How do you maintain several languages? – My personal routine [MULTILINGUAL video]
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How do you maintain several languages? – My personal routine [MULTILINGUAL video]

December 31, 2019

Hi everybody, this is Stefano, welcome back to my channel! In today’s video I’d like to answer one of the questions that I get asked the most by, you know, language learners or enthusiasts and that is to say: “How do you maintain all your languages?” I think this is an interesting topic and today I’m going to answer that question probably in different languages, so please make sure your subtitles are switched on… That’s it, let’s get this started, and I hope you enjoy… So, first of all, well my mother tongue is Italian so I don’t think we really have to talk about Italian too much I obviously use it everyday with my family and with my friends back in Italy It’s still good to be using your mother tongue though (when living abroad) because I really think there’s something you can lose over time even in your native language and I think it’s a good idea to pay attention to it and make sure you’re not losing touch all too much with your native language as well… As far as English is concerned, well there’s not much that I do actively to maintain my English I don’t use it so much everyday, I have to admit that’s probably why I don’t feel all that confident when speaking English… I think my strongest language would be German, actually but, well, the vast majority of the contents that I consume online is in English you know, there’s a lot of stuff on YouTube, elsewhere on the Internet so it’s very easy to get exposed to English this is something that is pretty obvious, so not much else that I do for my English actually What I do for my German is sometimes watching the news on ARD, for instance or reading magazine articles etc. and obviously I also have several friends here in Brussels and elsewhere in Europe with whom I can speak or text every now and then, and this is more than enough… And then, for my Portuguese, what do I do for it? Actually it’s only about seizing every opportunity to practise it even though I don’t have many Portuguese friends who I can speak with there are Portuguese people living and working here in my district so there are chances to talk to these people sometimes, in shops etc. and what else do I do? I listen to the podcasts from, which I find very good as well as the news on the RTP site, where you can also find other kinds of programs made available for anybody interested I think they’re really good for learners of this language and well, I think that’s it, nothing else Then it’s Finnish time! So, what do I do for my Finnish? Well obviously I do speak some Finnish almost everyday, in my family that is… and I have also Finnish friends who I can chat or text with, mainly on WhatsApp and… I sometimes read Helsingin Sanomat (main Finnish newspaper), if there are interesting articles there but… well, I know I should be reading some literature at this time but recently I haven’t had that much time on my hands to do that but yeah, I am going to read more literature in the future but up to this point I actually haven’t had many problems maintaining my Finnish… … so let’s keep looking ahead 😀 Now my French… There’s not much I must do for my French because I live in Brussels and that’s really good Clearly, I use this language everyday what I also do is listening to the radio for like 20-30 minutes while driving alone in my car because for family reasons I often have to use my car in the mornings and because traffic is heavy, I have enough time to listen to the radio, and I think it’s great for my vocabulary and it’s also fun, so that’s just perfect! Then, Japanese… that’s a really hard language to maintain… I really believe that you need a lot of practice If you ask me what I’m doing in order not to forget what I’ve learnt so far rather than to learn new vocabulary or grammar points, well, that would be reading the NHK simplified news online and taking conversation lessons with tutors on That’s pretty much it… I don’t think it’s really enough but… that’s life! Well, there’s not much I do for my Spanish, unfortunately I don’t have many chances to practice it but at the latest Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava I had quite a nice opportunity to practice it because I spent quite some time in groups of people where Spanish was our common language so I was able to speak more Spanish (in those few days) than I probably will in the rest of the year that was really good for my Spanish… I don’t do anything because…. I don’t know why but I’m not forgetting it, I’m keeping the same level over time even though I never use it actually I’d like to practice it more in order to get better, but I know that’s not possibile at this time it’s something that I still hope to be able to do in the future, that’s all Now Romanian, yeah… For Romanian I only attend a course, like I said in the video that I uploaded two weeks ago or was it last week… I don’t know 😀 so my Romanian course… it is now over, that’s why now I have to organize myself to practice some Romanian also in the summer so as not to forget everything I’ve learnt so far… I think I’ll just take some (conversation) lessons on in order to speak with native speakers… And as far as Icelandic and Mandarin are concerned, well, there’s not much to maintain unfortunately, so…! 😀 I don’t have to maintain those languages because I’m still learning them I’m still a beginner in both of them, so that’s more the time that I have to spend actually learning new stuff and really getting used to the structure of the language, so that’s another story that’s not maintaining, that’s learning new languages, so that’s basically it Alright guys that’s all I got, this was my answer to the question: “What do you do to maintain all of your languages?” So now what about you? I’m very curious, what do you do to maintain your languages? please let me know in the comment section below I think that’s an interesting topic, slightly different from the usual new language learning thing that we always talk about but as important as learning a new language, I think, is to maintain those that you have already learnt so yeah, just let me know what you think, what you do to maintain your languages and thank you very much for watching, and I will see you in the next video, bye bye!

