Help Send the U’wa to the World Conservation Congress
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Help Send the U’wa to the World Conservation Congress

September 11, 2019

I’m Aura Tegría, legal advisor for the U’wa Association of Traditional Authorities Our indigenous nation has led important fights to defend our Mother Earth and natural resources In 1999, we fought the great battle against Occidental Petroleum In 2014, we went against the Magallanes gas exploration well being built within our ancestral territory In 2016, we launched peaceful group protests to defend our ancestral territory and our reserve Recently we were in the Gibraltar gas plant exercising control of our territory and recuperation of three properties that are under the collective ownership of our nation Because of all this, we have been invited to participate in the World Conservation Congress to be carried out in Hawaii in early September We’ll be there along side UN indigenous rights expert Victoria Corpuz letting the world know about our long process to defend our territory saying that it is important to join together our energies, efforts, and solidarity between peoples to we can live in our territories in harmony with our Mother Earth We would like to send very warm greetings and our heartfelt appreciations to all the people and organizations that defend human rights and indigenous rights that expressed their solidarity with our important process within which we have been negotiating with the Colombian government It is important for unity amongst peoples to be a key tool that brings us together from a place of solidarity. Thank you!

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  1. I wish MUCH more people support Polly Higgins in making a VERY important law against ecocide !!! I believe that most people are being "programmed by television and govenments" to "take, take, take"…. And I`m sad to say that I believe that a lot of people don`t think about stuff like that, because money will "buy people" a bit of "fake freedom"…but will never give them true inner peace (jmho) 🙂 I believe that life is all about respect…so let us all treasure the last forest gems on our still beautiful planet !!! 🙂 (tnx 4 the upload !!!) 🙂

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