Famous People Who Did Semen Retention and Why You Should Too
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Famous People Who Did Semen Retention and Why You Should Too

January 6, 2020

Oh I by heavy sex you waste a lot of antigen in the vital energy in your body goes away I mean is normal is something we normally do and there’s no problem at all but if you’re an accumulate energy Shauna you know get full energy you cannot waste like horse racing horse the incubation updates the stop racing they’re virgins just when they stop the racing they start to kind of go for reproduction or they can having sex with the mayors and stuff other than that so that’s a little example how important is keep the vital energy noise so much more energy I’m no social scientist and I haven’t done a survey I mean I don’t pretend that I know what John Q citizen thinks about this but I’ve lived in prison for a long time and I’ve met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence just like me and without exception every one of them was deeply involved in pornography without question without exception deeply influenced and consumed by an addiction to pornography there’s no question about at the FBI’s on study on serial homicide shows that the most common interest among serial killers and mode in which people live for pleasure and desire and one of the things that he says is this is rooted in boredom and that’s why to me one of the fascinating things about people that become addicted to pornography is they get bored quickly with softcore they move to harder core some of these people according to Pamela Paul’s book some of these people end up in pedophilia who had no interest in pedophilia when they entered into pornography so we can see the mechanism of lust my issue was and is with pornography is that it changes the way you think about people people become objects people become you know body parts they become things to be used rather than people to be loved and it really you know you start to change the way you see people and you start to use people you start to feel like you know you’re the man and they’re just you know whatever and I had to change my thinking I had to change what I believed and once I knew and what I was aware of what it was doing to me um it changed me and I knew I gotta stop this now Socrates mentions in filibus which is an often ignored dialogue about the relationship to pleasure and and other virtues but one of the things that he points out in there which I thought was very fascinating is he talks about desire and uses the analogy of having thirst thirsting for something to drink and he asks pro Tarkus is it a desire for the drink and he says yes obvious Socratic soil and Socrates says is it for the drink or for the replenishment with drink in other words is the drink a means to an end which is the replenishment the sense of emptiness that comes from being thirsty and pro Tarkas agrees and and Socrates says therefore when somebody becomes empty he apparently desires the opposite of what he is experiencing in other words to fill himself so desire is essentially an attempt to fill a void and this is why when we look at pornography we have to look at it in light of an emptiness what is the emptiness in people that this is an attempt to fill that void in their life rusty you’re a wanker well I will to publish to me you to be right there are not amazing now look at all all do any of that because a damn thing is good here I think you’re perpetuates a cycle of misery as you can see from my laptop spanking clean Oh Oh was to idiot it sounds like I got it sometimes checking myself because sometimes there’s an anger the rises up to me and I get evangelical ticked off about the fact that I wish somebody would have taught me a long time ago the repercussions of hex and flash and lust and vanity and pride and ego and Ellen’s other things I wish somebody would have been holding my love behind accountable years ago and and you 50 cent posted a four-step plan to stop masturbation 1 avoid the urge to masturbate stop going to porn website you’ve stopped that yeah you have to stop make a conscious decision not to turn your head after people walk by you so if a woman wants you you don’t look right is that true yeah I pray do not go to strip clubs when’s the last time you were in a strip club I haven’t been Wow and four do not look at lust-filled magazines do you uh so are you not visible dating at all no well last time you met will you have that there’s been a long time since that night years then a wise up I’ve been I’m alone now you Oh you yeah you you you history of the English language has summed up this thing better than Shakespeare in 129th sonnet when he said the expense of spirit in a waste of shame is lust in action till action lust and I think this is the hot state that was mentioned yesterday where people wrote will literally change their moral views about things in this state and that’s why I don’t think that it’s hyperbole to say is perjured murderous bloody full of blame savage extreme rude cruel not to trust enjoyed no sooner but despised it straight past reason hunted and no sooner had past reason hated as a swallow’d bait on purpose laid to make the taker mad he doesn’t tell us who lays the trap mad in pursuit and in possession so had having any quest to have extreme of listen proof and proved a very well before a joy proposed behind a dream and there he means nightmare all this the world well knows yet none knows well to shun the heaven that leads men to this hell and I think if people that are in pornographic addiction or seeking help they would be the best commentators on what he’s talking about because this really creates a hellish state of the soul and I don’t think we’ve looked enough at the pain of these people that are dealing with these issues it’s very important you Oh when you you you

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  1. Hello guys. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ9lhYZh8YqduvaSnlC_UXA of the Russian channel about Nofap. Please help with subscribers, likes, views.Thank you very much.

  2. Instead of fap, I watch the Golden Girls box set on DVD. Not sure if that's boosting my testosterone or if it's a wash.

  3. Give me somes likes=I do each time the nofap day.
    Thank for the support. I will edit my comment after see semen retention benefits.

  4. I'm 14 and what Terry Crews said is resignating in me I cant stop but feel how this addiction has put so much distance between me and my family hopefully this was my motivation to stop

  5. Okay Real Experience.
    50 Days.

    1. I have more will power. Not just for stopping myself from masturbation. But also, while sitting longer for studies, working harder in workouts.
    2. Focus should not just be on stopping yourself from masturbation but to instead use that sexual energy for something good. (Creative, or an activity that makes you feel more than yourself, you'll get that 'inner feeling'. I don't have a word for it. But it's there.
    3. Apply this no fap journey with some other good habits – Eating eggs, milk, green leafy vegetables, fruits, complex carbs, some dessert or sweet to keep your stomach balanced. + Exercise EVERY DAY + Do breathing exercises + Work/Study normally.

