How to Reprogram Subconscious Mind Through Semen Retention: (Masculinity 101)
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How to Reprogram Subconscious Mind Through Semen Retention: (Masculinity 101)

February 28, 2020

Uncle c back in the office and in today’s
video I’m going to be explaining to each and every single one of you how you can actually
reprogram your subconscious mind completely change your identity as to how you look how
you act how you carry yourself as a man strictly through one tool and one tool only in this
one tool is known as semen retention. So by the end of this video what I’m going
to do is I’m going to be showing you every single way shape and form that you can become
a totally different man fellows Now before we begin registration for my masculinity blueprint
masterclass is now open. Meaning if you want to figure out how to actually
make sure that you can navigate the dating game once and for all without any sort of
BS without any sort of fake tactics without any of that, you’re going to want to go down
below and register for that masterclass. Now, what we’re going to be doing is we’re
going to be separating this into two categories of people, two categories of men. These are going to be the men who are the
nine Nine percenters. And over here you’re going to have the 1%
male. Okay? This is going to be the man that thinks differently,
act differently, carries himself differently because he understands the premise of how
to have a fulfilled life. Now, here’s what you got to understand. The 99 percenters are extremely sex focused,
okay? They’re jerking injuries and left and right. Now, here’s the deal. What you have to remember throughout this
video is that humans strictly are meant for survival and reproduction. That is what your brain is looking to do 24
seven, first and foremost, it’s looking to survive, it’s looking to make sure that their
safety that their shelter that everything’s secure, secondly, the brain is focused on
reproduction so that way it can carry your genes into the next traits of the next generation. Okay, so what that means is that means that
it’s fight or flight mode, and your body knows that your brain knows that. The reason why most men are struggling today
more than ever, is specifically because the body and the brain, the mind has no reason
to actually thrive and become a different beast. I’ll explain you what I mean. What most men are focused on today is they’re
focused on the path of least resistance. Okay, what this means is that since they’re
constantly focused on jerkin and jisan, the problem is that they’re going to be on every
single bad website. They’re going to be doing every single thing
in culture that’s getting them focused on sex and just in the moment pleasures, and
because of that the brain is focused on low risk. You see, the reason why most men struggle
why most men struggle with women, while most men struggle in life is because they have
no sort of masculine drive or masculine energy. The reason for that is because as the path
of least resistance in the brain is constantly registering as the safest best bet. It’s a hell of a lot easier to just swipe
right on Tinder or to go to a dirty website to get that quick release of pleasure and
dopamine. Okay, you have to understand how the brain
works. The brain is going To go with what’s easiest. And as a man what is easiest, what feels good,
what you have to realize is not necessarily good for you. Okay? They’re, they’re two totally different things. So when you have low risk activities, meaning
you don’t actually have to talk to women, all you have to do is swipe right. You don’t have to make sure that you communicate
the right way. In a world, you just have to download another
app, you just have to slide into inboxes it makes you a weaker man. Okay? And not only that, every single time you’re
relying on self pleasure stroking it or going to these bad websites. The problem with that is that it’s telling
your body that, hey, we get to release, we get to have fun. We get to reap the rewards of carrying on
our genes without any sort of risk, risk in the approach risk and actually doing manly
shit to make sure we can attract the right type of woman. The risk is totally removed. When the risk is removed. And it’s all pleasure. You now have fantasy. When you have fantasy. You have men’s brains that are going haywire,
okay? It’s making men weak. Now the reason for this is because the brain
is now focused on the quick wins. What is the quickest win we can get? And this is aka dopamine. So your brain is just going to be hardwired
to find the quickest when possible, meaning when you’re smoking it, if you can potentially
drink some alcohol, and then you can hook up if you can swipe right and match with the
right type of girl. And hopefully now you can manifest some sort
of experience with her, you understand that it’s all just quick wins. And because of that, because there’s no delayed
gratification, the man has absolutely no reason to develop. The man has no reason to change because this
life over here, the 99 percentile is ridiculously easy. Gay men, men no longer have to hunt for food. We no longer have to talk to women in real
life. It’s all through a cell phone, because it’s
such low risk because the 99 percenters are living in now just as such a low risk world. You got to realize that there’s no Need to
actually work on masculine traits? If there’s no need to work on masculine traits,
the problem is this. The mind the body, the spirit of the man has
no reason to develop, to chase the purpose, to develop the ambition to do any sort of
thing that gets him feeling strong, confident and able. Because when you remove the risk, and allow
all of the pleasure to still happen, you got to realize the brain was not hardwired to
do that. And now you have weak men. So if you flip this script completely, what
are we doing? What are we doing with the with the subconscious
and why are we trying to reprogram it? You see, the subconscious identity for a lot
of men is stuck. There’s a lot of mental baggage, there’s a
lot of external baggage. There’s low confidence, there’s low self esteem,
men constantly feel as if they’re at a disadvantage or a lower value compared to most women. And this is because of social media. This is because of the hyper sexualized Culture
all of it is causing men to become weak. Now what we’re trying to do is we’re trying
to actually retain the seed that makes us man to give the body a reason to change and
develop. So instead of survival, we need thrival. And guess what thrival of men is a high risk
situation. Because when you put yourself in uncharted
territory, you put yourself in uncomfortable territory, what you realize is that in every
single way, shape and form, this could pan out really well, or this could pan out miserably. And the brain starts to understand that what
we do we put our reproduction in a do or die situation. It’s literally reproduce or die to the brain. Do you understand this, when this man over
here, is constantly getting to release with an artificial woman, meaning on the screen,
or he gets to release with his hand, you get it’s not real. There’s no human to human connection. And because of that, he’s turning into a weak
man when you retain the seed that makes you mad. Your body’s going to realize, hey, we don’t
get to release anymore. We don’t get to just let loose, we now have
to actually do this in real life, we have to find a companion, we have to find a counterpart,
it’s reproduce or die. Because if you don’t reproduce it, your genes
die. And day by day, as that builds, your body
starts to understand, hey, something’s wrong here. We’re not attracting the right type of mate,
we better start doing shit that is going to signal to other mates that we’re ready and
we’re able and we’re competent. This is super key. So what this is, is this makes the brain starting
to rely on long term wins. Because if you remove the dope, I mean, you
now have delayed gratification. What does this man have to do now to attract
a woman in real life? Well, guess what? It’s going to be all of the things that he
wasn’t doing before. If over here, it’s playing video games, it’s
eating nachos, it’s getting drunk. It’s doing the shit that 99% of men do that’s
keeping them stuff that’s keeping them fixated in this stroking it artificial screen. culture. The problem is this, the body has no reason
to be attractive over here, it’s still gets to release. The thing is, is that your body knows exactly
how to be attractive. And this is why when people retain when men
are on retention, guess what happens? They start building a better man. their voice changes, their confidence changes
the way they carry themselves changes, their entire demeanor is different. They’re going to start to transmute their
sexual energy and they might start going to the gym, they might start developing their
craft. Because the body realizes one thing and one
thing only if it does not release, it does not survive. And the brains real dumb, it’s smart, but
it’s dumb. At the same time, when you keep releasing
over here, the brain and the body goes, What reason do we have to put in the work? There is none. What reason do we have to develop a man further
we don’t have one. And this is why so many men subconscious identity
is completely stuck. It’s stuck in the fantasy land. It’s stuck in what’s comfortable. And when I say least resistance it’s literally
Stuck in the path of least resistance and least resistance right now as a sugar coated
coated candy coated world. It’s easy to get by, it’s easy to live and
it’s killing people day by day. Fellas, you have to literally do what 1% of
people are willing to do this has to be you. You have to start to train your brain to realize
that the only way you will have fulfillment The only way you will feel strong competent
is enable is through sacrifice and delayed gratification. This is super key. Fellas, if you liked this video, I want you
to give it a thumbs up. Be sure to like comment and subscribe and
we will see you in the next one.

