Golf Lesson – Maintain Posture Drill (Loss of Posture)
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Golf Lesson – Maintain Posture Drill (Loss of Posture)

January 9, 2020

Good lesson for anybody who struggles losing
their posture during the backswing. Use this player as an example highlighting his pelvis
with the line, highlighting his head with a couple of lines. You’ll see clearly here
in the backswing, his head will move away from the golf ball. His chest moving away
from the golf ball as his pelvis moves towards the golf ball. This is what I would class
as loss of posture. That’s with his six iron, the club gets longer and heavier.
You can see here how again, this increase his head chest, really works away, pelvis
gets closer. This creates a few faults. The club gets out of position. The left shoulder
gets high. You’ve also got a flat shoulder plane, another fault from this. And from this
downswing sequence, will be difficult. What goes up must come down. You can see a loss
of body angles through the ball as well. So, if this might be you, I’ve got a simple
drill. I call it the reverse merry-go-round. And simply hold the driver by the grip end
across your chest, the driver pointing toward the target and learn to pivot, rotate your
body keeping your posture angles; your stomach behind you, your chest in front of you.
It’s not necessary, but I put something for him to focus on hitting because this allows
the club head to go down. If he was to lose his postural angle, simply that club head
could be not swinging on that plane if his stomach was forward and his chest was back.
So, a simple exercise to learn how to feel rotating in your postural angles. This player
took to it quite quickly. You can see almost instantly, he’s able to swing, rotating in
his angles. It helps him with his downswing sequence, helps to get the club in a better
position, improvement in his shoulder plane. Also for this player, the most important thing
is,to help him hit the center of his club face more often.
If his posture is staying more consistent, he can hit the center of the club face more
often, more consistently. So, if you struggle with any of these faults, loss of posture,
flat shoulder plane, poor centredness of strike, even downswing sequence, you might
want to check, are you losing your posture in your backswing. I’ve got a little, video
on my YouTube and on to help you understand what is loss of posture.

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  1. RobinSymesGolf
    How many degrees should be back in your stance ? And how far should be the hands of the body?

  2. Robin, do you have a drill for someone who both pushes and slices the golf ball, but never knows when each shot will occur. Mick

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