How to Protect & Waterproof New Suede Chanel Shoes

December 26, 2019

Hi I’m Kirby Allison founder of The Hanger Project. So it’s every husband’s worst nightmare. You come home from a long day at work and you find a new Chanel box on your kitchen table. So that’s what happened to me last night. Luckily there seem to be a few markdown stickers on this box. Thank goodness for that. But this is a new pair of suede platform shoes that my wife has recently purchased. I guess this is in retaliation for my recent trip to Europe and she asked me you know what the best way is to take care of these shoes. We spent a lot of time here at The Hanger Project talking about how to take care of men’s dress shoes. But is just as important to take care of women’s shoes as it is men’s. Now to a little bit more difficult to give specific advice for women’s shoes than it is for men. Because you know men wear classic shoes. I mean the majority of them are all made from calfskin. You know you might have some suede shoes you might have some cordovan, crocodile, or alligator. But for the most part I mean it’s pretty straightforward how to take care of men’s shoes. Women’s shoes on the other hand because they’re more fashion oriented than men’s shoes have a much greater variety of materials that are used in treatments to those leathers. And so it’s just difficult to give specific advice. Luckily for me Suede Shoes are incredibly easy to take care of. As far as taking care of suede shoes, you know the one thing that I recommend is waterproofing them. And so here at The Hanger Project we carry the Saphir Medaille Dior Super Invulner. And what this is is a non silicon based waterproofing agent for a pair of suede shoes like this. You know that you’re going to wear out you know just spraying them with the super over to waterproof them is really going to help keep this way of looking cleaner longer and is going to prevent any type of accumulation of stains. Now the reason I would recommend this supernova versus something like that Tarago Nana protector or any other like Scotch Guard 3M products is that there are absolutely no silicone’s in this product right. So for a really high quality beautiful suede it’s just going to do a better job of really maintaining the original texture and look of that suede. We’re going to go outside in a second and show you how to actually use the supernova because it’s an aerosol you don’t want to spray this indoors just because it can be kind of strong. So why don’t we go outside and show you how to use this how to waterproof these it’s really easy. You simply just take the super over and you just want to spray the suede at a distance of like six to 12 inches to get full coverage. And then you want to allow this wait 30 minutes to 60 minutes to dry. So that this waterproofing agent fully cures so the Super Invulner is a fantastic product for waterproofing and protecting really all materials. So you can use it on all your suede shoes but it’s just as appropriate to use on any other type of materials on textile on the standard Chanel leathers. You can waterproof it and protect it with this Super Invulner and it’s not going to change or damage to the leather in any way. So the super and over is just a fantastic product to have at home. And any new pair of shoes that come home. I mean just spraying it once over with the Super Invulner really go a long way in terms of keeping those shoes looking new for as long as possible. So if you have any other questions about how to take care of your Chanel shoes feel free to ask them in the comments section below. We love helping the well-dressed take care of their wardrobes especially their shoes. And if you have any questions specifically for women’s shoes you know please ask them. You know we don’t have a ton of tutorials specifically for women’s shoes but we’d love to film more. So if there’s any questions we can answer please ask them and we’ll certainly get back to you. I’m Kirby Allison founder of The Hanger Project and we love helping the well-dressed take care of their wardrobes.

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