How to increase audience retention – 5 Tips to Increase Audience Retention on YouTube (2018)
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How to increase audience retention – 5 Tips to Increase Audience Retention on YouTube (2018)

February 28, 2020

In today’s video I’m going to share with
you my five-step plan to increase audience retention on any YouTube video
in fact I just use this method myself to help me get an 85 percent retention rate
on your video I posted about being confident on camera that video is on my
youtube channel you can go ahead and watch it I’ll put the link right here so
it’s ready we’re starting right now so let’s get straight to the point
tip number one start as strong as you can and slowly increase what do I mean
by that you had 30 seconds to hook your audience so you better provide the value
proposition for your audience within that 30 seconds your audience needs to
know within these 30 seconds what your video is going to give them what value
so you better provide it tip number two do not script your videos use talking
points make sure you write down the five or six talking points you want to
mention in your video you just go with the flow if you have a scripted video
the audience will feel you’re being unnatural and who works to watch
somebody not being in himself right that tape obviously does not apply to
comedy channels or web series or things that by nature have to descript it but
unless your video have to be scripted just go with talking points and let your
brain do the work you’re the best version of yourself when you’re not
being scripted actually I never use scripts in my video and maybe that’s why
they are the way they are with b-roll and cutscenes studies show
that you have to have something new on the screen every four to five seconds to
keep people engaged obviously some channels can get away with just being
one person on camera but if you want to increase your retention rate to give
your audience something new and a few seconds to look at smile goes a long way
now a smile is a great tool to increase your confidence I said it before but it
is also a great way for you to increase the engagement with your audience if the
audience doesn’t think you’re having fun they’re not gonna want to stick around
guys Preston they need to feel that you’re enjoying what you’re doing and
the best way to convey it is smile I’m gonna stood it before avoid creepy
smiles good natural smiles but definitely smile tip number five and the
final tip ask questions ask questions the beginning of the video in the middle
of the video and the end of the video ask as many questions as you can to keep
your audience engaged you have to understand that an engaged audience is
one that stays the long for the video and your attention rate will go up as a
result of that

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  1. may i ask.. whenever you talked about the point of scripts you had the finger and hand did you find that video or how did you make it to put in the video?

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