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  1. Awesome tips Tim, thank you for sharing this with us, I think it's amazing you helping small creators who struggle to lift their channel off like myself for example. Thanks again Tim 😀✌🏻

  2. Are audience retention, click through rate, impressions, view duration, and watch time equally important, and how specifically do they tie in to one another?

  3. This is something I've always wondered as to why I've had less views these days. Thanks for the insight, I think I'll improve on my retention now.

  4. In the future, just use a few $20 bills on top of stacks of paper, the. You don’t have to worry about carrying that much around or just use play money.

  5. This EXACTLY what I needed!! I literally just lost a bunch of watch time and subs and wasn't sure what to do… you've done it again! Thanks so much!!!

  6. This was a very insightful video, I was led here by Sean Chandler’s channel. I’m very glad this was recommended. Great video!

  7. Your view to sub ratio is very odd. You rarely break 10k views yet you have over 400k subs. Hmmmm…..

    PS I'm bailing early on this video because watching someone flop 10k of bills around in their hands is obnoxious and gaudy.

    I have a feeling that this comment will be deleted after literally 100% of the comments I've read on here were gushing over you. Also very odd. Hmmmm……

  8. Good tips and ideas! I've been changing up the first few seconds on some videos to see what happens. Interestingly, during the short time that vidIQ placed the average monthly earnings for a channel into the stats, I looked at some of the same types of channels as mine and I found that channels with more subs were making less money than my channel. One channel creator told me recently she is only making $100 a month even though she has about 24,000 subs. I think many of my videos are more evergreen than hers are and people find them in YT suggested (my #1) and in searching. My videos are certainly getting more watch time than hers are.

  9. All great advice Tim. I'm liking the talking about your audience. It is important to remember this always, we are not the hero in this story, each viewer is the hero, we are only the guide! Donald Miller building a story brand is a must listen to on Audible.

  10. Hi I'm Thed, I wish that my channel would gone viral.. I making YouTube for my filming. But I don't know how to make my channel so popular… Can you give me some advice?

  11. I love your content
    I know definitely tom
    I didn't forget what you told me
    Am working seriously to raise it
    I we email you when am ready

  12. My retention went up as well when I started speaking in the beginning and keeping it short. Awesome video and advice! ☺️

  13. Thanks for another great video, Video Creators! I would LOVE IT if you helped support my channel and Subscribed!👍🏻🔥🤙🏻

  14. I always enjoy your videos. I think there is another thing that is missing from creating engaging videos. You must also deprive your viewers of stimulation periodically so their mind can rest and they can desire more. Then you give them what they want and they have a very satisfied feeling. The trick is you have to hook them enough so they are willing to be deprived and not click ahead or abandon the video.

  15. I used to follow all your steps got 700 plus subs in 30 days and 10k views!ma now I'm kinda getting a depression some people they say I suck some people say I shouldn't go on!what should I do Man Did you face that in the start of your growth !please reply I love you big fan here😘

  16. This is true, I started my channel several days ago when I watched this and another of his video . I decided to focus on tech as my niche and have made 3 videos already. I have gotten 80 subscribers since then and hundreds of views. Am recording on my Samsung note 3…LOL…its what I have and fyi am in kenya and there are no even those big channels in tech that I can benchmark on. My latest video hit 100 views in 10 hours, I would never thank you more! Am now aiming to be patient and consistent.

  17. Really loved this video Tim ! You are getting better and better and not only by walking in nature! 😁 😜 I think I am going to create a kind of video template / guide for myself to remind me things at every steps (beginning, when sharing a tip, end…). It will definitely include your tips, and more! 😉

  18. Tim do you help smaller channels like us? We want to grow but have been having such a hard time lately. Let me known if you coach smaller channels like us.