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  1. Continua così, sei un grande! PS: sarebbe figo un video solo in giapponese! Un saluto e un augurio per il futuro 😉

  2. You seem to be maintaining your portuguese well because it sounds incredible. May I suggest that the next video be about your learning routine? More specifically how do you learn two languages at once(as an aspiring polyglot that's something I'm really interested in).

  3. . Deutsch
    Also, wenn man das B2 (fluency) erreicht hat, muss man tatsächlich die Sprache an den Alltag angliedern, das heißt, die muss immer verwendet werden, dadurch vergessen wir halt so es nicht.
    Denn ich versuche momentan, die deutsche Sprache zu beherrschen, deutsch verliere ich nicht ganz einfach.

    When it comes to english, my skills are easy to be maintained, since I use them in my daily life (remember the german section?). BUT, I feel like I cannot speak as well as I could before, even though I understand much.

    Português (BR)
    É minha língua materna, então xD, não preciso estudar sa porra haahahhah. To zoando, é bem chatinho eu esquecer algumas coisas, tipo acentos gráficos e tal… Mas estou sempre alerta.

    Jeg lærer nå norsk, så jeg må ikke holde det. Hahah også jeg lærer norsk fra 3 dager siden, derfor må jeg forbedre mitt norsk.

  4. Hi Stefano, I’m a fellow Italian language learning enthusiast and I’ve been watching your videos with great interest lately (Finnish and Icelandic are both high on my wish list). The languages I have to maintain are less than yours and I’m lucky enough to use them all for my job (I’m an international sales manager in the food industry). Apart from my native Italian, I use English daily, and German, French and Japanese almost every week with my customers. I also have the chance to travel regularly to the countries where my target languages are spoken. What I also do is trying to use every hidden moment to practice my languages, be it going through my Anki desks on my phone, reading the news, watching a series or a film on Netflix or listening to podcasts. Conversations on Italkie are also a vital tool to keep them all up. I also try to rotate between them with some routines of active study (for example I am now focusing on mastering all jōyō kanji to be able to read more complex texts in Japanese). This routine also allows me to spend some time on new languages (I’m working my way through Swedish at the moment), while feeling I’m not neglecting any other language. I think it’s mostly a matter of integrating your languages into your lifestyle, and try to seize every opportunity to use them (and make mistakes!). I’ll be following you with great interest, and thanks for your inspiring videos! Yari

  5. Great video, Stefano, thanks for sharing. Great to hear somebody speaking Continental Portuguese. I understood at least half of the Finnish – reminds me that want to get back to that language some day. I also listen to radio and watch TV news a lot on line to maintain my languages….as well as reading on my communte to work.

  6. Hast du deine Fremdsprachen eigentlich nacheinander gelernt oder auch mal mehrere gleichzeitig? Mir fällt es schwer, mich nur auf eine Sprache zu konzentrieren, aber natürlich macht man dabei dann die größten Fortschritte, denke ich.

  7. Haven't heard you speaking English much, complimenti per il tuo accento! You even have a lovely diphthong in "most" 🙂

  8. Perhaps you can make a video regarding your method of learning a new language. I noticed that you did not speak any Slavic language. I would highly recommend to you Russian. It will certainly be a lot easier than Japanese.

  9. Such a good video. You and LanguageBoost guys are my favorites in this ''world'' of polyglot's so far. I am from Brazil, so, i speak portuguese everyday (By the way, your portuguese is very good). And for maintain english, the language who i'm in level C, i listen english everyday, and like you said in the video, english is everywhere in the internet, so is very easy to maintain the language.

  10. 私は日本人ですが、あなたは日本語がとても上手だと思います

  11. If you want to maintain any one of the romance languages, learn all the others. That strategy works like magic. A plus to this strategy is, you will be able to speak 4-5 languages. This is why virtually every polyglot out there has romance languages within their arsenal of tongues.

