HOW TO maintain your Hilti VC 150 X/XE 6/10 vacuum
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HOW TO maintain your Hilti VC 150 X/XE 6/10 vacuum

January 8, 2020

Here at Hilti, we’ve developed many solutions
to help control dust on construction sites, when generated by concrete cutting applications. The power behind our dust removal systems
this wide-ranging portfolio of vacuums. In this video, we will show you how to use
and maintain your Hilti VC 150 X and 150 X-E vacuum. As its name implies, the VC 150 is capable of removing up to 150 cubic feet per minute of air. An automatic cleaning mechanism bumps the
filter 3 times to clear fine particles and increase filter life. The VC 150 X-E comes with an onboard power
outlet capable of auto on/off. It’s rated at no more than 11 amps of power,
when a tool is in use. Both versions of the vacuum are offered with
a 6 or 10 gallon debris basin. Each vacuum is HEPA-ready, and an OSHA Table
1 compliant solution for these applications. Using the VC 150 X and X-E is simple. Attach the vacuum’s hose to the shroud of
your grinder or combihammer, and turn it on before running the tool. To use the X-E’s automatic power feature,
move the power switch to AUTO. The vacuum will power on as soon as the tool
draws power, and go off 10 seconds after the tool is no longer drawing power. We recommend replacing the filter when you
notice a significant drop in suction performance. To remove the filter, raise the black housing
cover and lift it from the tool. Close the housing by lifting up on the black
cover and pull forward on the braces. Changing the debris bag is simple. Release the latches on either side of the
tool and lift off the motor housing. Gather the bag and discard per your company’s
written exposure control plan. Unfold the new bag and locate the small holes near the top. Align these holes with the top of the debris basin, and fold the excess plastic over the edges. The vacuum is ready for use. Note: To use VC 150 X and X-E as an approved HEPA solution, you must use a HEPA filter. Thes filters are available for
purchase through Hilti. Visit our website to learn more about Hilti
Dust Removal systems, or contact our customer service teams to set up a demonstration.

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