How to Maintain Box Braids + Grow Your Hair | As Told By Kira
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How to Maintain Box Braids + Grow Your Hair | As Told By Kira

January 8, 2020

Hey y’all it’s Kira and welcome back to
my channel As told by Kira. If you’re new to my channel I make hair, makeup, and beauty videos. I also vlog on occasion about my college experience. Yea so if you want to definitely go check out some of those vlogs after this video. This video today is going to be about how I maintain my box braids before I get into
this video so just give a quick channel update um I came up with a new schedule
for videos on my channel so every Wednesday I’m going to be having hair
videos like today on Saturdays or Sundays and going to be posting college
vlogs or videos related to my college experience and when I hit a thousand
subscribers I decided that every Friday I’m going to post story times and really
excited for this because I have a lot of stories to tell y’all Brown just from
college from high school from when I lived in Costa Rica so definitely hit
subscribe if you’re not already subscribe so I can go ahead and start
doing this okay so like I said today’s video is all about box braids it’s about
how to maintain your box braids how to keep them hydrated moisturize
everything cool I’m just gonna jump right into it I’m going to start kinda
with the products that I use on my hair to maintain my flat rate so when I do my
box braids or when anybody does box waves the most important thing is that
you’re keeping your hair moisturized and I know you probably heard so many
youtubers say this because like that’s all anybody talked about some moisture
it’s true but you have to keep your hair moisturize but I’m gonna tell y’all
specifically what I use on my hair and keep it moisturized and silky smooth and
all that so every night when I take a shower I use my shea moisture manuka
honey intensive hydration hair masque all my edges on you know at least my
edges so smooth and so soft which is really important um if you want to
layered baby hairs because they will not cooperate if your edges are not soft
you know this stuff smells so good my best friend and Sally put me on to this
she’s a lifesaver but this stuff is fake it’s because about I think häôs like
ten dollars an hour that is thick so it will last you like it’s not coming up so
every every three to four days I use this on my hair is Shea moistures
jamaican black castor oil leave-in conditioner it’s a really liquidy
consistency I’ll be able to see it but it is really
liquidy be careful because I just spilled a bunch of this earlier and I
wasted so much and I made you all sad this is perfect for it if your hair’s in
box words because it’s so liquid so liquidy that when you put it any weight
it will sink into your hair it really can
try and make sure that you’re here spitting moisturize I really love this
and it has castor oil which is known to help hair growth so this is great next
I’m going to get into what I use every single day I use our alternate between
two different liquid conditioners and that is these this is the cream of
nature argan oil leave-in conditioner it gives for strength and shine and this is
the Carol’s Daughter black vanilla leave-in conditioner and it’s for
moisture and shine so I alternate between the two they pretty much do the
same thing you know I sprayed them in my hair in the morning and really get my
soul glow you know really give them glowing this one cost more than this one
this is $11 and this is only seven but I think this one lasts me water both smell
like cupcakes they smell amazing which is really important to me when my hair
is in box braids because I really hate when people have braids and the braids
don’t smoke good and people always are saying that my hair smells great I’m so
great and that’s companies this is my secret I spray this on my hair everyday
before I leave to go to class or whatever and
this really it’s like a small little fresher but it does help keep my hair
moisturize yes and I smell so good like they smell amazing I think everything
that I’m showing you some pretty much it smells great okay the next thing is also
by train minute it is the argan oil from Morocco style and shine mousse is a soft
whole use which is really important you want to make sure that you’re using a
soft hold moves when you have braids when we have natural hair as if not it
will make your hair way too hard it will snap off so I learned this from my
roommate last year you just put a couple of pumps of this soft Holt mousse on to
her hair at night and then you wrap your satin scarf around it and then when you
take it off in your hair gets weighed like your boxspring to look brand new
yeah so this is great and it pretty much smells exactly same as this so if you
want to you can just buy this one and also by the Carol’s Daughter one as a
leave-in yeah if this will help right on your
face especially in your box pretty getting old you know you need to refresh
them all that next is how I lay down my hair I use two different things to lay
down my edges if I can’t – um activating cream and I use eco styler so this is
for the daily this is what I’m wearing right now on my edges it has the same
consistency as Mixed Chicks leave in if you ever used it but it’s not too sticky
or anything but it just gets a really soft hold when you tie a headscarf down
over it and leave it for like you know a couple minutes
this is Virgo eco styler a pretty sure everybody knows it but this is my go-to
for when I need to pop out what I need my just looks like professional but I
gotta go to work yeah this will last you all day and it’s just you know it’s the
OG hair gel yeah so I use this when I need my hedges to pop seem to be really
slick I think that’s mostly it for the products except for one thing I do wash
my hair and braids if I keep the man for a long time I’ll wash it every about
every three weeks and if I leave it in three more weeks that I wash it again I
use my tea tree tinkle um conditioner and that cleans out here
just as well as shampoo I don’t use shampoo when I have breaks I feel like
it just stays in the braids and like that oh yeah use the tea tree tingle to
clean my hair and just like so Aussie moist for the rest of my hair it was
like he’s a lot of that that’s it for the products now I’m going to talk about
some methods of how you can make sure your hair is definitely growing you’re
getting the maximum result from your box braids it’s got this odd too
that is so important so you want to make sure that you take you like tipsy
fingers put on yourself and just literally massage it like yours your
scalp should be moving like shifting like a wig like you know when people
take their words and be like that and try to fit it that’s how your sculpture
look but you just really want to go in with your fingertips and just really
massage it like really good use essential oils on your scalp while you
massage your scalp I like to use a mix of tea tree oil and peppermint oil the
teacher keeps your scalp clean because it’s like a natural disinfectant type of
thing and the peppermint really stimulates your scalp yeah so I’ll just
do that while I do my scalp massage and I do that every night when I don’t
forget the bottom sweetie sometimes I forget in y’all you also can do the
inversion method I’m not sure if it’ll give you an inch in one week at some
people claim but at the same time it definitely definitely does encourage
blood flow to the head because it you’re literally upside down so where else is
the blood growing the next thing that you need to do is make sure that you’re
still eating right you need to take in the nutrients to grow your hair you know
make sure you eating your protein because that’s what hair is made of and
that you’re taking your biotin or eating biotin rich foods because biotin is what
processes the protein into hair so you need to make sure that you have one of
the protein enter to the biotin to make the protein into the hair
you want to make sure using satin pillows alright satin pillow hair set
you see how it just glides yes even a light look at it let’s just see what
happens my
seriously set me off not cotton not Jersey second
and if you want to you can get soaked if your fancy I think that’s it y’all
that’s all the tips that I have thank you so much for watching if you like
this video and you want to see more videos like it make sure you gave it a
thumbs up and make sure you comment down below if you have any more tips that can
help anyone or if you want anything or if you found this video helpful even
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below and tell some people about my channel if you want but yeah that’s it
for this video thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next one

