How Scientists Are Protecting Tigers in Thailand
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How Scientists Are Protecting Tigers in Thailand

February 28, 2020

(slow bright music) – [Narrator] A century ago
100,000 tigers roamed the earth. Today those numbers have declined to just about 4,000. But in the forest of Eastern Thailand, conservationists have
found new signs of hope for this iconic species. This Great Big Story was made possible by B. Grimm, empowering
the world compassionately. (birds twittering) Until recently it was believed
that the Eastern forests of Thailand didn’t have enough wild tigers to maintain a breeding population. But a group of conservationists led by Panthera, the Thai
department of National parks and the Freeland Foundation went out into the jungle to find
out for themselves. – We set up around 83 stations of cameras. Each station has two cameras. The general goal of setting
up the camera trap grid was to estimate how many tigers are there. What potential is there
for them to recover in that area. Camera trapping is always fun ’cause you have these cameras out for 45, 60 days in the field. And they’re out there
every day taking pictures, so you bring them back and you’ve got you know lots of people looking at all the photos. Clicking through what’s next, what’s next, what’s next. And we discovered that we
have a breeding population of tigers there. This is kind of the first
evidence of breeding for at least I think a decade. It’s a really amazing thing
to have been able to see and to document. Tigers are a symbol of a
healthy intact ecosystem. To have tigers disappear from the wild, especially when we have the means to stop that from happening, would be an absolute tragedy. So although the survey
results are great news we really do need to keep the pressure on. I mean there’s the threats
aren’t necessarily abating at those areas. So the good work that’s continuing with patrolling on the ground, law enforcement, working on trying to give tigers a chance to breed to have the area they need to persist is really important. (slow bright music)

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  1. You can't save anymore Tigers. There is only one Tiger operating at Bovington in the U.K. Fake video, disliked. Also, borrow historians, not scientist. God I love technology.

  2. The hunters have become the hunted. Crazy how tigers need protection now and it's from humans.

  3. I can't make a joke this early,so…

    T I G E R S

    Edit: I meant T H A I G E R S but that would be called S T E A L I N G

  4. Save the tigers its greaaaaaaattttttttt

    I’ll leave now

    Edit: why the likes my comment is not original please don't like this

  5. This guy needs a drink. I can hear his mouth sticking to his teeth. As a headphone user, this is toture.

  6. Humans are scums. We already outnumber them by 7billion, outpower them by having intelligence, yet we lack empathy and compassion. No respect for the wild and wild animals. One bullet throughs this majestic animal’s head and their dead. We hunt a species to EXTINCTION. That sentence alone is monstrous.

  7. It’s sad that this is the same country where they drug these Royal animals to reduce them to be toys for tourism 😢 Hopefully this is going in a good direction! ❤️

  8. At the Same time there are hundreds of tiger drugged and chained for tourist photo shot .Go and check the popular tourist destination like pattaya,Phuket and see yourself 😒

  9. Our politician got caught hunting black panther, with basically the panther lay next to him. And yes, he proved innocent by the government.

  10. Thanks Making the work of poachers easy. Now they got the location of the animals and a population to hunt. What was the need to disclose all of that😡? Their skin and bones market is just there in adjacent countries of China and Vietnam.

  11. I hate how the governments alow this shit after they can du way more to help props and thanks tu the I of the tiger savers🐯

  12. If I could sit down with a tiger and pet it without it mauling me I would, because it’s my favorite animal

  13. Ever since I was 3 years old I wanted to protect endangered species. This is the kind of stuff I cry at

  14. In Malaysia, the government and rangers recently winning on decreasing local hunters by make highly straight law.

    But the decreasing local hunters just invited most professional hunters from outsiders.. nowadays our rangers struggled lot of casualties more then before by fighting foreign hunters like vietnam hunters.. the protected animal part consuming must be stop immediately. Please just consume a herbal or some modern medical…

  15. Such important work you are doing. Y'all are amazing. Please keep it up! This is a worthy project, saving the tigers.🐯🐅

  16. Fun fact- Tiger population in India has seen an increase of 33% to reach almost 3000!! (Latest tiger census)

  17. In India Bengal tiger has grown to nearly 3,000 making the country one of the safest habitats for the endangered animals, even though I has a long way to go to secure a long-term future for wild tigers.
    India's elephants and tigers are most hunted animals in the country sold on black market for use in UNPROVEN traditional Chinese medicine.

  18. Good news-
    √Tiger census (india) 2018 out-
    2967 tigers now roaring in india
    √In Tiger census 2014 it was -2224 out of 4000 of world tiger population..
    Guys make video about this🙏..

  19. This is an interesting vid and I also had an advertisement of you’re channel when I clicked this video

  20. India has just increased it's Tiger population by over 100% in 12 years! 70% of world's tigers now reside in India.

  21. You cannot solve this problem without addressing the demand for tiger parts and the degradation of its habitat.

  22. In India forest guards uses Ak103, Micro- Uzi. And government had ordered shoot at sight for hunters. That why tiger population is increasing in India.

  23. Maaan fuck a tiger they're not cute they're mean plus they kill people all the money in conserving animals should go to the cute and harmless ones like the pandas

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