Dolphin Vision Study with Dr. Jason Bruck – Dolphin Quest Bermuda
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Dolphin Vision Study with Dr. Jason Bruck – Dolphin Quest Bermuda

August 30, 2019

My name is Tabatha Gunners I am a master student at Oklahoma State University. In this study we are looking at the overall
field of vision in bottlenose dolphins and determining what they can and cannot see. What we’re doing is we’re taking a huge geodesic toy the kind that you could expand these globes and we’re stretching it out all the way, and we’re
putting little lights on all the little connector points. What we’d like to do is
ask the Dolphins when they see a little light turn on, to whistle for us and
if they do it tells us that they see the light and they know where it is. These
dolphins under human care they’re comfortable with working with people and
they’re really comfortable with these kind of new and interesting innovative
enriching studies. We can test all these potential blind spots that they might have and the reason you might want to do this is to try to
figure out – are Dolphins vulnerable in certain approaches to boat strikes and
again we’re gonna use these data to build these new drone systems that are
going to go out into the world help us collect these hormone samples from wild
animals and allow us to get a really good health indicator of the strength of
dolphin populations in the wild. So it’s really important that we have facilities who work with dolphins like this to participate with us in science in order
to develop really strong conservation research projects.

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