How to Fix Screen Burn Retention Moto G4 Plus
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How to Fix Screen Burn Retention Moto G4 Plus

January 4, 2020

Hi friends this your tech expert Neil and you are watching In this video we will see how to step by step resolve the problem of screen burn in moto g4 plus phone so stay tuned I was facing this annoying problem of image retention in my dad’s less than a year old moto g4
plus phone this caused the icons form the previous apps to still be visible I searched the web and found several other moto g4 plus users complaining about this same problem I tried several solutions as mentioned in the Lenovo forum like reducing the screen brightness reducing the screen on time changing the wallpaper etc. and etc but nothing seemed to work then I thought that it might be a hardware issue with the OLED screen and the only solution would be to replace
it but then on Lenovo forum I found several people who were complaining about how this same problem started occurring after 15 -20 days of screen
replacement then finally I found a post by a user which mentioned that this issue can be resolved
by a software update and for doing this you require root permission but I found out a way how you can do this without rooting your phone so stay tuned and I will show you how to do
it step by step for performing this step you will require an app you can download this app from the website link given below this link that I have given below is of an older version of the same app when it was free on the playstore at present the app is listed the name of the app is screen adjuster and it has been listed on play store for a price of 1 dollar but if you use the older version you can get it for free from the link given
below So once you have got this app installed if you install it from the link that I have
provided you you have to enable the installation form unknown
sources so to do that I will quickly show you how to do it if you are not aware of it you just have to go to the settings so swipe down and then tap on this arrow over here and then on this over here to open the settings and then go down go down in security tap on security and then go down go down and here you can see unknown sources allow installation of apps from unknown sources you just have to enable this tap over here to toggle it on after doing that and downloading the apk you can just simply install it so once you have got this app you open the app this is this screen adjuster app this is the app as you can see quite simple interface you just have to replicate the settings that you are seeing on the screen at present you have to make red +5 green +5 blue +5 settings are adjusted by swiping on this scroll bar so once you have done red +5 make green also +5 and blue also +5 and then brightness make it 100% contrast 0 and then at the bottom right corner you will see this three dots tap on that and then you will see this options button tap open options and then make sure autorun is checked on and hide status bar icon is also checked on so that will ensure that when you restart
the phone this app automatically starts up and icon tray over top system icon tray over top won’t always show this icon but it will always run in the background so this is one problem that you have to ensure this particular app always runs in the background like this in the notification it will always show screen adjuster is running Once this app starts running within 15 -20 minutes the screen burn should automatically disappear and that’s it you should not see the screen burn issue again I hope this video helped you if so give us a like subscribe to our channel and thanks for watching friends see you later bye.

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