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Huntsville State Park – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

December 25, 2019

[upbeat music] – JESSICA: Huntsville
State Park is located in the Piney Woods
of East Texas. – TED: And you turn
down the road and you start driving
through that tunnel. It’s like this
really cool portal that takes you away from
the hustle and bustle. It all just kinda
gets left behind you as you get deeper and
deeper into the woods, until you get to
the park itself. – I like to say you can do
anything with an I-N-G here. That includes fishing, camping, biking, hiking, swimming… all kinds of fun
opportunities outside. We have 187 camp
sites at the park, which may seem like a lot, but with the amount of trees
that we have in the campground, you don’t feel like you’re
on top of your neighbor and you still feel
pretty secluded. [trumpets music] – We are a CCC park. What they did here, they
actually built the park itself. We have Lake Raven,
which is a man-made lake. [water rushing] Where they built an earthen dam that blocked off the flow
of three creeks and streams that go through this
region of the forest. And by building that dam, they created the lake
that we have today. And we wouldn’t have it,
if it wasn’t for the CCC. – JESSICA: You can
swim in the lake in our designated swimming area. [splash] – The water is like, it’s just
like the perfect temperature. Oh, it’s really fun, there’s
a lot of activities to do. And also getting on the
boats is pretty cool. – Perfect! So, we have a boat house
here at the state park. Awesome! And you’re a first-time boater
and you’d like to try it out. All right, see you all later. You can rent one here,
that includes canoes, paddle boats, and kayaks. – JAMIE: Yeah, it’s
really pretty. I like how everything’s
curved in with the trees. And how the wind is blowing
in my face, and it’s so fresh. – We’re doing the
Chinquapin Trail. It’s a 6.8 mile loop that covers a pretty good
section of the park. [bird squawking] That’s cool. What I really like
about the trail is that it’s really shaded
so it’s good in all weather. It’s really remote. It gives you kind of
a feel of seclusion and a really good forest-y vibe. – This park’s rarely crowded
and so a lot of times you can hit the trail and
especially during the week, I got it to myself,
yeah, it’s nice. It can get challenging, yes. You get a lot of gullies and
draws, that go in and out. I just love the exercise and
to be this close to nature and be out where
you can enjoy it. It’s a nice trail to ride. – My name is Ranger Ted. The alligator workshop is this
really fun, hands-on activity where I’ll have
a baby alligator. Yep, go ahead. For people to actually touch
and feel and see up close. – Cool! – This one is a boy,
this one’s her brother. How often to you
get a chance to say that you got to actually
touch a baby alligator, you got to feel it, you
got to stroke its belly. – Its scales wiggle. – So, it’s a really
great opportunity for these families,
these kids, these adults. Go ahead and feel the belly. To go home and tell everyone, I touched and pet
a baby alligator. So, it’s a really
cool opportunity. [frogs croaking] [country music] – TED: Huntsville State Park
is a really awesome place because it’s home to all
these different memories. And it’s a great place
to make new memories because of all the
different things it offers. – JESSICA: If you’re
looking for your classic East Texas Piney Woods
lakeside getaway, Huntsville State Park
is definitely where you should stop.

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  1. This brings back very pleasant memories of my childhood in the sixties. My mother took me here many times over the years. I swam in that same "designated" swimming area to. For some reason we never did go on the hiking trails. I also remember dances going on at the outdoor dance/party area. It was an old stone building. Does it still exists? I don't live in Huntsville anymore and haven't been there in decades but I DO plan on getting back that way soon.

  2. I have seen a PARKS and WILDLIFE video of the park and understand that alligators live there to. Not sure if I would still swim there these days.

  3. I was born and raised inside Huntsville State Park. My daddy (Will Goodrow) was a Park Ranger III from 1958 to 1994. I still know every inch of that park. Those were the good old days.

  4. beautiful park… if you go kayaking or canoeing in Lake Reaven it very probably you will see some alligators about every corner or edge of that lake .. I don't know about swimming there …any way keep your distance from alligator or disturb them and never feed them .. great place to camping in the fall.. been there several times..

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