How to Play Golf: Improving Your Golf Swing – X Drill – Maintain height, clear hips and hit sweeter

December 25, 2019

I’m going to show you an exercise which is
going to help with 3 potential faults you might have with your golf swing. The first is going to help maintain your height through the ball. It can help you clear your hips better through the ball, squaring the club face and also it can help with anyone who throws their shoulders over the top, producing a slice shot. The first thing you need is good posture while doing this exercise. If you’re unsure about your posture or if it’s not quite correct, watch the video just down here it will get you in the perfect posture which will make the drill easier. So here we go. I’m going to take my set up, getting into the good posture, from there I’m going to put the club across my arms so that it’s going through the handle part of
my arm here and then the club head the other side. Turning my upper half away from the ball now and my lower half a little bit. If I maintain the correct height what you’re going to see is that in my eye line the handle is now going straight through the golf ball. This means I’ve kept my height and that’s a good reference point to help with that. If I was to go too low on the way back what you’re going to see now is that in my eye line the handle is way lower than the golf ball and therefore I know straight away. If I was to rise in the golf swing I can now see that the handle is way higher than the golf ball. From this good position here, on the way down I’m going to turn my body into the ball. Clearing my lower half So now I can see that the club head is going straight for the golf ball. So again I know I’ve maintained my height, and to help the clearing of the hips what I’m looking for is to see a line of 3. That line of 3 will be my head, the club head and my right knee all
going straight through the golf ball. From there to finish the exercise I’m going to turn my body all the way through so my hips are now faceing the target the club is
parallel to the ground and my weight is in my front foot. Give that exercise a try, it will really help with those 3 points I mentioned earlier.

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