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How To Protect Car Trim – Chemical Guys

January 6, 2020

Today in the detail Garage I’ll be showing you the importance of dressing your trim and what happens if you don’t. So let’s take a look at this sharp M3. You can see how clean the paint is how smooth it is the only issue is the trim. It’s still black. It just needs a little bit of attention. Theirs cracks here. The window seals are hard. They aren’t soft as they should be. Down here you can see how… this is pretty black and still pretty sharp the only thing is it can still use a little more attention. Bring back that matte look. And down here is by far the worst piece. You can see that theirs cracks here and theirs little pieces missing right between the window. This piece is going to have to be replaced. Another piece i want to address is the grill. This black here looks really nice but i still want to protect it using some type of dressing to protect it from UV rays or harsh elements. And the dressing i’m choosing to use is Black on Black which is an aerosol dressing that you spray and simply wipe away. To make my life easier and instead of fitting an applicator in there, which i can’t fit my fingers inside, and also wipe away any excess. So you simply just spray it on and then for any excess, you just take a microfiber towel, and wipe it away off the paint or any other surfaces And you can always wipe it away if it’s too shiny. To just give it kind of a matte look. And same goes for this under grill down here. You simply spray it and wipe away any excess. So i also want to address this hood ventilation grill because it’s going to get a lot of heat from the motor. It’s also sitting outside on a flat surface where the UV rays get it. So i’m still going to use the Black on Black because it has these little holes here which will be difficult to get an applicator in. So you simply spray it on just like you did on the grill on the front. And then wipe away any excess. And i’m also going to use Black on Black to dress this lower seal down here by the windshield wipers. And an easier way to get to that is by popping the hood We’ll get it from the inside. So same deal, you simply just spray it you can even spray the windshield wiper arms then you wipe away any excess on this half and on the windshield… Theirs also this grill over here. With M3 symbol on it. I’ll go ahead and dress that as well. Using the Black on Black just because it’s difficult to get an applicator pad inside these little flats. So now i’m going to go ahead and dress this window seal here. It’s a thin area which will be difficult to use an aerosol because i’ll just be cleaning up overspray. So instead, i’ll gonna be using our Silk Shine water based dressing and a black applicator. You just simply spray a little bit on the applicator and a smooth wipe down Still give you that nice high shine. A lot of protection against UV rays or any kind of harsh elements. And then any excess you get on the paint or body, you just go wipe it off using a towel. You can also use it on these rubber trim pieces down here at the seal. You can’t really do much for this but it will still protect it from getting any worse. Same thing does for this little trim piece between the window. Down here as well. Then up here on the windshield it has this very thin rubber grove, we can also get an applicator in there. Just wipe it down. To bring back that black shine and to also protect it. And up here on the sunroof it has a little thin seal as well. Go wipe it on there. And any excess on the paint… Just go and get a clean microfiber towel and wipe it away. So now the trim is looking just as good as the rest of the vehicle. I went ahead and dress the plastics and rubber pieces to keep it from cracking or further damage like the back window seals. Which in the long run it’s a lot cheaper than replacing it. So if you want to learn more about the products we used on this vehicle, go ahead and check out our website, Also if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe. We’ll see you next time.

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  1. Pour les grilles en nid d'abeilles sa peut être top mais il faut voir le prix.
    Mais je préfère rester sur mon duo d'auto finesse pour mes plastiques extérieur (revive trim gel & dressle)

  2. i have te roof of my car covered with matt black carbon look vinyl. while sealing and waxing my car i probably got a little bit of it on the vinyl, which has some white stains now. can i use th black on black or silk shine to remove that, or is the white stuck on there?

  3. I havent personally tried black on black, but ive tried a few others and although they all work great, they just dont last very long, especially in the summer heat. I wish there was one that held up longer.

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