2c above pre industrial the studies saying were at 1c or 1.2c have shifted the baseline of the beginning of the industrial revolution to 1850 or later instead of 1750 with the accurate baseline we’re somewhere between 1.8 and 2c today massive crop failures have already begun and countries are already running out of food and water and are burning to the ground open your eyes people were in the final years of the human race

  27. It’s already to late and you’re naive if you think that we won’t be extinct within the next few decades we’ve already lost 75% of both polar caps if you think we’re going to survive once they’re gone you’re wrong and we’re already at 2c above pre industrial the studies saying were at 1c or 1.2c have shifted the baseline of the beginning of the industrial revolution to 1850 or later instead of 1750 with the accurate baseline we’re somewhere between 1.8 and 2c today massive crop failures have already begun and countries are already running out of food and water and are burning to the ground open your eyes people were in the final years of the human race

  28. to us it's change. the wind of change…you will brake on giving them the idea, without to push some cash with in. i don't mind to do what's money for, there are corrupt people. the tension are every ones mater is, or was, not. that's self authorisation… in the end, your choice.

  29. X-Files. Opposite of "inspiring" earthling poets, artists, musicians, mystics, human beings and creators of joy…are the desperate control freaky counting corpses (vampires).

    For the joy sucking alien vampires (greed/hate) to comprehend joy creating earthling human beings (hearts/love) is like black holes in space trying to comprehend the stars (light and warmth) that they suck out of the heavens (joy, beauty and harmony).

    Working in the dark to suck the "vital forces" (joy beauty and harmony) out of earthling human beings (hearts/love) is what qualifies as brilliance to the alien vampires (greed/hate). But the loveless, lifeless monsters can't create joy, beauty and harmony (real intelligence) on their most brilliant (uplifting) day because the control freaky counting corpses are far worse than stupid. The alien vampires (greed/hate) are ignorant (dead).

    The alien vampires (greed/hate) can do ugly things without blinking an eye that earthling human beings (hearts/love) can't do in their ugliest nightmares. To add insult to injury, the control freaky counting corpses (vampires) call this ignorance (hate)…brilliance.

    The alien vampires (greed/hate) are inhumane because they are not human. The control freaky counting corpses (vampires) commit crimes against humanity because they are not human.

    Light and truth (love) cause the alien vampires (greed/hate) great pain and suffering. That's why uplifting words like trust, compassion, understanding, "care for all" and "green new deal" cause the control freaky counting corpses (vampires) such misery.

    But ugly words like sanction, starve, torture, murder and bomb are encouraged…because these heavy words suck the "vital forces" (joy, beauty and harmony) out of earthling human beings (hearts/love) with their ignorance (hate).

    Big, empty, brain numbing, soul sucking numbers measure the amount of darkness (greed/hate) that the vampire's black hole in space called ego posses. Not brilliance.

    Stark, sterile, space stations floating in emptiness and futuristic bombers measure the pride and imagination of their ego. Not intelligence.

    For a rich man (greed/hate) to enter the kingdom of heaven (joy, beauty and harmony) is like trying to drive a camel through the eye of a needle."

    I guess this explains why the evangelical counting corpses (vampires) are so rich and why they are creating more misery, ugliness, conflict and war (hell) than any other group of corpses on the planet. It also explains why the evangelical counting corpses (vampires) have made an anti-love, anti-christ called Count ing Dracula (Trump) into their god and our president.

    Balance sheets, ledgers and bottom lines are the real Bible of the evangelical counting corpses (vampires). This Bible is completely absent of light, warmth love, life, joy, "magic", meaning, beauty and wisdom. Their real Bible is far worse than stupid. It is ignorant (dead).

    Starships like the Enterprise are primitive. Count ing Dracula (Trump) and his crew of control freaky counting corpses (vampires) are using a darkship called the Whitehouse to suck the joy out of life and devour the planet like a ravenous cancer.

    Ignorance (greed/hate) is bliss for the joy sucking alien vampires (greed/hate). But not much fun for the earthling human beings who they are sucking the joy out of.

  30. I'll tell you something, Mr. Ford. Europe and the USA are based on fossil fuels. We need it every day to go to work, build houses and bring food and medicaments to the big cities. This means with no fossil fuels we can not go work, we don't have food, companies can not transport goods. You talk about the war of resources and the fall of today's civilization. There is no alternative, Mr. Ford. You are out of reality

  31. I was concerned about deforestation so I went out and planted trees. My father has planted literally thousands of them. I didn't go disrupting other people's lives. Direct action like planting trees can be taken by individuals every day all over the world. I would be interested in finding out who and where extinction rebellion gets its funding from, as it seems more like a well structured political group than anything else.

  32. All this passion and still no mention of the biggest thing individuals can do to help-STOP EATING ANIMALS AND THEIR SECRETIONS.

  33. Tell China to stop with all their pollution then. But that would impact the career of these movie stars that depend on the foreign box office. Clean up the damn oceans and plant more trees. Don't empower governments to abuse citizens in the name of "saving the Earth". That sounds like the perfect recipe for a dictatorship.

    I don't think most people are against the notion of being more environmentally conscious, it's the methods by which people want to go about making changes that is the glaring problem. The push for carbon taxes and other related laws is nothing more than a swindle. The same economic elites will reap the benefits and it will once again prove to be a complete failure. Then they'll just change their tune and blame something else for the cause to divert attention away from the billions or trillions they have stolen.

    Western nations have done a hell of a lot to reduce pollution and protect the environment compared to other parts of the world.

    Focus on the nations that are doing the bulk of the polluting and maybe we'll take you seriously. I'm sure the Chinese Communist Party would just love to listen to you lecture them. Before they lock you up or throw you out of the country and go about business as usual that is.

  34. When people stopped believing in the existence of God, our unseen creator of earth and all living things therein, people stopped caring about other non seen entities.

    Read the Bible to also learn ways to caretake our beautiful planet and all living things therein.

  35. Are people blind?! We don’t need science to support our effort to stop this. People who don’t believe are blind! all u have to do is look around! Look on the news for god sake, every week I see trees in flames, hurricanes hitting islands around the world, record breaking storms and snow, LOOK AROUND YOU!

    People gotta stop beating their chests and pick up the pieces that they dropped and keep going.

  36. Harrison Ford declared "I am vegetarian now" Also, he says that eating meat is bad for the Planet… Yet he eats fish which is supposed to be "good" for the oceans?! This hipocrisy is despicable and controversial! It's absolutely ridiculous! Also, seeing all the UN delegates, where he spoke, that after the "Let's save the Planet" speech go and get their burgers at Burger King is horrid.

  37. Coronavirus is a punishment from nature by neglecting the importance of maintaining the climate on Earth. Please g*d help us out of this Crisis. Give us the strength, knowledge and will, to save the climate here on Earth 🙏

  38. We, as in humans who have their eyes open, agree that our planet is in real danger. We are destroying our planet faster than we can repair it, and will be unable to live in in less than 100 years. Join Extinction Rebellion and protest to your country's Government so that they must declare a climate emergency and reduce carbon emissions and protect trees and oceans.

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