    Trust me, the way you see everything will change. You might not have the power to shift objects through mind. But you'll have the power to shift your mind w.r.t any object or subject. I feel like water sometimes. I can't explain this feeling.

  6. Around year 5 of no fap.It gets to a point (atleast for me) where youll attract enough vagina to “basically” masturbate in. So then you move to having sex and cultivating the energy without spilling it(seed), kind of like a supermonk. Rightnow im on day like 20 of cultivation but year 5 on no fap.

  7. You shouldn't take Ted Bundy's word on this. He was talking to an anti-porn activist there and was telling the latter exactly what he wanted to hear. You're watching a masterclass in manipulation by a psychopath.

  8. Day 6 on nofap been off and on it for a while but it’s going well this time and I feel good and been accomplishing many things and I have more energy I was so lazy I didn’t know I can be this productive and btw I’m 15 years old (almost 16) 🙌🙂

  9. I recently relapsed, have gone 20 days of no fap at a time a few times. Then went 40 days, then 62 days. My goal is 90 days but haven't been able to achieve it. Today is barely gonna be day 1 😣😭
    Hadn't watched porn in 7 1/2 months, and I screwed up (all of 2019 no porn, till July 😒).

  10. Semen retention is the better thing that I practiced in my life. I had a great opportunity to understand more about myself #I got it # try you too# 6 moths

  11. Cassie Clay has how many children by how many different women.. I doubt if he held back anything.. I still love him tho and he is definitely the G.O.A.T

  12. The ZIonists control the Porn world 100% including Hollywood, Mainstream media, Politics and banking and financial (Wall Street, The Fed, etc.)



  13. This is bullshit … and not true at all … No sex leads to a whole lot of bullshit … this is crazy … U can abuse anything… but not having sex leads to all kinds of sexual deviances … this video shows that

  14. Free from fapping for about a month. But I'm still hooked on pornography I find myself edging watching twerk videos. But with God it's possible.

  15. Guys it's been 22 days from 2nd July 2019 and I am still going. Please give me like.
    1 like=1 day of nofap

  16. this video is great, found very funny phrase thoug: "I don't let a girl swallow my load for less than $500. Ain't no bitch getting the strongest nourishment there is for free."

  17. Oh…Man…wish if someone would tell me about this nofap during my school days… I would be in a better place today… I regret about this😢

  18. CAN I GET A LIKE. I am on day 7. I am uploading a daily video in my CHANNEL about my experience. If you have a minute to check it. I am going for 365 days with no fap!! WHO THINKS THEY CAN DO A WEEK, MONTH OR YEAR??????

  19. Wish NoFap was promoted when I was teenager. I’m convinced it made my depression worse and didn’t help my social skills. Glad I know about it now.

  20. Well lot of meaningful messages …but a very poorly constructed video in the sense , theres no consistency in the way the information and meaningful message is intended to be passed to the challenged individuals

  21. If you haven’t obstained from sex or masturbation for a 7 day or more period we don’t want to here your opinion.

  22. Please do it in a proper and guided way.mere suppression will not hold good. Learn brahmacharya technique. In spiritual science see sadhguru video. U know what if u really wanna no fap then u must know that u can experience Thousand Times better than fap feeling by doing meditation. Yes. It releases ecstacy in your body if u know how do it right. When u can be in Pleasant situation consciously then u won't go and run after these things.. For this u must understand what really is fap. What is. Sex… Do I feel the other person or its just my body reacting and electric signals going from skin to brain. Coz in reality u can't touch anything. U can only experience it through ur skin is designed to behave. Please. For ur betterment just see sadhguru video about brahmacharya. Ur life gonna change.

  23. What Raquel Welch is saying it's slowly spreading to the world. Coz people are not able to see things the way they are.. Coz if u spread a small moment of life to all ur life u will suffer like hell.its like ur body is machine..it produces chemicals which keeps u in a certain way. If u seek it outside then it become push start and if u r able to generate it within urself it becomes self start. Yes there are various incidents and cultures which talk about something divine right. And another think if u think ur modern and what I say is stupid then u must understand first that what make u a modern person the ability to listen and understand not just belive right. That's why we gave up traditional methods. But if ur modern enough u can all East once think upon of what I said and see sadhguru videos. And see a couple of them related to all ur issues. Then comment or like.

  24. Damn the Ted Bundy thing is crazy. I've been reading about him a lot here lately so it's weird he would pop up. Pornography is the root of all evil gentlemen.

  25. I really believe that It works, but not mention Ali,please.🤣😂😂 Are you serious? He once was caught by his wife with 2 girls a couple of hours before a title Fight! He never ever did the nofap/ semen retain process!

  26. Personally me, 46 months without an

    orgasm 🙂 Hallelujah! 26 months before that, but fell for a month! My wife might be in my sights… Thank you Real Jesus!!! My stranger than fiction testimony that started this will be on my channel very soon… Hallelujah oh yeah, maybe watch this… ​​https://youtu.be/7Cz8lAw-ekA​ Hallelujah

  27. Sex for the sake of creating progeny equals life. Sex for the sake of pleasure equals death. Complete death or gradual dying of : drive, energy, ambition, mental capacity, social interaction, love, selflessness, sacrifice, caring, daring, strength, chastity, generousity, trust, truth, morality, purity, imagination, industriousness, genius, talent, honour, decency, mercy, honesty, safety, mercy, consideration, self-control, peace, tranquility, spiritual progress, growth, family, society, culture, introspection, moderation, kindness, commitment……..

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