How CrossFit Reykjavik improves retention with heart rate training | Polar Club Customer Story
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How CrossFit Reykjavik improves retention with heart rate training | Polar Club Customer Story

January 9, 2020

Here at CrossFit Reykjavik we are extremely
fortunate to have a facility of a certain size and a lot of equipment that
allows us to run the endurance classes separate from the normal
CrossFit classes. It’s a great addition and a great tool that we
have used in our training for the last four years. It allows people to focus more
on their relative output whereas CrossFit is very much
measure that’s an absolute number. Everybody is essentially doing the same
relative amount of work so nobody falls out of the norm. Everybody’s putting in the same amount of work regardless of what wattage they’re pushing
on the rower, on the bike or how fast they run which is a great way to encompass
like to make everybody fit in and make everybody fitter in the process. For me one of the most important aspects of being fit is
knowing the why’s, the where’s and the when’s. In these classes we spend a lot of energy
making sure that people understand why they’re doing the things that they’re doing. Because it’s gonna make
the retention rate so much higher. People understand why they’re pushing hard and
why they’re going slow when we tell them to go slow. It also makes them think outside of the
classes, it makes them consider like more into the realm of fitness, why we’re
doing all the things that we’re doing We’re going to try as much as we can to
avoid any kind of fluctuations in the speed. That goes for all three
of the devices. I just love that we have the facility,
I feel like this is the perfect facility for me. And therefore I’m very proud to be able to give
that to the people that are coming here. And I love I’m a part of
the best part of the day for them. When we run our courses here
it’s a seven week program. We do initial testing in week one and then
we do close testing in what would be week seven. So try to stick to your guns, determine a pace, see what happens to the heart rate, but realize that it’s gonna be hard
from the very get get go and the heart rate might not
creep up as fast as you want it to, but trust it that it will end there
at the five minute mark. During these six weeks people have
tremendous gains in their capacity. Like we do a thirty minute test on the bike and it’s not uncommon that we see
a 10% increase for the beginners, which is something that is incredible
if you just look at the sheer increase in power up. I feel like I can push much harder when I know
my heart rate and when I can watch my heart rate. And I know I have much left in me. And when I know I can push
further I can really do it. I have all my previous records
so I know what I’m capable of and if I need to push it, I realize it’s
pretty fast so you can’t hide it. So the whole idea is to make people fitter, they want to do work in here to be able to
get out on the other side of that wall and do better in their CrossFit workouts. But we’re talking a lot about breathing
mechanics, talking a lot about the recovery, which is as I see it a much bigger part
of being fit than being able to go hard. Because repeatedly being able
to do a performance and repeat the performance, is what I see is one of the
major contributors of being like a very fit person. So that’s what we do, we’re trying to
preach to all the athletes in here and they’ve already shown
tremendous progress.

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