Feminized Men and Semen Retention
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Feminized Men and Semen Retention

March 7, 2020

Uncle see back in the office and today you
already see the title. The title of this one is going to be feminized
men and semen retention. And where are we going as a Western culture? Where are we going in the States? What is the correct way to carry yourself
today in this world as a man? Now, like I say, in all of the videos, let
me talk my way through this because these are sensitive topics now, stuff like this. YouTube policies are extremely extremely,
extremely rigid. Meaning you cannot say the wrong thing to
offend people. I want to make this clear in this video in
no way shape or form in my trying to offend anybody, whatever you would like to be in
this world, whatever you would like to carry yourself with. Whatever you identify as. I’m 100% okay with the purpose of this video
is to show my take as to what I’m observing day to day, as to how our society is going
and what direction men are headed in. Because if we can get this down, we can start
to really narrow down the fact as to how to overcome some of the challenges that people
may be facing today if they don’t know how to act in certain situations. What I’m seeing today is that men are getting
weaker, right men have more estrogen levels. Now I’ve been a follower of Elliott Hulse
for many, many years. And in one of his videos, he showed a graph
of how men’s testosterone levels are decreasing around one to 1.5% every single year since
around 1970. Now, this is cause for concern. Because if men’s testosterone levels are going
down, and testosterone is the male hormone that makes men feel manly. Well, what is it that we now have? Well, we now have food with chemicals. We now have estrogen of water in our tap water,
we now have certain chemicals that are raising men’s estrogen levels in the food we eat. And not only that, between All the chemicals
and the shampoos, the deodorants, whatever the case may be, it’s like, not only are the
estrogen levels rising in men to make them more feminine, but testosterone is also decreasing
to make them less manly. Why is this cause for concern? Well, it’s cause for concern because men are
no longer acting like traditional men. Now, if you even see on the commercial that
Gillette posted last year on toxic masculinity, you start to really understand that not only
are men disliked if they’re strong and driven and forward in this world today, but they’re
also looked at as toxic. Now, this is really a red flag to me. Because if you look at what females are attracted
to, and you look at female counterparts as to what they desire in a man, it’s typically
a strong, masculine driven male that isn’t afraid to put his best foot forward and to
show his true intent in every single situation. Now, these characteristics of strength and
dominance not only really takes control of a woman’s emotions when she’s around That
type of man, but she also feel safe and secure. Which is very alarming to me because from
the sounds of it, it’s like that is what the women want in every single situation. And what they’re naturally drawn to is alpha
strength. However, that’s not being manifested as to
what they say. Which leads me to realize that you still have
to play by the original rule when it comes to dating with women, and that is, watch her
actions do not listen to her words. Once again, she’s going to tell you she wants
that soft, sweet boy. What’s going down in the sheets is usually
never that. So what’s going to happen if men are less
driven, what’s going to happen if men are more feminized? What’s going to happen if men are around in
this feminine culture, this very boyish, childlike culture? Well, I’ll show you what happens day by day. Men are less willing to show intent with females
than ever before. Okay, not only are they scared and nervous
to actually show their intent and desire, sexually for reasons, you know, whether that
be politically or reasons that be socially that they’re scared of being awkward about. But they also don’t feel comfortable in their
own skin, they’re no longer comfortable with their own manhood as to what’s between their
legs. Now, here’s how this really gets twisted. When a guy’s not comfortable with what’s between
his legs. Not only is it going to carry over into his
dating life with women, it’s also going to carry into his life as a man and what keeps
him successful. Now, fellows, one of the biggest confidence
boosters to men, one of the biggest things that keeps men sane in the head, one of the
biggest things that keeps men secure mentally, is when they know that they are strong and
they know that there’s value to them. If you remove those two things, will you now
have weak men that are very emotional, you’re on an emotional roller coaster when you don’t
feel like you have value and you’re also on an emotional roller coaster when you don’t
feel strong, meaning you can interact in the world the way you will Would. And now you have men that are very, very feminine. They’re constantly trying to align with the
feminine. If you see men go on dates, oftentimes they
