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Employee retention success

December 26, 2019

– Let’s talk about
employee retention success. We’ve all been there,
where we train people only to watch them leave,
so let me talk to you about how you can retain your employees. I’m Missy Day, corporate impact expert. We rolled out a program called Fun Friday, which meant every Friday
we stop production for 15 minutes, unheard of at the time. In fact, they thought I had lost my mind. My director said, “you’re asking me “to shut down production
for 15 minutes on a Friday?” Well, I said just give me a
chance, let’s see what happens. Well, we did it, not
everybody was onboard, especially one person named Sylvia. Sylvia made it clear that
she wasn’t interested in Fun Friday, so she wasn’t involved. However, her cubicle was
positioned right next to the place where we had fun every single Friday. I kinda thought that she had checked out, and wasn’t listening, and
certainly wasn’t participating. Little did I know that
she had taken it all in and was living it somewhere
outside of her cubicle. One day Sylvia came into my
office and shared a story that touched my heart as her manager, and shared a process improvement that quite frankly left me floored. You see, when we engage our employees they turn into committed team members, and they actually take an interest. And when we open the
lines of communication where they’re actually involved in improving processes,
and wanting to get to know, and build relationships one another, your organization can
turn around on a dime. We experienced it, I’ve seen it happen in other corporations. And you know what, you can too. If you’d like to receive 10
tips on how you can have fun in the workplace, please
visit MissyDay.com/fun.

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