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How to increase student retention | For Student Retention Strategies Visit:

December 31, 2019

Hi Chris Cannon here and I bet your probably
wondering how to increase student retention well in this video I’m gonna give you the
three strategies that you can use to increase student retention on any level. Stay tuned.
When it comes to student retention there’s actually three different areas that influence
all student retention at any level. Whether its elementary, middle, or high school
and even at the collegiate level and I call these the three c’s. And those three c’s are
curiosity, control, and cooperation. And I want you to think about this from the aspect
of video games. You and I both understand that young people that’s something that they
love they can play it for hours and hours on end but when it comes to schoolwork and
being interested and engaged in schoolwork sometimes there’s a challenge. So certain
things young people do we have to pay attention to it and adopt some of those things from
other areas that are influencing and engaging and retaining our youth.
So let’s go back to the three c’s. Number 1 the first c is curiosity. When it comes
to retaining students make sure that you have something that kinda peaks there curiosity.
And the best thing that you can do is answer the question all of us have and specifically
young people, what’s in it for me. You know that by nature young people are very selfish
by nature. So if you can kinda answer the curiosity they
have by letting them know what’s in it for them that can definitely retain your students
in student engagement and also student involvement on a holistic level. But what it also does
is that it keeps them coming back for more. Because you don’t wanna give them all that
you have to offer at once. I mean we we don’t do that from an educational perspective. I
mean its like when you teach a certain level of math you don’t teach everything in one
day you give it bit by bit and that’s what we have to do overall to keep our students
retained give them a little bit every single day to let them understand what’s in it for
them but keep that curiosity peaked because again it keeps them coming back.
The second thing is control. What do I mean by control what I mean by control is again
lets go back to video games young people continue to play video games even though they don’t
know what to do next but they have a certain amount of control to help them get to the
next level. So when it comes to education maybe allow students to have small victories.
Because when the have small victories they like how it feels and so they tend to repeat
the things um that make them feel like they’ve accomplished something. So again make it so
that you are parallel to video games if you will. And what I mean just to kinda bring it home
to clarity is that you have different levels in your learning because there are different
levels in video games so the first level is difficult but it’s easy enough that they can
at least reach some level success to keep them wanting to come back to conquer that
next level because we all like to be winners and we all like to achieve something so when
it comes to retention allow young people to have mall victories to make them feel like
they’ve actually achieved cause what it does is give hem understanding when they have something
in front of them that they don’t understand they get frustrated, disengaged, and they
even upset to a degree so when they have something that they understand not that its easy but
there some level of difficulty there but they at least understand it what it does is it
actually increases there motivation to go further with it because they know there’s
some level of success that I may self can achieve and that’s what we wanna place. Now when it comes to the last c is cooperation.
That really deals with the relationship because if you don’t have a relationship with your
students there not gonna be curious cause they don’t care and they feel like you don’t
care there not gonna even care about the control thy could have in the subject matter because
again the relationship is in jeopardy there’s no reason why they should even continue on
they don’t understand because they don’t care and there’s no motivation to continue on so
the cooperation is extremely critical. Um and especially again when you equate it to
video games again young people have a very strong relationship with video games even
though its technology. But they have the relationship with video
games because that video game provided them some level of achievement some level of accomplishment
and some level of control. But it also made them feel like they had accomplished something.
There’s a small chemical released from out body called oxytocin this is the prime reason
why there’s so many people on Facebook 24 hours of the day because of how it makes them
feel. And so when you can develop a strong enough
relationship with your students to the point where they stay engaged because you peak there
curiosity you’ve given them a little bit of control to succeed now you’ve allowed that
oxytocin to release during those times to connect you to something that’s pleasurable
or meaningful to them to make them wanna go forward and continue on and when these three
things are implemented student engagement will surely to increase on any given level
now I wanna just offer you that if there’s any training that you do at your school or
youth group I would invite you to visit our website and view a few of our different trainings
to see if we have something specific that we can offer you to maybe go further in even
these strategies as well as other things that you might have specifically that you’re looking
for training in that area on. This has been Chris Cannon your encouragement
coach reminding you that the battle is not lost unless you accept defeat.

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  2. Truthfully, I was NOT wondering how to increase student retention, but I'm glad I took the time to find out. Good video. Outstanding presentation. Thanks.

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