Home Remedies for Water Retention IIशरीर में पानी के भराव के घरेलू उपाय II
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Home Remedies for Water Retention IIशरीर में पानी के भराव के घरेलू उपाय II

December 25, 2019

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Ms. Savitri Pulle from Indore. She has emailed and written us that I have got major swelling in my feet’s And when it was shown to dr. then dr said its the problem of water retention. So, in case you have any remedy for water retention then tell me. Ms. Savitri first of all we must know then why we have water retention. The main reason of water retention is salt The sodium increase the water retention that means the salt you eat that increase the problem of water retention I will tell you a simple remedy with this within 3 days you will get rid of this problem You got to see the results and your swelling will be reduce. for this you doesn’t consume salt for at least 3 days Don’t eat salt. When you will not eat salt then the problem of water retention when you won’t have sodium in your body then the existing sodium of your body that will start getting out slowly-slowly through kidney and once its out of your body then the problem of water retention will be no more Along with this one more thing you have to do which is bit tough You don’t have to use sugar through out these 3 days Because what does this sugar do it reduces the capacity of our body of throwing the sodium out of our body so, you should use Sugar as well as salt. Now you must be thinking that how will I eat food there are so many easy ways are there, instead of salt you can use lemon in your food you can use Gooseberry or lemon And you can balance this with some spices Its just the matter of 3 days and within 3 days you will get relief. Along with this there is one more cause of water retention. Some time due to deficiency of potassium also we suffer from water retention. So, you have to eat potassium rich food and under potassium rich food Yes, Bananas which are easily available. take 2 Bananas and eat them These 2 bananas has enough potassium as per the necessity of our body So, if you will regularly consume the bananas so, in case you have water retention due to deficiency of potassium , then that will be resolved. along with this use onions An onion contains the properties to clean the blood you should one thing Nicely boil 4-5 cups of water roughly chop 1-2 onions and put them into the water and boil then along with when it is nicely boil the you have to strain this water and you can even add 1 pinch of rock salt if you want. And you have to drink this 3 cup of water three times in a day Morning, afternoon and in evening. if you will drink this water then this will not only clean your blood along with this , it will detoxify your body and when your body is detoxify then the problem of water retention will be solved. And yes, those who have problem of water retention they should have less intake of salt make sure that you shouldn’t have more than 1/2 gram of salt in your body if you have the problem of water retention. and along with this, as I said earlier that you have to stop taking salt for 2 days but in case you have lower blood pressure by stop taking salt then you can bit of salt but make sure that you shouldn’t consume more than 1/2 gram of salt in a day or even in the normal day Along with this, use lemon Lemon is good in capacity to take the extra fluid and toxins out of our body So, how to use lemon . Take 1 glass of hot water and squeeze 1 lemon in it if you want you can even add 2 spoon of honey in it and just consume this water once in a day problem of water retention will be solved. and yes, to cure yourself from water retention you have to drink lot of water people often have this myth that they already have access of water in their body its not like that, in fact when our body feels that it won’t get excess water then what does our body do? it stores the desires water in it and due to this storage and holding process this swelling happens so, when you will drink lot of water and when body will get extra water then automatically the problem of water retention will be solved. So at least drink 3 liter of water. in a way drink at least 8-10 glass of water in a day And yes, don’t drink 1 liter of water in one go. No, don’t drink like this how you have to drink water. You have to drink almost 2-1/2 to 3 liter in a day within short gaps, after every one hour drink 1 glass of water. if you gonna drink 1 liter of water in one go after every one hour then it won’t be beneficial for you you have to drink the water through out the day but within the gap of every 1 hour Along with this consume Fennel seeds What does fennel seeds do? It enhances the capacity of kidney to throw out the extra fluid or water from the kidney itself. it helps a lot to detoxify the body So, if you have problem of water retention then what you have to do , nicely boil 1 cup of water put 1 spoon of fennel seeds in it and after putting fennel seeds , cover it with the lid and keep it aside let it like that for 10 minutes after 10 minutes you have to stain this water and then you have to consume this water. don’t drink in the one go just consume this water by taking sip-sip the way you drink the tea. Take 1-1 cup of this water three times in a day you will notice that within very short span of time, the problem of water retention will be solved. So just follow all these easy remedies and you will notice that the problem of water retention and the swelling is completely disappear. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us And to meet us, you have to subscribe this channel. Tell your friends & relatives to subscribe this channel Get health benefits, sitting at home. And do support us in our motive, our motive is that maximum no of people should get the health benefits by sitting at home only. So don’t forget to share our video as much as you can Thank You…

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  1. Lovely videos!
    Could you do episodes on proper breathing, and give some insight into structured water from an Ayurvedic perspective. As you may be aware in many places in the world many harmful compounds are added to the water. Can you suggest ways of removing these & drinking the purest water possible. I have heard of drinking water from Pure Copper vessels & drinking from clay pots however some of these are not available if they are they can be very expensive.

    Could you also discuss activities people use to partake in to strengthen themselves mentally & occupy there mind verses watching TV now a days and other such activities.

    Thank You
    Stay blessed!

  2. i do not eat any kind of salt and sugar except rock salt and jaggery (i left them ages ago) and sir is bura good for health or not ?

  3. Thank You for responding to my previous comment!

    I forgot to mention, does Ayurveda have anything that can be taken in place of contraceptive pills, inserts, coils etc that are effective?

    And wether it recommends any contraceptives for animals. I have pets and have chosen not to get there sexual organs removed contrary to the norm. So would've grateful if there is any such thing especially for cats.

    Thank you!

  4. Sir

    I was seen other video on puffy eye , but I was drinked alcohol weekend day only( 2 day )but there is lots of swelling on blow of eye so plz help and suggest best way to get normal my eye

  5. asslamalikoum mara ankal ko pairo ma bhout pani bhar gaya on ka pairo ma sa pani nikal ra or zakham bhi ho gaya tratmant kar ra on ka magar sahi nahi hora or on ko sugar bhi hai kuch opai hai to zarour help karna please bhout prashan hai

  6. is problm hamesa ke liye khtm ho jaaye uske liye kya kre iski vjh se wait bhut loose ho gya plz say something ok

  7. sir i m suffering from water retention… and i m not able to get rid of consuming salt as i feel low… when not consume it.. how to get rid of salt consumption? i feel very craving of having salt please help to overcome the problem

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  9. I drank half bottle of milk of magnesia and a few weeks later my ankles and top of foot swelling. Is there any home remedies that could help get rid of swelling. I sit for an hour and feet feel itchy swelling on top of foot and ankles ? Please help

  10. mujhe thyroid problem hai aur swelling rehti hai body me weight 80 above hai ek jagah stuck hai Kam nhi ho raha ..Kuch upay bataye

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  14. Dr mujhe be asise lagta hai fat hu weight hai 100/ kam nhi ho raha hai thyorid hai but kal test karvaya hai normal hai bp hai high mujhe be yeh he problem hoga water retenstion

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  22. सर मेरी आँखे सुजी हुई रेहती है , सुबहे सुबहे दो नो आँखे भारी हो जाती है प्लीज रिप्लाय करे

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