How can ePortfolio increase student retention?
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How can ePortfolio increase student retention?

December 25, 2019

well I think that one other than most
interesting things about eportfolios is that it brings together
different kind of motivation to student learning. and so retention problems is often caused by students
losing interest they’re under a lot of pressure, they’re under
all kinds of there are all kinds of reasons that
drive them away from continuing school but then oftentimes they’re
actually in the hard, they really want to continue, that’s why they’re there in the
first place and so and being able to switch the
engagement in the root of the engagement is what really is able to create a retention. now, more specifically
I would say that if you think about, in a traditional
classroom where a piece of work, a paper may only have a very short life span only one person get to see it, maybe it’s
the professor. in portfolios it’s very different first for they can express themselves in
very different ways they can use multimedia, they can release sort of… not just
include the final project, the final product, but the
process which they can value now, not only that: it belongs to them and it’s something that
they can share out, to the world, and it can
have a audience of million to people, and it can have a lifespan of eternity, essentially. and that
changes the root fundamental drive in how a student tackles any projects
and problems and and thats in and of itself is
satisfying and fulfilling, and that creates I think, many times, the basis of the
retention. I would just add one more thing to the retention piece is that learning is really a social activity and when it’s done in a social
environment where when they are learning something
they can show it to other people, they can give feedback to each other they can support each other, they can get
inspired by each other… those are the reasons, I think, that get very much on
top up why it increases retention

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