How To Plan YouTube Videos For Audience Retention
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How To Plan YouTube Videos For Audience Retention

December 31, 2019

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  1. Always great info from you. Thanks! Everybody knows over 70% retention rate on a video is outstanding. That's the only answer I get from others when I ask what is actual YouTube average retention rate of YouTubers overall in YouTube World, aside from what is ideal to shoot for. I want to measure my progress against those numbers instead of the hard to attain 70 -100% retention rate.

  2. this is one of the most helpful videos I've watched so far for planning videos. I'm so nervous to post my first one but these tips help me feel a bit more confident about it. thanks!

  3. I get my ideas late at night or in the morning or if i am doing something that I want to film

  4. I always make notes on what videos I would record for my channel. It totally works for me. I would create an outline on google docs.

  5. I normally roll with a basic outline and then just go from there. If I get too close to an actual script, I start reading off of it. But after watching this video, I am definitely going to change up my outlining procedure for better videos!

  6. I teach computer programming on my channel, and I have a script for every single video. First of all, it helps me structure the video. Second, my viewers getting used to my style of teaching and know what they can expect from a video. Third, I am not a native English speaker, and a script helps me to avoid grammar mistakes while talking freely.

    One of the best side effects of my script (which by the way takes a lot of time to create) is that I can share my transcript as a blog post linking to my video. This helps the video grow on YouTube because it can also be found using the Google search engine, not only the YouTube search engine.

    Maybe these tips are valuable for your audience?

  7. I plan mine on a sheet of paper I write down what i might talk about and what I should say and giving my self powerful words to make it more interesting and get it to sound better.

  8. I don't talk in my videos but I really want to talk but I only have my phone and my voice sounds really bad any tips

  9. I wing the hell out of my videos but thank God for you man this is going to help me tremendously! Thank you!!!

  10. ive been winging it and figuring out things as i go, as man the learning curve has been steep ive only been doing it for a month but each video gets better one by one

  11. I'm about 2 years late to this video, but I enjoy the tips that are given…

    If you're still wanting to know the planning, I have "try a game Wednesday", and other than that I record games people seem to enjoy

  12. I don't plan it, I really should, when I run out of video's I plan a batch day, but that way I always run into that moment of "oh no I have nothing to post" last batch day I didn't script my video's at all, because it was covers, original songs, reaction video's. But I still felt like I should've

  13. To answer your question, I brainstorm on paper and then I cut my content to basically storyboard in my editing software. From there, I jot down some talking points but I won’t script cause I won’t sound natural. Then I do about 20 takes of each line until I’m happy w it. From there I add sound effects and boom! What I’m trying to figure out is how to schedule an upload for a certain time since my work schedule keeps me asleep while everyone is just waking up.

  14. Ok so i upload videos every Friday. Nik you are too good. I am new to YouTube as a YouTuber and I am learning a lot from your videos.
    Thank you so much. God bless you.

  15. Nick, not sure if you changed lighting or what, but something is different, 'cause your lips are vibrant red, bro. As always, very valuable info, man. Thanks.

  16. I wing it for the most part. I have noticed the topic type seems to help. I'm refocusing on those and trying to script more.

  17. Hey, I really like the idea of speeding up you presentation and alternating to keep the audiences retention. I will keep this in mind for the next video I put out.

  18. Always enjoy learning how to get better at my videos. U inspired me to start my channel called, the smash guy
    U keep teaching and I will keep getting better!


  19. Hi, on EVERY single one of my videos there is always a downward hockey stick audience retention graph. Why is this? What am I doing wrong? I hit 23k views on one of my videos but I'm pretty sure only 100 watched to the end, and it was pretty short at just 3 minutes.

  20. I never thought about using a teaser for a later part of a video. I will give that a go in a few upcoming videos.

    As for scripting or not, I tend to write out notes for a video topic. If it is a tutorial I usually write out a script since I like to have concise information.

  21. I think about the type of video I do, break down the things I'll be doing in it, and get the things prepared to do those things. I do all of this in my head. Consider this a "preparation ritual" if you will. I also have a bullet-point list of things I ask my viewers to do for me (thumbs up. subscribe, share, etc.) that I get out of the way at the beginning so I don't have to do as much at the end.

  22. hi Nick with tagging i did as you said by using the google search to see what phrases people are searching for, but got confused. i did a video on chicken stroganoff and when i searched therr was chicken stroganoff bbc, chicken stroganoff recipe, chicken stroganoff recipe uk. The words bbc, recipe and recipe uk were written in bold black letters. will those be part of my tag? or it will be chicken stroganoff bbc and so on?

  23. I don't have to worry about scripts because mine have no talking in, but I agree 100% about the planning on what to record. Because mine's nature would it still sound good if I tell the viewers what's in it for them by having words on the video? and is the hook thing basically a brief of what's coming up but not in detail?

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