How to increase your Employees Retention? | Employee Engagement Series

December 26, 2019

Hello everyone hope you all are doing well in your working life I’m here to share with you one of my recent experience which I think you would like to hear and even you would like to implement that in your working life You, see in this fashion competitive environment every startup on an MNC’s main goal is profit maximization but we all do forget that to reach that goal our employees are the real people behind that they are the actual asset of a company so if they prosper our company prospers and if they are dissatisfied they leave our company and they find better opportunities. Actually i was facing the same issue few months back wherein my employees left my company for the better Opportunities. I was a little tensed and was in search for the reason why they left my company and at the end i I came to know the reason behind it, and the reason was my Working Environment. so one day i was just sitting and thinking for the solution but how can i increase my employees retention. I found many ways but those ways took my time and investment and as i am a startup i needed some solution which was under my budget so In the end i found a similar solution which even you can try it right away after watching the video and the solution was Employees Appreciation. You see what i did was, whenever my employee did some exceptional work During the day i wrote a personal handwritten letter to them appreciating about their work and dedication to the company. The results were ten times than the normal ones? The employer felt that the management is appreciating their work and are reciprocal to their needs. This small thing helped in creating a unique bond between the employees and the company and The engagement of the employees also increased in my company. I would highly recommend you to try this Solution if you face the same problem you see you just need a pen and paper to do it right away. Try and let me know the results. See you soon next time with the same employ-hacks. Bye Bye

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