Dolphin Quest Bermuda – Caring For Baby Dolphins

October 9, 2019

So beautiful. Well dolphin reproduction is an important part of the Dolphin Quest management system. Dolphin babies are very sensitive and so
we asked the question can we do the exams that are so important in the first
several days of life. One area in which our owners and our vets really push forward the care for our animals here is a project that we now know as project
newborn. We’re able to learn what healthy parameters in these critical early stages of life looks like so that we can then identify if any of these parameters
are different from what we now know is healthy and normal for a newborn calf. So during project newborn what happen is the marine mammal specialists go into a
shallow area of the lagoon and invite the dolphin to come on over and bring
her calf so that the people can gently wrap their arm around both mom and calf
during which we make sure that they always face each other so that you see
each other, they can communicate with each other, and while they’re in a hug
from the trainer’s we can then collect blood sample from the calf which is
really unique and important because it tells us so much about those critical
first days of life. We can collect measurements from the calf Our dolphins are trained from a very
young age to give all these samples voluntarily through training which is
built on positive reinforcement these newborns are so young that they’re not
yet trained to give these samples voluntarily like all of our other
dolphins do so rather than having to wait for them to be trained on it
we’re still able to collect those very valuable bits of information from the
cache it’s such an exciting project to be a part of because not only does it
benefit our animals but it also benefits the health of other animals whether it’s
in the wild or at other facilities.

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