  12. Tu español es bueno. Solo necesitas seguir practicándolo
    7:03 Me parece que tu portugués afectó tu español un poco. Nosotros expresamos el gerundio como en italiano o portugués brasileño. No con a + infinitivo como en el portugués europeo

  13. Impressive!! Erityisesti olin yllättynyt miten hyvin puhut suomea. Quiero aprender más lenguas también. Buena suerte con el aprendizaje 🙂

  14. Have you ever been in a situation where you suddenly start to speak wrong language in the middle of the conversation?

  15. おおー!なんと、日本語もできるのですね、しかも完璧です…!

    これは宣伝ですが、Siri Beatbox Contest – Which language is the best!?というクイズビデオを3本作った(特に、No.2とNo.3は難しいかもしれません)ので、MULTILINGUALの方に一度挑戦してもらえると、嬉しいです!!


  16. こんにちわ、私も日本語勉強している。難しいですですよね。good luck on learning 日本語。

  17. Ti capisco benissimo!
    Really you explain very good when I see your first vedio I started to follow you n see evry your others vedio
    Thank you so much
    Grazie mille
    شكرا جزيلا 😀

  18. My tip for maintaining languages is if you like to play video games then you should buy PUBG and find teammates who speak language you want to speak. It’s super easy to maintain and improve language in this game because you are in squad with 3 other guys and you really have to talk alot to work as a team

  19. Japani oli ihana! itse opiskelen Japania itsekseni jo toista vuotta, mutta en siltikään osaa puhua kovin hyvin:( Silit koen sen melko helppona kielenä mulle oppia…hyvä video ja puhut suomea kyllä niin luontevasti, aivan kuin olisi äidinkieli 😀 👏

  20. Sinähän se varsinainen seppä olet! En kyllä tiedä ketään ketä puhuisi noin montaa kieltä kuin sinä. Lukiossa kun aikanaan olin niin silloinen biologian ja maantiedon opettajani oli myös erittäin kiinnostunut kielistä ja niiden opiskelusta. Hän puhui suomen ja ruotsin lisäksi viroa, venäjää, englantia, ranskaa ja erittäin hyvin saksaa. Muistaakseni hän käytti myös aktiivisesti saksalaista versiota tietosanakirja World Almanacista. Aina ihailin kyseistä heppua, mutta tuo sinun kieli arsenaali vaikuttaa vieläkin eksoottisemmalta. Aivan mahtavaa! Jatka samaan malliin! =)

  21. Buenas! Pues este video me viene perfecto! Te comento en español porque así también lo puedes practicar un momentito! Yo ahora mismo hablo Catalán, Español, Inglés y Finés, y realmente tengo problemas para mantenerlas. Siento que estoy perdiendo mucho vocabulario y muchisimas estructuras en Catalán y en Castellano, que son mis dos lenguas maternas, y que cada vez mi inglés es más… callejero. Menos correcto. En los tres casos siento que estoy perdiendo mucha gramática y ortografia, riqueza de vocabulario, fluidez… y me da rabia, porque no sé de dónde sacar el tiempo para cuidarlas… me genera frustración… algún consejo?

  22. Ihmettelen miten hyvin suomen ääntäminen menee… Pitää olla lahjakas kieliin, jotta tähän kykenee. Ja vielä normaalia puhekieltä!

  23. Myanmar can pronounce speak more tones,tunes,consonants,sounds than any other nations in the world such as thai chinese korean japanese german french spanish russian english and so on.I mean it has universal versatile tongues on the planet.For example,a korean or a thai can't pronouce french or german well but myanmar can pronouce chinese,english or others well using their own language.That is a significance of its.I knew that after learning about 40 languages.Do you agree with me?

  24. You are so awesome and your finnish, you sound like a native-speaker… #inspiration.

    You can talk to me in spanish if you want to practice, no problem. 👍🏻

  25. Pra mim eu não poderia ainda dizer manter o idioma, pois estou ainda estudando inglês, na verdade fiz um curso na minha adolescência, e agora voltei ao inglês aplicando algumas práticas dos poliglotas, espero conseguir!!!! Quero chegar a fluência pelo menos, e recém comecei com o estudo do italiano! Mas eu costumo ouvir muito podcasts e assistir alguns vídeos!!! Sucesso em sua jornada com os idiomas!

