Firsthand Florida Fun: Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

December 14, 2019

hi my name’s Dave Hartly and I’d like to welcome all of you to Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park; I’m a volunteer here! I hope you can come by the visitor center we’re open from eight to four every day including holidays all year round whenever we can find some volunteer like me that’s willing to get in here. There’s a lot to see a lot to do at the visitors center there are about three different videos you can see we have volunteers that can answer a lot of questions and tell you all kinds of stories about the history and background of Paynes Prairie you can spot wildlife from here there’s some exhibits as well to see and then of course are we have a 50-foot observation tower it’s just down the sidewalk from here where you can look out on the Prairie and see a good portion right now I’m on the lookout for birds by sin and horses and so far we’ve seen a really beautiful pair of hawks swooping in the wind behind me in spanish moss is an absolutely beautiful great horned owl

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