How to Clean and Protect Your Interior with Meguiar’s
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How to Clean and Protect Your Interior with Meguiar’s

March 7, 2020

We spend a lot of time in our cars, making
it just as important to keep the interior as clean and protected as the exterior. Interiors are made up of many different types
of materials and surfaces and there are a lot of different products available to maintain
each and every one of those surfaces. So, where do you start? First, identify the surface that you are working
with and select a product that’s made specifically for that surface, so you can get the absolute
best results. Then, determine how much cleaning is needed
and what kind of appearance you’re looking for, as some products will offer more shine
and gloss than others. For general maintenance and light cleaning
with a product that is safe on any interior surface, your first option is Meguiar’s Quik
Interior Detailer. A second option for light cleaning with superior
UV protection that leaves a non greasy satin appearance on any interior surface is Meguiar’s
Ultimate Interior Detailer. Both of these products are spray on, spread
with a cotton terry cloth towel, or high quality microfiber towel and wipe off any excess. And both Quik Interior Detailer and Ultimate
Quik Interior Detailer are even safe on navigation screens. Now, if moderate cleaning is needed on plastic,
rubber, vinyl , and leather surfaces in particular, the perfect choice is Meguiar’s Gold Class
Leather and Vinyl Cleaner. Formulated with the strength to clean thoroughly
yet gentle enough to be used on leather without stripping its natural life-extending oils,
this product leaves a surface with a clean, revitalized appearance. For maximum control, spray onto a clean towel
or applicator, work into a section, and wipe off excess. Next, let’s discuss conditioning and protecting
your leather after cleaning. To do this safely and easily, Meguiar’s offers
Gold Class Leather Conditioner. This formula will work to gently condition
with aloe and moisturizing oils while also adding UV protection to help maintain the
leather’s original look and feel. Spray directly onto the leather or onto a
clean towel or applicator, work evenly into the leather, and wipe off any excess with
a separate clean towel. If a more traditional balm is preferred for
your leather areas, Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Balm is definitely the answer. It is premium leather product that lightly
cleans, conditions, and protects all in one step. Apply a small amount of product to an applicator
pad or microfiber towel and wipe off with a separate towel to keep your leather looking
like new without a greasy look or feel. For perforated seats, apply a minimal amount
of product with little to no pressure so you don’t plug up the breather holes in the leather. Let’s now cover light cleaning and protection
on vinyl, rubber, and plastics. For these particular surfaces, Meguiar’s offers
two options. The first is Meguiar’s Natural Shine Protectant,
which offers a like-new natural appearance or one could opt for Meguiar’s Supreme Shine
Protectant, which instead offers a high gloss shine. Both will gently clean, offer powerful UV
blockers, provide Scotchguard protection, and leave behind a non-greasy finish. If these surfaces are already clean, and you
simply want superior UV protection and shine that lasts, Meguiar’s Ultimate Protectant
is always an option. With each of these, spray directly onto a
towel or applicator pad , apply evenly to the desired surface and wipe off excess. For a higher shine apply a second application
thin and evenly. For best results with all interior products,
it’s always a good idea to apply on a cool surface and to first test for colorfast and
compatibility in a small, inconspicuous area just to be safe. Don’t forget the carpets and fabric. Meguiar’s carpet and upholstery cleaner is
great for specific stains or general cleaning. Dry brush the surface first to loosen dirt
and debris and then vacuum. For spot carpet treatment spray directly on
the spot or stain. Allow to dwell 15-30 seconds and agitate with
a brush or cotton terry cloth towel, then blot dry with a second cotton terry cloth
towel. For general carpet cleaning, spray and lightly
coat fabric, agitate with a brush or cotton terry cloth towel. Again, follow by blotting with a separate
cotton terry cloth towel, and allow to air dry. Ensuring that you use the right product for
the right surface will allow you to admire how fresh and clean the interior looks, feels,
and smells, each and every time you get in your car making for a much more enjoyable
driving experience. For additional detailing tips and techniques,

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  1. Thank you for all your videos. I have truly learned a lot. if you have time please take the time to look over my YouTube page: "MCK's Mobile Detailing" subscribe and give me your thoughts. Thanks

  2. Great video! For carpets and upholstery, can you spray the product on and remove it with a wet/dry shop vac?

  3. 1:42 Great product guys! I use the leather conditioner but any recommendation on how often this should be done? Thanks!

  4. what product would you recommend for cleaning the steering wheel, is it okay to clean it with all purpose cleaner ?

  5. I have a 2015 Q50 3.7 RWD car and Im trying to clean and maintain my seats, but not sure what product to used on them. Because I feel like it’s not real leather or would I just use leather products please help

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