  26. Very cool. I actually understood much of the Spanish and Portuguese without subtitles, even though I studied Spanish for a couple of months about 25 years ago, and I have never studied Portuguese.

  27. So when are you planning to take up Danish, Norwegian and Swedish? 😊

    It's nearly a three for the price of one package – 80 – 90 % the "same" basic vocabularies and nearly the same grammars essentially ( just minor differences ) – like three dialects or accents of the same Scandinavian base language, just with slightly different spelling and different pronounciation and intonation, but still mutually intelligible to a high degree, if we just slow down and speak clearly / listen up and focus.

    And with many words that are (very) similar to their English counter parts, some to their German ( and Dutch ) ditto – and relatively simple grammars that have many features in common with a basic English.

  28. Olá Stefano, tudo bem? I'm currently learning european portuguese and I'm at level A1/A2. As we aquire language through comprehensible input, i want to search for easy european portugese content, but all i can't find is either brazilian portuguese (e-books, audible) or if it is european portugese its really boring and i can't motivate myself to read/hear it. How did you start to learn european portugese? Would love to see a video about it! 🙂 Thanks and have a great day! 🙂

  29. 日本語の発音どころか日本人のような話の内容と挙動を身につけているのがすごい

  30. Many people speak many foreign to them languages but few speak them like native speakers. You have achieved that…! I am utterly impressed!

  31. 凄すぎるww

  32. That awkward moment when I was still reading the subs when you started on the Spanish, until I realized 'oh wait, my native language is Spanish, pf.' Loved the video! Good to know how you are maintaining so many languages. I've started on Italian last year since I was going to visit Italy and a couple months ago started on German, but at some point I've started feeling like I am struggling with Italian again, even tho I live in Italy now ): But thank you for sharing this! I will add more reading to my practice

  33. Omg your Japanese is perfect😭.
    For me Japanese, most languages seem terrible cuz my language's completely different from the others. I simply can't believe that you're not a native speaker of Japanese. I'm now struggling with learning Hindi and French in the same time. Besides, my English isn't pretty good, so I'd been thinking to quit leaning one of them, but now cuz of you, I'm getting motivated again.

    Thank you so much for this video.
    Your Japanese is absolutely great!

    And if I can I want you to share the method you learned those languages sincerely.

  34. Nunca ouvi alguém falando inglês com uma dicção tão clara e bonita, me Chamo Paulo do Carmo de Pernambuco – Brasil, falo inglês porém longe do teu nível ainda, falo espanhol, um pouquinho de francês e agora quero e necessito aprender alemão (alguma dica?). Acabas de ganhar um inscrito parabéns!!!

  35. Hi, your language skills are very impressing. You should try to learn one of slavic languages, they are far enough from the languages you have mastered already regarding grammar and vocabulary. The grammar is very tricky in those language family. My problem is that I did not maintain my german and I have to now recover it. I parallely study spanish, so it will be a two language learning practice. Of course english is now lingua franca and we are daily exposed to it in private life and at work, so it is naturally maintained, you do not need much to struggle.

  36. Never mind maintaining. How do you come to have such perfect pronunciation and grammar in every language? I don't think I could get anything close to that in any language I study.

  37. The fact that you can speak spoken Finnish and almost have a native like accent is so impressive.

    Written Finnish is hard, not to mention spoken… And being able to transfer written into spoken, WHILE (pronouncing almost everything perfectly and) having word stress in the right places, is truely amazing 😀

  38. Felicitari! Chiar ma inspirati sa invat mai multe limbi . Vorbesc romana si engleza (nivel conversational) dar inteleg si franceza,spaniola,italiana (asta pentru ca sunt limbi latine-in afara de franceza-)

  39. it is difficult to maintain. I remember switching between English-Dutch, at a certain point I was switching between Greek-German-English. Because I moved I had no chance to speak Greek in the last two years, only accidentally I hear some Greeks in Bucharest speaking or shoutong between themselves and I miss it as much as you probably miss being in Romania, having a particular attachment with the Greek language. Reading can help for vocabulary maintainance. Keep in mind that most european languages have a common vocabulary where the origin of the words are germanic, greek, latin. Proficiency can be achived in the working languages you use on a daily basis.

  40. So impressive. I currently only speak English. And 2020 will be the year I learn my second language,Spanish. How long did it take you to learn languages at the beginning?

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