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  1. thank you so much! I use the Shea butter jbco line leave in as well 🙂 Ive tried carols daughter leav in but my hair didnt take well dang in. I do try to put shea yogurt in my hair every morning and put bit on scalp. I havent had twist in 3 yrs till now. theyve been in 2 months and doing great. i need to try some of your ways

  2. I use the Cantu product and my aunt works for a business called it works and I use her hair skin and nails peals my hair grew alot more I big chopped my hair

  3. Do I wash my hair and then put the product on after wards or I just put the product in my hair without washing it

  4. im going to do this exact routine in college! planning on getting box braids before I leave for college!

  5. Your so pretty!! I subbed! 😘 I also have a channel where I post mainly makeup related vids if you'd like to check them out! Cant wait to see more vids from you!💕

  6. I really need to try using the cantu before the ecostyler to lay my edges. My edges are so disrespectful to ecostyler gel when I use it by itself lmao.

  7. Love this video…I had bought the Creme of Nature argan oil 7 in 1 leave in conditioner and the Creme of Nature mousse from Amazon…I can't stand frizzy braids…ugh

  8. thanks girl this video is helpful, I’m trying to grow my natural hair with box braids and I didn’t know what to do ❤️✨

  9. Needed this In my Life!!! Thank you so much for the tips and info Sis!!! I just Subbed ❤️💯. I would love for you to subb to my channel 😘

  10. I use the same products just havent tried that vanilla leave in spray yet ! Cant wait to try it now

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