Explore Wildlife Ecology at UW-Stevens Point

January 5, 2020

The wildlife ecology discipline is
something that’s very unique. Most colleges – you’re going into
biology or you’re going into zoology – you don’t have that wildlife aspect of it.
The wildlife ecology major is a great place for anyone who’s interested in
studying or managing animals or habitats and the interactions that people have
with them. You learn everything from basic management of wildlife all the way
up to large scale human dimensions. The College of Natural Resources here is one
of the largest in the country, but it definitely has a family feel. Probably
one of my favorite things about this discipline is the group of professors.
You get to know them on a personal level, they get to know you. You have an option
to go to Treehaven, which is the school’s property in Tomahawk. You get to
spend all day together in a mix of classroom and outdoor experiences. You
learn soil and you learn a little bit of fisheries. And you just learn so many
amazing skills. Students get lots of hands-on experience both through the
curriculum and also through the student chapter of the Wildlife Society.
So the Wildlife Society is a student organization here on campus. We have over 20 different research opportunities for students. So all the students are able to
go out and get hands-on experience. Everything from white-tailed deer to saw-whet owls to wolves. I love the Wildlife Society. It has been so much fun getting
involved. The type of student that should join the wildlife discipline is someone that
really wants to be involved. Our students are so marketable because they build a
set of field skills that other programs across the country, I think, would have a
difficult time competing with. We’re one of the best natural resources colleges
in the nation, and we have all these unique opportunities available to us
that you can’t really get anywhere else. I’ve gotten job offers specifically
because of this discipline and this college and what it’s known for. So many
of them get summer jobs traveling all over the country and sometimes all over
the world to work with wildlife. The wildlife ecology discipline is by far
one of the most amazing experiences that has ever happened to me.

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