are in the mindset of, oh my gosh, this is my last chance. I really hope I don’t screw this up. They’re weak. They’re in a scarcity mindset. And it’s not good because if you don’t have
strong, confident men to help lead the woman or to lead the population, or to help really
build what mankind was founded on, you’re now going to have a broken system. Because you watch one day, one day, something
bad will happen, like one day, shit will hit the fan. And if there’s not real men to really back
this up and to stay strong in times of distress in times of need, who are people going to
turn to? You need leaders in society. Not only that women need leaders women are
drawn to leader sexually. So you now have men that are Very, very concerned
about the wrong things in life. Because the things that give men sanity, like
strength and dedication and security and consistency and ambition and purpose and drive with their
careers and laser focus with their passion and building the things that they really care
about, develop, excuse me, I really care about this content I’m bringing to you I’m developing
this content. What you have is you have men on the totally
opposite side. Now we have men that chase snap streaks. We have men that chase if their girl left
them on right on Tinder, Bumble. We have men that are wasting their time laying
in bed watching porn or direct messaging women. We have men that are so off their purpose. They’re getting wasted Thursday, Friday and
Saturday night and then hung over all of Sunday and Monday morning. You have men that are addicted to marijuana
addicted to different drugs. You have men that are constantly off their
path and off their purpose or you have younger generation kids in college binge drinking
all the way through university and expecting to get out on the other side feeling like
a strong able, dependable man. Do you realize how broken this is? This will not work in the long term. Men no longer know what it’s like to be a
men, men no longer know what it’s like to feel
like a man men no longer notice like to date like a man
to have a woman look at you like a man. You see, when it comes to dating fellas, you’re
not trying to be her best friend. You’re not even trying to necessarily get
her to like you. You’re trying to make sure that she’s attracted
to you. And they’re two very, very different things. It’s just like in the business world, there
was success. You don’t want to be liked by everybody. You want to be hated by a certain group and
you want to be loved and worshipped by another group and the group that loves and worship
you. Those are the people that are going to want
to connect and resonate and do business with you these other people weren’t even your customers
to begin with. You know, everything’s interlinked. But the thing is, is that when when I hear
the word you know, when I when I get on strategy sessions with guys on the phone and I say
hey, Give me five. They they’re struggling with women. They’re they’re all struggling with women. And I say, Hey, give me five qualities. I’m an attractive female that you find attractive. What is it that you look for Give me five
qualities in a girl that you find attractive. And they can they can rattle it off really
fast. They say, Well, I like her to look pretty. I like her to look thin. I like when she has a narrow waist and a big
but I like when you know, she’s really soft and sweet and feminine. And I like when she has a great personality
and actually shows intent and does so for me, you know, is sweet to me. There’s five attractive traits and a girl
that they can rattle off. And on this side, I go Okay, perfect. I go so you’re struggling with women. And those are those are qualities and traits
that you find attractive. I go Now on the flip side, give me five attractive
traits in men that you think women would like. Oftentimes they can’t even come up with two. They go well, I think maybe a guy who’s rich. The thing is, is that women are winning the
data Women are winning this whole situation right now because men have no idea how to
be attractive. Men have no idea what actually makes a man
a man men aren’t being taught what makes a man manly, and what makes a man dedicated
to have you know, women want to pursue him. So the thing is, is if I was there on the
phone, I could rattle it off fast. You know, I would say things like ambition
and drive, and a man who is disagreeable and willing to fight for what he believes in and
strong unable. Okay, though, and passionate, ambitious, right? That masculine drive and hustle that you just
can’t take out of a man that is the things that I would really define as attractive. Now notice how that’s polar opposite, right? The feminine is going to be, you know, the
the looks, the beauty, the sweetness, the man is going to be the internal that desire,
that passion and that drive and it’s that polarity when the two worlds collide, that
you actually have either sex happen or you have marriages happen, you have relationships
happen, but here What happens with today’s men, they’re so feminized that what’s happening
is they’re actually starting to adapt the traits of these females because they think
that the closer they get to this side, the more they can align with the feminine, the
