How To Boost Audience Retention on YouTube (In Less Than 90 Seconds)
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How To Boost Audience Retention on YouTube (In Less Than 90 Seconds)

January 5, 2020

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  2. Improving on video editing is the most vital ingredient to better retention.. Thanx for the useful tips Alan…

  3. Thanks for the helpful advice Alan! I like how you go straight at it!
    I've been really struggling to get subscribers and viewers at the moment. Its always disheartening when you put time and effort into something and you cant see it grow!
    For anyone interested I make Gaming and Tutorial videos.

  4. To each their own, but I really dislike those loud "energetic" intros and am easily put off by them. I prefer a more natural authentic way of talking. But that just might be me…

  5. Man! Finally! I have said this many, many times. Forget the intro just jump in. This is one of those long established norms in motion picture.

    I still use jump cuts quite a bit, but since I'm doing more fishing adventure videos, I can do more documentary style interviews cutting from the interview portion to the fishing portion or b-roll. The combination of jump cuts, b-roll, interview and A-roll makes for a lot of variety.

  6. Very clever Alan, thanks for making this vid. I'll bet your retention is going to be through the roof 💪

  7. I haven’t commented in a while. loves this one, I have wanted to use some of your jump ins and outs but didn’t want to rip you off BUT since you invited it… I’ll try it in an upcoming episode.
    Keep the advice coming Allen You have already helped me with content, technique and thumbnails. Oh, and I’m loving TUBEBUDDY !!!

  8. Alan your the mannn, lol. Really liked your video, I have only had a channel for around a month and am not getting many views and only 6 subs. I`m definitely going to try out all you said on here and will let you know how it goes. There are a lot of videos on here telling you how to get more views etc but only a few work, I hope that your ideas work for me. Have a look at my videos, any advice would be appreciated. Good luck and keep doing your videos. peace.

  9. Finally here lol trying to keep up with your uploads.. Not missing one, i think that will be a great idea for you to do a shoutout out series to your most loyal subscribers… You can start with my channel…

  10. You had my retention all the way through 🙂 I've worked on moving around more in my videos and definitely agree that short and precise intros are for the better!

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