  19. 1. Subscribe 🔥
    2.Turn on the notification Bell
    3. Like👍
    4. Comment done
    5. I'll do the same i promise 😊
    Let's support each other good idea 😗👌

  20. Great video! Loved the editing, great idea doing it outside, I’m praying I’ll learn somethings to start doing to drive traffic to my channel, if you get a chance I’d love for you to check it out❤️ God Bless!!

  21. Amazing video, Tim! Thanks for sharing! Gotta try more outdoors with different locations in the same video…nice idea…
    🔴 A thing I use: I make my videos with a topic script, kind of freestyle with bullets points.
    I usually ask questions in the beginning; say there will be some exercises at the end of the video or I had a BIG insight I will later explain.
    I state right in the beginning what the viewer will get if he watches the whole video.
    I´ve been trying some outdoor scenes and people love it – almost no editing.
    Sometimes I use some open loops in the middle. Studying sales letters has helped a lot.
    Shoutouts in the end have increased the number of comments and my audience is definitely more engaged.
    My average retention rate is now 47%
    If you have any other tips, I will be GLAD to hear. =D

  22. Hello Tim. I have a question about placing ads at the end of videos. I think if you put an ad after the video you take the risk people end the session. Which will give your video a session end penatly. What are your experiences with it?

  23. Hi videocreators nice vid and thanks for the tip; Maybe you can advise us if how to add video location whenever we upload our videos.. As we observed that in the advance setting the video location is missing. Hope you can help us. thanks

  24. Thank you so much for all that you do for us here on YouTube! We've got a very popular 1 hr long video on our channel that has a terrible audience retention rate because of long intro. We tried trimming it, but apparently we can't because it's got over 100k views. I was curious if it's a good idea to re-upload it as a Revised Edition? We'd keep the original on our channel, but we do not want to be penalized for having duplicate content on our channel. Will duplicate content negatively affect our channel, even if they are different lengths?? The Revised version will help our audience get to the point faster, but we don't want to be penalized for duplicates. Thank you.

  25. My channel still new, I started from scratch. Pretty strugling getting subscribers and viewers without massive promotions.
    But, I try to mix my video with another content, which trending that time.
    I got viewers and subscribers from those videos.
    Will it destroy my channel niches? Because, some video are unrelated with main niche.

  26. Nice walk and talk video. Audio was a little muffled. Great content as usual. "Optimize Content for People Not Robots". You need to put that on a shirt.

  27. The idea to make these videos was brilliant. Honestly, I think it has a lot to do with timing. Like right now you are making these videos to help people learn about Youtube growth, perfect timing Tim. Ten years ago the timing wouldn't have been so perfect. Now Youtube is being flooded with people who want to be able to work from home through making money online. Timing is everything. The problem with Youtube now is it's becoming overly saturated with people making videos with the hopes of becoming the next Youtube star. In order to really grow it takes SEO, an outstanding personality, a lot of diversity within a niche, collaborations, quality content and editing and if possible some outstanding female bodies in the videos scantly dressed (sad but true). Anyone who has ever achieved tremendous success will tell you it's all about timing. Great video, very inspirational Tim.

  28. Thanks for this! I looked at my audience retention graphs and they reflected a lot of what was said, especially with storytelling.

  29. Is it bad I actually find the walking and talking more annoying and it makes me actually want to click away? I only stayed because of the content. The format didn't retain my attention. It made me want to leave through most of it.

  30. And here is me feeling awesome when I have a 20 in my hand LOL. Thanks for this video. I always knew audience retention was important but I never really understood how to actually analyse the graph and understand what it means.

  31. Tim love how you utilized other people’s experiences. Very valuable! If I had known this was in here I probably would have watched sooner. The testimonials are powerful!

  32. QUESTION: Is there a certain amount of drop off in any video at the beginning by nature? And what would be a normal rate for that?

  33. We just can't figure out how to improve our audience retention. The majority is within the first 30-40 seconds. Would love any feedback or advice on what we're doing wrong

  34. One major thing that I noticed missing in your video background is u r movie in the same place. Its about changing background

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