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Food Preservation 101 | Whirlpool Corporation

December 10, 2019

Hello to everybody, I am Carolina Biotti, I am global food scientist working for Whirlpool and I’m here on behalf of the Institute of Home Science. Firstly let’s say we have to consider that once we arrive home from the super market so we have quite warm stuff, let’s say compared to the freezer temperature, it is a good suggestion to try to put them with a certain distance between each other. In order to allow the cold air to blow on the food surface and get them frozen faster. I think another important tip will be to place the food we just bought close to the back of the freezer, in order to have in the front part the items that you bought previously. So you can adopt a sort of first in, first out logic so you will have then firstly the items that are stored in the freezer for more time. For meat we have to keep in mind that it is very sensible to the dehydration in the freezer. That any air cools, so the key point here is to try to have air tight packaging in order to limit the air surrounding the food, and consequently the dehydration. So vacuum packaging or any type of air tight bags can work best for meat. Vegetables are tough and very perishable in the freezer because of some reaction of course, even a freezing temperature. So the suggestion is basically to replicate at home what the food industry is doing. So having a blanching process, so put the vegetables in hot water for a few minutes just to activate the enzymes and be sure that during the storage nothing will happen. The defects that occur are not really affecting the nutritional quality or the safety it’s just a matter of appearances, so lets try to have the best quality and the best appearance of our vegetables. The storage time depends on the type of food as well as the quality of the appliance. Usually we can say that for fruit and vegetables they can be stored into the appliance from eight to twelve months If we consider then citrus fruit or juice, for four to six months. For any other curiosity or tips you want to know about food preservation please, you can visit the website at the

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