How to transfer private number plate from V778 Retention Document to vehicle
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How to transfer private number plate from V778 Retention Document to vehicle

January 6, 2020

If you have a private number plate held on
a V778 Retention Document, you may wish to transfer it to your vehicle.
At, we know the paperwork can sometimes be a little bit confusing.
So we’ve put together this short video to show you :
How to transfer a private number plate from a green V778 Retention Document to a vehicle. You will need:
The V778 retention document The V5 vehicle Registration Document (also
called the log book) for the vehicle you plan to transfer the private number plate to. This
is referred to as the RECEIVING vehicle. You will also need your mot certificate (if
your vehicle requires one). And a photocopy of your tax disc.
First, on the V778 Retention Document, check the expiry date…. Here.
Make sure it’s within date. Then, check the Registration Document for
the receiving vehicle. The Registered Keeper must be the same as
either the Grantee or the Nominee named on the V778 Retention Document.
If it isn’t, then the nominee name must be changed and authorised by the person named
as Grantee. See our website for full details.
On the V778 Retention Document, complete the section ‘Assigning this vehicle registration
number’. Enter the vehicle’s current registration
number…. here. And add this validation character … here.
From your tax disc, enter the expiry date… here.
And sign and date… here. Remember… this MUST be signed by the person
named as the Grantee. It cannot be signed by the Nominee. Now… submit the V778 Retention Document,
FULL V5 Registration Document, Mot certificate (if your vehicle requires one), and a Copy
of your tax disc to your local DVLA office. You will find a full list of these on the website. You can either post your documents to the
local DVLA office, or take them in person. One more thing to remember… when you apply
to transfer a private number plate from a Retention Document to a vehicle, the registration
number on the receiving vehicle is ‘lost’. If it’s of special significance, you must
apply to retain it at the same time. See our video ‘How to transfer a private
number plate to a Retention Document’ for more information.
For full details regarding the terms for number plate transfer, please refer to the
website. If you have found this video useful, please
subscribe to the comparenumberplates video channel, and click the like button.
Thank you.

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  1. I'm buying a 2nd hand number plate that's currently on retention. what do I need to do? and what other fees do I need to pay if any?

  2. Video is a little out of date as far as tax disks are concerned so disregard sending a copy of the tax disk. Also, there is no space on the new forms V778W to add the expiry date for your road tax, so disregard this also.

  3. Out of date information! Tax discs no longer issued, local DVLA offices do not exist any more and MoT information are electronically held by the DVLA.

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