How to quickly Protect Strawberries from Birds
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How to quickly Protect Strawberries from Birds

December 25, 2019

Hi there guys and welcome to Huw’s Nursery.
Now, I’m really sorry with the wind, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to improve. So
in this video, I’ll be showing you how to protect your strawberry patch from being eaten
by some birds. Now in a video a bit earlier on, I showed you how to protect your strawberries
from rotting on the ground with some hay. So first off we’re just using some general
water pipe here, it’s about an inch in diameter, and basically what you need , the bed is 4
foot in width, so you want your bit of pipe to be double it, and for this, it’s going
to be 8 foot in width. So, next thing, you need either use a stick or something like
this, and just go along, making holes. One, one on each side, and then two half way. After
you’ve done that, you get your pipe, and put it in the hole like that, and like that. Now,
it’s time to move on to the next step. So hey, we’ve finished. So basically what
you needed to get, a heavy duty stapler and just staple across here. Make sure it’s quite
nice and firm. It’s seemed to slackened off a bit now but that’s fine. So the strawberries
are all beginning to ripen. Now this is in a few days’ time when I did the other part
of the video, I forgot to mention it. So, just go round, stapling those one two three
sides, but you don’t staple this side because you want to get in and grab the strawberries.
So, for this you might be wondering how do you get in. Well you get this bit of wood,
then you uncoil it, like that, then you grab in, get your strawberries, and place it back.
So it’s a very cheap and simple and effective way of getting to your strawberries and protecting
them from your birds. So I hope this has inspired you to protect them please do it right now
it’s the best. Even before because this video is a bit late. And I will hopefully do a video
soon about harvesting them and maybe making smoothies. So, yeah, stay tuned for that.
So thank you very much for watching and I will see you again soon, goodbye.

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