English Conversation 04

October 9, 2019

Welcome to English Conversation channel Good morning, Sir. How can I help you? Well, I have some time off
from work next month. And I was thinking of going to Australia. That sounds great. How long is your vacation? Just one week. My last day at work is 26th of July. And I go back on the 3rd of August. Ok. Tony Carney Here’s our Sydney brochure. Have a look and see if there’s
a hotel that you like. Ok Tony Carney Oh This one is good.
The Four Seasons hotel. It’s expensive but I’ve
been told it’s very nice. Yes. It’s a very high class hotel. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay there. Would you like me to make
the booking now, Sir? Yes, please. Debbie Klongtruadroke I just need to take
some personal information. What’s your full name? Marden Andrew White. And your address? 11 Soy Terracon Klongsan, BangKok. And your telephone number? Do you have a daytime number
I can call if necessary? That’s fine! Will you be traveling alone, Mr White? Yup Just me. Ok. You finish work on Friday the 26th. So shall I try to book your flight for the next day? Yes. Please. And return flight on Saturday the 3rd of August. I’ll just check availability. Ok There’s a seat available
on the Qantas Airway flight. But there is a 3 hour stopover in Singapore. Tony Carney Is there a direct flight that I can take? Debbie Klongtruadroke Yes. Malaysian Airways. That flight departs at 7 o’clock on Saturday morning. And arrives at Sydney at 6.30 pm local time. That sounds better. But it’s a little longer than I thought. Well, it’s an eight hour long flight Don’t forget the time difference. All the times given are local times. Oh. Yes. That’s right. They’re 3 hour ahead, aren’t they? Can I have the details
of the return flight? Certainly. That flight departs at 6 pm and
arrives in Bangkok at the same night. Shall I reserve a seat for you? Yes. Please. Now let’s reserve a room for
you at the Four Seasons. Do you want a single or a double room? Oh, Single room will be fine. Thanks. Will it have the view of the harbor? Oh, Yes. All rooms have harbor views. They have a room available. Shall I make the confirmation? Yes. Go ahead. Ok. So now you have a
room available at the Four Seasons. from Saturday the 27th of July
until Saturday the 3rd of August. That’s great! Can I pay by credit card? No problem. So, It is 62,000 Baths including your flight. Ok. Here’s my card. When will I be able to collect my ticket? It should be ready in a couple of days. I can you at work if you’d like. Thanks very much! Tony Carney Good morning, Sir. Can I see your ticket and passport? Certainly. There you are. Thank you. Ok. How many suitcases
will you be checking in? Just one suitcase. Did you pack your bag yourself? Yes, I did. Do you have any electrical goods? I have an electric shaver in my hand luggage.
Is that Ok? That’s fine. So nothing in your suitcase? No. Ok. Would you like a window or an aisle seat? A window seat, please. Ok. And just one moment. This is your seat number and departure gate. You can go straight through
to the departure lounge. Enjoy your flight! What time will we be boarding? Oh. We begin boarding at 7. Ok. Thank you. Would you like a newspaper to read, Madam? No, thank you. Would you like a newspaper to read, Sir? Sir? Sir? Oh…! Would you like a newspaper to read, Sir? Yeah. I’ll take the Daily Mail. There you go, Sir. Thank you. It will help to take my mind off things. I’m always a little nervous before flying. Oh. Well, try not to worry too much. You know Air Flight is
the safest form of travel. I know. I’m sure I’ll be better after we take off. You know we have some flight
entertainment for you, too. You’ll find the film guide in the pocket
in front of you or inflight magazine. Oh, good. A nice film will help me to relax. Programs will start shortly after take off. If there’s anything I can get for you,
then please just call for the assistance. When will dinner be served? In about an hour or so. We have a fish, steak and vegetarian option. Which one would you like? Fish, please. Ok. I’ll be back later. Now, please just try to
relax and enjoy the flight. Sir, have you seen the catalogue
for our inflight shop? This one? That’s it. Would you like to order any duty free goods? Yes, please. Can I pay by credit card? Yes. All major credit cards are accepted. But purchases must not exceed $500. Ok. I’d like this bottle of Scotch Whisky, please. at $34. Right. That will be one bottle
