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Employee Recognition, Rewards, Retention Based on Science

January 4, 2020

this is a mistake here I got corrected I
got humbled right away from dr. binder that this is not a work output number of
minutes watched and he’s he’s right about that to the last minute I was
trying to argue with him but he’s always freakin right fresh off the plane so
yeah here sit up in Chicago all stinky yeah the craziest Aubrey Daniels spoke about this for years
Abernathy a lot of folks just about not just allowing time to pass because
unfortunately most of our contingencies are set up on paid by the hour or salary
and just time passing but what really matters is what happens within that
short period of time my position and the administrative team is often work
laser-focused understand your work outputs which we’ve been going through
really deeply as a result of dr. binder and then go home early when you get it
done and spend time to your family because that’s the most important thing
don’t just sit around wasting time to me there’s nothing more superfluous than
sitting around wasting time just being disengaged I’d rather see people work
really hard and then go home so well away we started doing that with this is
accountable now and this is a work output so lisa cassidy she would go to
an activity a social skills group and then each time the learner would engage
in a behavior the employee would respond and when they had a quality interaction
a quality engagement with the learner they received a scan on their phone it’s
just a free app then there was a countable noun there was a skin that was
a result of a behavior which is engagement and it turned into a perfect
permanent product that would be uploaded into a graph so it made their behavior
sailing it to them that they had an appropriate engagement with the learner
because it’s the only way that learners are gonna of course you could go south
of that and over engage it over prompt but that’s why the dcba is on site next
is the points so another way that you can create employee engagement within
your organization could be setting up almost like a token system but you got
to be really careful with that when you’re setting up employee token systems
you don’t ever want to make people feel patronized you know because what you
have to explain is that the tokens and the exchange of them and the points that
you earn is just a small token of appreciation that you truly value their
actions and what they’re doing for people every day as leaders it’s not
about trading in for a couple dollars it’s not about training
and although it’s pretty cool the top ones a vacation when you get 75 thousand
points with our organization you get a Caribbean vacation when you get 15,000
they call didi dollars when you get 15,000 you get a ride in the kids the
kids ride around in a stretch limo and they you you as an employee you get to
take your friends out for a night it depends on what you value and then
another one would be in exchange great employee learner engagement results in a
permanent project which wishes points and those points are exchanged for
things we used to think that people cared a lot about money only but they
want choice obviously I don’t know what the heck I was thinking but we people
love choice getting people to do just enough to get mine and getting people to
do what they’re supposed to do when nobody’s looking because the positive
reinforcement that extra bit of effort is our sales pitch that’s our ROI that’s
a lot of people to choose us over I think I blush when you have an impulse thinking about
I need to do this thing yeah usually I’m going to think about impulse we think
about impulse me like a bad thing I’m impulsive but if you use box and you
identify the baby’s a bit too when you have that problem use it as an
impulsively the right thing five four three two want when you’re so
sure that you have it the creative ideas come up that make it happen
yeah I’m serious man it’s like once you know what you want and you made a
concise clear decision that you have it all these ideas could you be in the
shower and then all of a sudden you’re like I got an idea
dude there’s nothing in this world I feel stronger about then the fact that
that law of attraction and I note it it’s some fluffy stuff in that world but
I think it can be an operational

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  1. These principles and strategies are embedded in everything we do at BDA. Going on my 5th year being a part of this company, I can honestly say that there are very few times where I felt undervalued, unmotivated, or as if I wasn’t getting what I deserved but someone else was. The pay for performance model that we operate on and reward systems that are in place is what keeps us laser-focused, engaged, and promotes goal setting and growth among employees.

  2. Wait? Did I hear a shout out to the fluffy stuff (laws of attraction) at the very end….I LOVE IT!!!! Reminders that monetary bonuses are small tokens of appreciation definitely sets a kind tone.

  3. Awesome information and some new ideas I never heard of. Will be using some of these (with modifications) at my job. Thanks!
    Desire Tash.

  4. What is the name of the free app that you use to scan QR codes and record points? Do you graph the points manually or does that app do that for you?

  5. Choice is so important! That's the best part of the switch to the diddy dollar system. There's a slew of choices to pick from.

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