Four Facts About Whale Sharks
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Four Facts About Whale Sharks

September 11, 2019

Whale sharks got their name for being
massive like whales, but they’re actually fish. Here are four facts about whale sharks that might surprise you. Fact one. You can find whale sharks swimming in tropical waters all around the world. Fact two. Whale sharks are the largest of all fish on earth, and can measure up to forty feet in length. That’s the size of a school bus! Fact three. Most fish lay their eggs, but not the whale shark. This behemoth can give birth to up to three hundred live young, at one time. Fact four. Don’t be afraid if you see one of these giants in the wild, they won’t hurt you. Whale sharks eat really small creatures, like plankton and krill. Plastic debris can be harmful to these filter feeders, so it’s important to keep our oceans clean. Join 4ocean in supporting whale sharks.

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