How To Open Password Protected RAR Files Without Password?
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How To Open Password Protected RAR Files Without Password?

December 10, 2019

Hello guys! I am shan from complete pc guide.Today
in this video I am going to share some exciting tricks.I am going to show you how to unlock
a password protected rar file.A lot of users have been asking me this question since my
video on how to extract password protected zip file .All those users who have been asking
me,keep watching and others too! Ok! Now lets switch on to the tutorial.Here I have made
a rar file with a password in it.See it has a password! Now I will show you how to unlock
it.First download rar password unlocker from the link given in the description.You might
be aware that all rar unlockers which are currently available are password recovery
softwares and this one is too.Open it up.Then specify the path of the rar file and choose
the type of attack that you want.Let me explain each one to you.Brute-force attack is the
type of attack in which the computer random generates a password and keeps on trying to
unlock it.The second option is brute-force with mask attack and this option can be useful
if you know a part of the password-suffix part or the prefix part and you can set that
in rar password unlocker.The third one is dictionary attack and the default dictionary
of rar password unlocker contains lakhs of passwords and these passwords are the words
which are in the dictionary.I mean the words that we speak.So I am going to use this method.Now
click start.As you can see currently we have a speed of around 500 passwords per second
and this is a very good speed.One of the advantage of rar password unlocker is that you can save
the project so that you can resume it later.yeah! It’s fast.I have got the password.Let’s see
whether it works.The password it shows is “done”.Copy it! Yes! we have unlocked it.I
hope this works for all of you.Don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe to my
channel! Thank you

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  1. ive been downloading a rar file containing stuff from deepweb, but they need to be open with password, if you want the password, you have to pay with bitcoin..
    i tried to bruteforce with software, but the notification says "this file is not password protected". wtf is that?

  2. guys u are wasting your time by watching this vids theres not a single man here who can unlock this password only big pc engineers or hackers can do this

    This is the link to the software. The link in the description takes to an Adult Site. Download the Trial Version. And your job will be done. Thanks.

  4. the message i got was file is not password protected but I know it is because when you try to unzip it is asking for a password

  5. How about rar files which you can see the file names but when you try to open or extract the files contained, it asks for a password? I know you could not do that.

  6. 1. Install the program normally.
    2. Open Crack folder, and copy the exe file.
    3. go to install location (Default is displayed in installer) and paste the exe file, and replace the current one.
    4. Open, and its full. he never showed how to crack it in the video

  7. What do i do if the password only for extracting and not for opening? The unlocker doesn't see this type of password a unlocked file…

  8. i have just cause 3 15gb and the file asked for the password to fill the survey. Does this really works? It is taking more time for me.

  9. The program doesn't even detect the rar files. When you click on "open", you can't really see the RAR file that you want to unlock. Total bullshit is this program!

  10. Ok… It's gonna take me a week, a lot of RAM, but as the other comments say, it's gonna work… So let it be… 🤷‍♂️

  11. its so funny so i downloaded a 4 gb game and when i opened it wanted a password i looked info.txt that came with it and it said You need a password for this file, you can download the password from here…… and compleat an survey……………………….and…………… say that something is error

  12. hello, when i try to open locked files with this programm, that showes me the message (no password is with this file!) how can i fix it?? help pliz.

  13. Many thanks for sharing a video it is very useful but I advise you to IDC 7zip Password Recovery software. which tool can supportable all edition of 7zip file and windows versions up to 10.
    Get more info:-

  14. hi help .i got this text from RAR file i downloaded "Hello, thank you for watching our video.

    So we can release the password to unpack the downloaded material.

    First I ask you to send us a bonus through Paypal worth $ 3 dollars

    to an email account that will inform you okay?

    To receive payment instructions, contact support by email: [email protected]

    Then, we will inform the payment procedure through the paypal site and we will

    inform the email that should direct the payment.

    After you have acquired a password to unzip the files, you will have access to the

    Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate Software.

    8 Dvd's 100% enabled with all plugins + Bluray Enabled.

    We await your contact.

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