of Johnny Walker malt Whisky. Is there anything else you would like, Sir? Yes. I’d like these titanium sunglasses. Yes. They are priced at $145. Will that be all Sir? Yes. That’s everything.
Thanks. The total bill comes to $179. Can I have your credit card, please? Ah. Sure. Here you go. Thank you. Sir. Please wait, while I collect your duty free goods. Thank you Good evening, Sir. May I see your passport and
immigration card, please? Sure Here you are. Thank you. Do you have anything to declare? No. I just have these duty free items
that I bought on the plane. That’s Ok. Welcome to Australia. Is this your first trip here? No. I came here on business
a few years ago but I couldn’t stay long. Are you here on business
or pleasure this time? Purely pleasure this time. Good. Are you planning on traveling
around during your stay? Well. I’ve only got a week
so I’m planning on staying Sydney. Yes. Australia is big place
You’ll need a week to see it all. Maybe next time. This time, I’m going to try to
see all tourist areas of Sydney. Good. I hope you enjoy your stay. Thank you. Excuse me? I’ve just arrived here. And I’ve been waiting at the
baggage carousel for my suitcase. I think it’s lost. OK, Sir. Don’t worry about it I’m sure we can find it. What flight were you on? Flight number MA201 from Bangkok. Yes. Your bag should be on carousel 8. This is where I’ve been
waiting…and it’s not here. What does your bag look like? Can you give me a description? It’s green. Does it have your name on it? Yes. I wrote my name on the label. It’s Marden Andrew White. I’ll just make a quick call
to see if I can find it. Hello central. Yes, code 17. Marden Andrew White. Yes. Sir, your bag is being held by customs. You can pick it up there. Is there a problem? I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. They’ll explain it to you at the customs hall. Just follow this corridor. On your left. OK. Thanks for your help. You’re welcome! Excuse me? My suitcase is missing. And I was told I could collect it here. Can you identify which bag is yours? Yes. It’s this green one here. What is your name? My name is Marden Andrew White. Ok. This is your bag? Yes, of course Is there a problem officer? It’s that our sniffer dog has
smelt something in your bag. I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to open it for me. Yes, Of course. You’re welcome to have a look. Thank you Ah. This is what our sniffer dog found. I’m afraid you carried a package
of biscuits and the package is split. Oh. I forgot about those. They must have been broken during the flight. Well. I can’t see anything
else so you’re free to go. Thank you. Thank you. Good bye! Good bye! You are welcome! Excuse me! I’m trying to get to the city centre. Where do I catch the bus? Oh. You can catch the bus just right outside. You go through the exit door, take a left. The bus stop should
be right in front of you. Ok. Thank you. And where are you going? I’m staying at the Four Seasons hotel. Oh. That’s near the harbor, isn’t it? Yes. It is. Well, in that case, you’ll get the number 63. The blue bus and it leaves from
the bus station number 2. Well, Ok. Thank you for your help. You’re welcome. I hope you enjoy your visit. Good day. Good day. Good evening, Sir. Good evening. I’d like to check-in, please. Certainly, Sir. Do you have a reservation? Yes. It’s in the name of Marden Andre White. That’s right. You booked a
room with a view of the harbor. Can you please sign your name
in the registration book? Here is your key card
you are in room number 1004. It’s on the 30th floor. You’ll have a great view of harbor from there. Thanks Where can I get something to eat? Our restaurant is located on the 3rd floor. Dinner is served from 7. Great. What time is breakfast
served in the morning? Breakfast is served between 6 and 10. Ok. Thank you for your help. You’re very welcome, Sir. I’ll just call a bellboy
to show you to your room. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. Is there anything interesting to see nearby? Yes. The hotel is in the area called “The Rocks”. It’s the oldest part of the city. There are many cafes and restaurants nearby. Are there any shops in the area? There are a few small craft shops.

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