more attracted the female will be to them. When in reality, it’s false. It’s the polarity, it’s the opposite sex attract,
it’s that you have to be so masculine, that she can be this feminine woman. Because you got to realize, fellas, the woman
doesn’t want to take the lead. The woman doesn’t want to be the one in charge,
the woman does not want to be the one to have to lead her man, run the household and tell
this guy what she wants out of him. This guy supposed to have these pillars of
excellence figured out to where she can accompany that and just feel safe and secure. Most of you guys don’t understand this yet. The only way to win and to have success in
the dating game is to realize that you have to be an attractive man. So when I’m on the phone with these men, and
I say hey, what are traits of an attractive man if they can’t say it, if they don’t know
what to think? Don’t know how to live it because that’s the
thing it’s not like beauty with women where you can wake up and be cute it’s that you
have to live eat and breathe this stuff to be attractive. rst isn’t going to teach you this MS isn’t
going to teach you this opulence glow is not going to teach you this
fellow’s you have to realize that you have to have all of the pieces of the puzzle together
to really be a strong man. Does that make sense? men cannot become feminized fellas, what you
have to do to not really fall into the trap is the mass majority thinking is you have
to do the polar opposite. If everybody goes out Friday and Saturday
night do the exact opposite. If everybody eats like shit that you’re around,
do the exact opposite and eat very healthy if everybody’s overweight and binge drinks
become ripped with a six pack and the strongest leanest guy in your friend group become different
from the pack. Right develop the things that you care about
become valuable, have traits have skills have purpose. This is going to give you that internal confidence
to help lift yourself. Where does this tie into was semen retention? Will fellas Close your eyes and imagine cell
phones and computer screens didn’t exist. All of a sudden, these women that are super
attractive, don’t seem so scary. Because if you’re naturally in the state without
all these screens, see, that’s the thing, the way to become more attractive. The way to become more successful is not necessarily
to work harder at it, it’s to remove distraction. It’s that, you know, let’s, let’s say you’re
working and you’re trying to make more money. You don’t make more money by working harder. You make more money by removing the alcohol
out of your life by removing the negative friends by removing Snapchat by deleting every
single app off of your phone so you can have laser focus, right? It’s that focus that drive that dedication
that makes a man a man, do you get this yet? This is internal. These are internal traits. So you do the opposite. You start to eat better do you start to lift
weights, you start to develop your charisma, your personality, you start to not be fearful
in your own skin so that way when you do see that woman, you already know about the one
look that she gives you you know that it’s game time you know that she’s into you from
the get go. You see that’s attraction attraction can be
negotiated attractions not pickup lines attraction is any of that attraction is learning how
females think. And then being the ultra masculine man that
can actually attract them. Now, if they were, if there wasn’t all of
these screens, if there wasn’t all of these distractions, if there wasn’t any of these
pornographic images, you would have no idea about it. And there would be nothing to constantly stimulate
that part of your brain to stroke it to with the bottle of a vino every night, all of a
sudden, these females would just be natural, normal, you would look at them as wholesome
human beings. So that way all the crazy freaky shit you
want to do in the sheets with them, you can now actually interact, because the thing is,
is you have that flirtatious vibe you have that masculine energy, you have a life that
she wants to just naturally find out about and become part of. This isn’t rocket science. This is realizing where the entire world’s
going and doing the complete opposite. So here’s the thing like I do in every video
Coach men, I help men be better I help men be more masculine. I help men be porn addiction. I help men in their dating life so that way
they can succeed. If you want to potentially work with me, you
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have financial resources to invest in themselves. If you don’t have the finances to invest,
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wanting to work one on one with a coach, if you’re not there yet, you’re better off putting
your money into something that’s going to help you become more successful and grow as
a businessman or as a financial planner. Something like that to get your life in order. That calling isn’t for you then okay that’s
for my application base coaching when they also if you want to get my dating program
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build your body in that next step in self improvement. Uncle see signing off. We’ll see you in the next one light comments. Subscribe.

