Fun With YouTube Analytics | The Year In Review | Diversion Con Analisis | El Ano En Revision 2o19!
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Fun With YouTube Analytics | The Year In Review | Diversion Con Analisis | El Ano En Revision 2o19!

December 25, 2019

Fun With YouTube Analytics | The Year In Review – 2019! Hi youtube friends, I hope everybody is
well tonight if you don’t like to have fun with analytics you can wait until my
next upload where I will feature myself in the video somehow but this this is
really interesting to me and I wanted to share it with those who are interested
and in the new YouTube analytics they’ve gotten very detailed and they give a lot
more information so you can see your progress over a year’s time this is for
some small timers mainly for people who are thinking about still maybe starting
their own channel I don’t think the big boys care too much about this but for
small timers like me this is really, really interesting. You can you can see
the number of subs that I’ve gotten over the year – not a lot but again for a
beginner it’s significant and you can see the total views although I’ve
taken half the channel down what do I have between 30 between 30 and 40 videos up right now. If you go in the search, it’ll show about 95
videos. They go ahead and keep that total count in as far as I can tell which is
nice. I’ve had thirty thousand views. And let’s see, so you can
see the graph here over 365 days. One of my favorite parts now is the real-time
activity it looks bad right now because I think they they just refreshed plus
I’m at low views right now I haven’t been uploading that much and this last
last vid is just it’s not getting watched that much. But what it does, it
shows you okay, again [this is for the last year], so it shows you what your top vids are – all of the support vids “Stand By Your YouTube Friends,” those are
popular ones. And let’s see, and then over here you can
see the vids of ranking in the last 48 hours, so when we did the dance videos they were up at the top one or two were up at the top for a little
while and then they started to fall down again so now we’re back to the popular
vids again that get a lot of views and this is the part that I like let’s see
if I can switch this so here, this is what I usually see in the last 28 days so here it’s showing me the views that I’ve gotten a hundred
views and in the last 48 days hours rather and then it shows you
up-to-the-minute what’s being watched I just think it’s fun also you can watch
your progress this way for those who are interested on the reach they show
you your traffic sources so channel pages, YouTube search so on and so forth, browse features and then impressions. I was surprised on the impressions and I
might go into that a little bit later on another vid. Traffic source, playlists,
some of the playlists are actually popular. They get more views than
anything else, more traffic. Let’s see – then there’s Google search and then I
discovered that you can also see your your reach on other channels other
people to see how much exposure you’re getting and then engagement will tell
you how long they’re watching and I mentioned in one last video that – oh I
wanted to say that the reading series kind of tanked in a way,
people don’t really want to hear Revelation for the most part, I’ve
averaged maybe a hundred little over 100 views on the on most of them overall.
That’s why I took the first, goodness the first half of Revelation completely down, nothing was happening there. I did change the title on that so that’s
made a difference I started to get views there just by changing the title so your
titles are important. They’re still working on the audience as
far as age, gender, so on and so forth. And it says “Not enough
demographic data to show this report” I expect that to be updated in the future
then there’s also subtitles, closed captioning, languages, so on and so forth. So I think that was all I wanted to say
right now. I just wanted to show you guys this and I hope to upload maybe tonight
or tomorrow I have a tomorrow off and I hope you guys all have a really good night,
have a good night sleep, if it’s daytime have a wonderful day and I’ll see you
very soon. Good night.

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  1. They don't feature your TOTAL view count on your channel homepage if you delete videos. However, it appears that your total [video upload] count remains intact on the search page.

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