How To Replace Locator Attachment Males to Increase Retention By PREAT Corporation
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How To Replace Locator Attachment Males to Increase Retention By PREAT Corporation

December 31, 2019

In this video we’re going to talk about
locator attachments and hen you might replace the males for increased
retention. Chris, talk to me about locator attachments and what goes wrong and why
you might need to replace those males? Sure. So there’s eight different
retention levels of locator attachments. There could be a number of reasons why
you would need to replace the males. On average once every 12 months you’re
gonna want to have the patient come back in for a recall visit you’re going to
want to check for a realign clean the denture and also replace the inserts.
Okay, but they sort of wear over time is that just part of normal wear and tear
on benches? Absolutely. And the whole idea is that we have we’re on the nylon
easily replaceable components instead of on the abutments. Right. It’s one of the
reasons that the locator works better than other implant abutments is that all
the movement in the locators between the metal housing and the insert so the
insert stays in intimate contact with the abutment as opposed to previous
systems where the insert is moving up and down on the abutment all the time
and it wears the above. Okay, that makes a lot of sense. What we got here is a lot
of different colors. Sure. So there’s actually eight different retention
levels for the locator attachment. There’s the extender range that give
more pivot and movement. It’s great for patients with limited dexterity people
who might not have the best hygiene and have food clog up the inside of the
abutments. Anytime you have three or more implants I recommend using the extended
range. Okay. The standard inserts are great for a two
implant over denture. Grabs them the above inside and out it gives a lot of
retention. So if we have a patient come in and say my prosthesis feels loose or
I want more retention first thing I look at is a realign. After I look for a
realign it’s very easy to remove the inserts so I’m going to loosen up the
tool a couple turns place it inside the denture I’m going to grab the insert So basically all you need to do is jump
in use the tool take out that insert and then use the tool to put the second one
back in it. Up and snap it ready. Okay cool. So is it as simple as that
pretty much take out the old one put in the new one as long as you’ve got the
right sizing and so forth patients are reporting pretty good
results in? Absolutely. There’s only one size for the locator attachment this is
the one tool you need to work with insertion and removal very simple. Thanks
very much Chris. If you’d like to find out more please head on over to
with us all the knowledge and information you could need as well as
the ordering opportunity you might want and if you’d like to get in touch with
our technical staff or our customer service you can do it all through preat.

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