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  1. What was the biggest thing that you took away from this video that you can implement?
    >> Dating and Masculinity Coaching ONE ON ONE WITH CASEY here https://neverleftonreadever.com/landing-page <<
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  2. As long as you carry yourself with dignity and grace, and treat people with respect you'll be fine. Just be a good person and people will like you. It's not that hard.

  3. What do you think of fasting and breathwork to transmute the urge? An extended juice fast with fresh pressed watermelon juice lasting around 40-60 days (I had handful of food here and there) A one day water fast and another 5 day juice fast helped me transmute the urge into productive things instead of fapping and purified my body and mind, I can also build muscle way easier because my intestines are clean and I absorb more food.

  4. Have you heard of a pesticide called atrazine? How about BPA or mercury? All of these things have been proven to change the gender and sexuality of frogs and also people. This stuff is in everything and NOBODY addresses it. You have to change your water and watch what you eat. It's crazy. Atrazine is the second most popular pesticide.

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  6. Casey keep dropping this knowledge. I tune in every single video every day. The way you deliver is perfect. I know that when I tap on your video it’s time to pay attention. Keep it up, big fella. You’re changing men for the better.

  7. I don't understand what's the point of dating and doing semen retention. I mean if you successfully get the girl then you're definitely gonna have sex. You loose semen again. So you spent energy on girls to loose energy. I think celibacy is the answer or Kareeza sex. What do you think ?

  8. Well I haven’t fapped for over a month now. So that’s definitely worth being happy about. Time to make everything in my power to make 2020 the best year of my life so far!

  9. I have a question:

    So I turned 16 yesterday and I’ve been on semen retention for 26 days and I can speak to girls a lot easier than before. I used to be terrified of going outside cuz I have bad social anxiety and depression. But I’ve attracted quite a few really attractive girls. The only thing is I don’t know what “being on your purpose” means. I don’t have any major hobbies and I don’t go out partying and meeting friends all the time. I was just wondering if it’s okay that I don’t have one because I’m only 16 years old. And if not then any advice would be great. 👍

  10. Uncle c, can you make a video on dealing with sexual urges/ temptations while trying to stay focus on becoming a better man? It's TOUGH!!

  11. You are from the 1% people who are aware and awake in this world even though ur channel isnt big one but the value of the content u put is far beyond than youtubers who has millions of subs keep up this great awakining !💪

  12. Casey you've put the writing on the wall, let's hope quality men are looking. Society is already broken, so we have to be awake and focused to the future.

  13. Men are being feminized by the people who govern them.

    We need men to stop submitting to governments. We need them to stop being order following pawns.

    Men are being feminized by design. The founding fathers of the USA would’ve already rebelled at this point.

    Psychopaths run the world. Adding that the outcome-based school system is the first institution of indoctrination. Don’t allow your children to attend them.

  14. This is an interesting topic to me for a multitude of reasons…

    At the very core of our social problems, especially when it comes to Feminized Men and the lack of masculinity in this case, we really need to realize and understand what is causing the seemingly and sudden onslaught that’s been going on against men and that is this, we are at war, you heard me right, we are at war, this war we are fighting turns out to be a spiritual war that has been being fought for hundreds if not thousands of years, this war is basically between light and dark forces, The Bad Guys Vs. The Good Guys.

    There has been for many years a systematic attack on men for a long, long time, more recently it’s being more and more evidenced out in the open now than ever before and I think it’s because it’s finally reaching its fiver point and people are really starting to notice now more than ever, the thing is, it’s always been there but only recently we are becoming more and more aware that something is not quite right in Kansas anymore. This is our collective consciousness awakening at this time and there is much more to be unleased from this once masterful illusion that we have all been playing in. the illusion is now breaking apart and my guess is, these conversations of topics like this will only increases as a result of our own awakening. People always fight hard to resist change especially big change, but eventually we do change, the same goes for this type of information, we resist and resist but eventually, the change takes place, this of course creates the big unknown. How long will it take, well I have no idea but if we venture back into the time machine and have a look at other big changes that took place, then based on that data we can speculate about 10 years, but this is only a best guess estimate.

