How to conserve toilet water and save on every toilet tank flush
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How to conserve toilet water and save on every toilet tank flush

December 31, 2019

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about trying to save on your water bill and wastewater bill with this quick tip and you know a lot of people have these homes that have older toilets and you know costs money to upgrade to a new toilet to go to an energy saving water saving toilet so what you can do is actually use a when you’re finished with your oil soap bottle or your pine sol bottle what you do is, Once this is empty you fill it with rocks and then maybe have to fill with water. What we’re going to do with this is, your toilet here the amount of water that every time you flush it uses a predetermined amount of water which you know should be set at the waterline but like right here i actually have a pinesol bottle filled with rocks and this is actually been in here for years when to keep it so it doesn’t go buoyant on me and because there is air in it and the cap is sealed. Just put a little bit more water in it and what it does is it displaces the water so when the toilet bowl fills you only use so much so every time you flush hey you might be getting an extra flush from every five flushes or so you know with the amount of used so your water bills get a little too high on you or your wastewater bill is getting too high this is just a little tip to help out there. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe Thank you

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  1. Basiclly in the morning my whole family uses the toliet and flush only once. My toliet is normally able to take down my whole family's shit at once. Instead of flushing 5 times we only need to flush once.

  2. I used a rectangular water bottle and reduced my 1.6 toilet to 1.33. I believe with the right shapes of additional bottles I can reduce that further. Thanks for the tip.

  3. That's incredible, something as simple as that saves so much, I'll have to make shift something together to imitate that, thank you so much for the information((:

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