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  2. Been watching your videos for a month. The changes I've made in the last month are unreal. Appreciate you putting this information out there. Wish I knew these things years ago. You talk about things no one else is discussing. Glad I found your channel!!!

  3. One just one week of SR, I’ve gotten texts from 4 different women who i haven’t spoken too in years. Lol this shit is insane

  4. Delayed gratification is the key to success.

    Don’t eat that doughnut
    Don’t spend countless hours on social media, video games, and Netflix, bcuz you’re “bored”
    Don’t beat your dicks
    Don’t drink alcohol
    Don’t buy that stupid thing you know you can’t afford

    Live your life each day intentionally trying to get better!

  5. Casey, what if we are retaining, but still doing activities that involve dopamine release like mindless surfing on the internet, will the body and mind still undergo these changes?

  6. I like your content and it's really been helping me but it just seems that you're making the same video over and over again, you need some new ideas.

  7. Yo Casey loved this video bro. Can you help me with my situation basically in my relationship I’ve become feminize and in a scarcity mindset. How do I reset that and what causes it so I can take control and be in an abundant mind set with my girl and her family and friends ( I mention them because it also reflects around them too ) thank you.

  8. Great video mate, really getting to the actual core of why we as men even date and court women, to have children and create families. The journey back to logos and rationality. By the way nice binaural beats in the background. Reminds me of a crazy minimalist who has a massive GSP in Smash Bros haha.

  9. 1:50 in other words what you saying is: ppl trying to survive because they don't want to die and they want other to be like them, to go their way. so there is a war between every individual.

  10. 4:20 your semen comes from: around 5% from the testes, 65% from the seminal vesicles and 30% from the prostate. so no worries fellows. retain semen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This all makes sense to why god said to have sex only when you’re married. I believe semen retention is spiritual and when a man dives deep into you’ll see beautiful changes.

  12. Some say he is repeating… But honestly this is key principle and its hard to master
    Its the step stone into greater self accomplishment
    And its completely right

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  14. Hey what's up C! What do you think about being in a relationship and having sex without ejaculating, keeping semen and fucking….. would that be a good way to go to do semen retention and doing your relationship??? thanks for all your support, love your channel!!

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