    These manipulations come at us from many angles such as bad air, bad if not poisoned water, bad food, horrible indoctrination camps known today as Schools and colleges, you have the fake media, movies, Hollywood, churches, that’s right, manhood is being attacked from all angles and it’s getting worse by the minute.

    I am a gay guy myself, I both love it and hate it at the same time, because knowing what I know today about all the manipulations being done to man makes me wonder, am I a freak, am I just another statistic of this faulty scheme to feminize men, I do wonder today what has really caused it if anything my so called gayness, I wonder, is it natural or is it a result of something much more sinister and manipulative against our species.
    The evil ones in this war want to control this earth and will stop at nothing to make that happen, I believe this is why we have such manipulations going on, it’s just part of the plan to destroy humanity so that these evil ones can take control.
    I know, I know, this all sounds crazy, but think about it, take a look around and it should be clear as to what is happening here on spaceship earth.

    I’m not at all a fan of Alex Jones because he sounds like a raving lunatic and he is in many ways, some say he is a part of the controlled opposition, I don’t know one way or another, but what I do know for fact is that when he talked about the Government is the blame for creating gay frogs any people including myself laughed and criticized him, for me however it was not so much what he said, it was how he said it, in his normal lunatic fashion and it turns people off.

    However, with all that said, it turns out what Jones was saying was right the government did turn frogs gay, well in this case it turns out that it’s the deep state, but the drug estrogen has the ability to change the DNA in frogs but it does not stop there, this drug was also being dumped in to our water supply and in turn, probably has played a huge role in this sudden male hormone.

    You’ll need to do some heavy research into Atrazine which is the most widely used herbicide used today in both America and Australian agriculture, when it comes to this topic when it comes to the effects that this herbicide has on male hormones much of this information is being scrubbed from the internet, but here is one such site that has a lot of information on this chemical as well as its effects on not only animals but humans as well. Even though their results do not show any real or decisive conclusions, it’s worth looking into more, remember research never ends, if you’re at a place where you think you have the answer and are settled with it, then chances are your lying to yourself. Stop it, you’re helping no one and especially not yourself. Yes it’s true, we are our own worst enemy at times by allowing ourselves to be self eluded.


    Do your own research, try using a different search engine and browser because YouTube as well as many other social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter…etc., etc. are actively suppressing certain information and scrubbing it in an attempt to keep you in the dark, one such browser you might want to consider using is the Brave Browser after using for a short bit, you’ll soon see that you will get a whole different set of search results than what google or YouTube will return, again, do research and come to your own conclusions? Truth of everything is the individuals, “That’s You” responsibility. No one can tell you the truth, truth has to be learned, it’s the only way, if people remain reliant on other people’s version of the truth, then you will be forever lost in a big sea of self-created deception. The truth is not mine nor yours, the truth just is and it’s up to each and every one of you to seek it.

    Always remember this one very important fact, If what we think we know is a Drop, then what we don’t know is an Ocean. Remain open and most importantly, remain honest to yourself’ s

    Anyway, this is a very deep topic and this just barley covers anything of what’s really going on, discovering and uncovering it all is going to be challenging for some, keeping an open mind during this time will prove important, just not so open that your brains fall out.

    P.S. Your a very wise young man with a great voice of reason and I thank you for what your doing here, I appreciate you very much, your speaking a much needed truth. Thank you.

  15. Why don't you and Captain Sinbad do a joint video? Now, that would be entertaining. He has books! I don't see any in your room.

  16. The reason why many man are feminized because of this hyper sexual crap that been promoted by feminist agenda

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