How to Clean Windshield and Protect it from winter| Removing wipers mark and water spot | ALIMECH
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How to Clean Windshield and Protect it from winter| Removing wipers mark and water spot | ALIMECH

January 9, 2020

hello guys what is up welcome back to my
channel in this video I’m gonna show you how to clean your windshield and protect
it from winter I’m gonna put that masking tape in the center I’m gonna
clean this side and show the difference from this side I’m gonna start cleaning
with a regular glass cleaner and wipe it off with microfiber towel next putting
the masking tape in your Center so you can see the difference okay before doing
anything I’m gonna use medium clay bar it’s gonna take out all the dirt that
being trapped from years here is how to use clay bar flatten the clay bar use
detailing spray or water as a lubricant and rub it on the windshield that much
dirt came out even after using glass cleaner so that’s how important is to use clay
bar now wipe it off and apply rubbing compound I’m going to use machine
polisher you can do it by hand as well I’m gonna mask the edges around the
windshield so I don’t accidentally damage the paint now I’m going to apply
rubbing compound you can use any brand you like start with a low speed and then
high-speed horizontally and vertically with a %50 overlap
okay now wiping off the leftover residue and then apply wax applying wax in a
circular motion and then wiping off after it gets dry I don’t know if the
camera catched or not but obviously water spot free and even removed the
wipers mark here is the polished and waxed side and here is the other side you can feel it it’s very rough even the
water won’t stick on the glass comparing to the other side and one last thing
replace your windshield wipers or clean them if they are new I’m gonna clean
them cause i bought them months ago okay that’s it for me for this video if
the video was helpful like and subscribe down below and I will
see you in the next video

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