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Employee Engagement and Retention | Royce Ard of My Amazing Maid

December 26, 2019

My name is Royce Ard. My wife and I have a
cleaning business– a residential cleaning
business– in Columbus, Georgia, called My Amazing Maid. We have 18 cleaners, and we
clean about 100 homes a week. So we’ve been very blessed
with a great economy. But one of the problems that
has led to in our business is finding good staff. When the employment
rate is high, you can find people willing
to give residential cleaning– or landscaping or any of
those service industries– they’re really willing
to give it a try. And a certain number of them
will really like it and stay. But it gets to be hard
to find those people that want to give it a try because
they have a lot of options. So what we’ve done
is we’ve created a career path for our cleaners. So we have three
different levels. We have our entry
level person who will hire without
any experience, and we’ll train them. And then they move
up to our next tier. And at that level, they
get a nice increase in their hourly wage, but
they take more responsibility in the company. And then the people who really
decide, hey, I like this job. This may be a career for me. They move up into our
supervisor or a lead position. And those people we’re
able to pay really an above average rate of pay to. And we tie them in with bonuses
into how things that they can control. Not necessarily the
performance of the company, but I know if they do the
things I need them to do, the performance will be there. So they get bonuses on
every one of their checks. If they are able to do the
things that we need them to do, which is basically do
a great job cleaning, do a great job of
customer service, not have customer complaints,
and help us grow the business. So one of the things that
we did to modify Jobber, to make it ours, is we went in,
and we rewrote the email that goes out as a receipt. OK. So once we’ve done
a cleaning, we warehouse most of our
customers credit cards. So we have the ability to
collect payment that day, or they write us a check. But we don’t have a lot
of accounts receivable. So we charge their card, and
then we send them a receipt. The email that we’ve
crafted actually has a link to a form where
they can give us feedback. And we encourage them to give us
feedback after every cleaning. And it’s very short. It takes 30 seconds to fill out. It’s basically one
through five stars. How was the dusting? How was the vacuuming? How are the bathrooms cleaned? They’re able to fill that out. If they have any thing they
want to add as a paragraph, they add that. And then we use the NPS score. We collect 1 through
10, and then we tally those at the
end of the month to see how we’re doing globally
as from a customer service perspective. So what that allows us to do
is by looking at the scorecard that we get every day,
we’re able to see if we have a problem right away. Because if they marked us down
to a three, instead of a five, we’ve got an issue. But by looking at the NPS score
over the period of a month, then we’re able to see, man, do
we have an overall problem that sort of emerged in our customer
service or how we’re cleaning? And between the two of those,
it’s really worked out well. But we do that through
the receipt email that we send out through Jobber. So by providing a career
path for our employees, it really has helped
with retention. OK. So the entry level people,
a lot of those folks are just trying
this business out. There’s going to be a certain
amount of churn that’s going to happen just
because they take the job, they get trained, they
don’t like it, whatever. No fault on our end. No fault on their own. So you’re always
going to have that. But by getting the people
who do like the job, who do like the industry, getting
them tied into your business through bonuses and
other things that we do– and we did mention this,
but I’ll talk about it. We’re taking our top
cleaners just next month to New York City
for the weekend. So I don’t know if any of
them have ever flown before. It’s going to be a big deal. We’re going to
have a great time. But they earn that by not
having customer complaints and through their
attendance policy– following our attendance policy. So it’s a big deal. And they are tied
into the business. They help make– to help
make us more successful. And so this is one of the
ways that we give back. I believe in this
industry it’s not very common to do some of
these types of rewards. But I think it’s where
we’re going to go. Now you can probably tell
from the kind of awards that we’re doing, I come
from sales and marketing. That’s what my background is in. And I know from my
previous employment that we had 12 trips while I
was there, and I won 10 of them. Thank you very much. So it meant a lot to win that
trip because for one thing, I got to spend the
weekend with my boss. And I got to talk to my
boss about the business and about what I was doing
and how great a guy I was. So I think that that’s– I think that the
four people that are going to go on this
trip, I think they’re going to have a great time. But I think sort of
the legend that it creates when they get back is
going to be where the value is. I mean they’re hard. One of the biggest challenges
that we have is recruiting. And really when
you get down to it in our business, and any
service industry business, is you need to spend as much
time and effort recruiting employees as you do
recruiting customers. It needs to have the
same amount of effort. So when you look at
someone’s website, it needs to be as easy to
navigate for the new customer as it is for the
potential employee. I think that’s a big deal. So we advertise in a
variety of places, I mean, almost all digital. We advertise on Craigslist. We advertise through Indeed
and glassdoor and some of those kind of
places, but they all tie back to our website. So we don’t want
people calling in. We want them to visit
our website site, read about our company,
and apply online. And that’s a big
thing, so that we’re getting one common method
of getting applications. And we have an app
on our phone, so when an application comes in, we
can look at it right then. And if it’s somebody that
really would be a hot prospect, we can call them right then. So just show them
that kind of attention because we would do the
same for a new customer. We need to recruit all year. OK. I mean, it needs to be I would
like to add customers all year. So I need to be
recruiting all year. There are times in
the year that we don’t have a lot of turnover. And so sometimes we get
lazy about recruiting during those times of the year. But we always need to keep
our eyes out for good people because that’s absolutely
the most important thing. We’re limited right
now in our growth because we need
to add headcount. And if we had recruited
through the holidays maybe a little bit
better, we probably wouldn’t have that issue.

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