Does Semen Retention Increase Life Span?
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Does Semen Retention Increase Life Span?

December 31, 2019

Hey guys, I want to share with you some Some scientific research I found that suggests that producing semen Constantly may shorten a man’s lifespan I’ll post I’ll post a link to this article in the description below so basically this group of scientists took these worms this species of worms called nematodes and this specific species of worm are known for being very sexually prolific they have a long sex and so they took the males and So one group of the male Worms they just allowed to have sex like normal interact with the other ones and these these worms lived about eight days and then they took another group so they separated the male’s so they couldn’t have any sex and They lived 11 days but then they they took a third group and they manipulated the male’s so that They they couldn’t ejaculate or they couldn’t produce semen something like that that and these so basically we’ll say they gave them a vasectomy so these worms lived 14 days so this is very interesting to me because not only did the the males who didn’t have sex lived longer But the males who could have sex but didn’t ejaculate and weren’t constantly producing semen they lived even longer so This is a very very interesting Experiment and to me it really confirms what a lot of ancient Sort of like the Dallas and the Indian Yogi’s what a lot of these ancient systems have always said and that’s that mindlessly Wasting your sexual energy for men just ejaculating every time they have sex it depletes us of our life force and it leads to Accelerated aging and maybe early death so and To me the most apparent effect that Ejaculation is draining our energy is How we feel after we ejaculate you know typically a man when he’s having sex you know he’s His Energy’s super high he’s aroused he’s expansive because that that Aroused sexual energy is just so powerful and you feel so alive you feel just supercharged and then you ejaculate and it’s you know 10 to 15 seconds of really intense orgasm and then it’s like you kind of short-circuit you know that energy is gone You’re no longer aroused you most men can’t even have sex right away After that and a lot of men just roll over and take a nap and so it’s very obvious that You know your energy levels gone from here to here so obviously something’s happening there and the Production of semen the body puts everything into creating semen semen is really like the essence of the body You know it’s our seed it is literally the seed of the body and it can create New humans you know there’s an enormous amount of energy in there but a lot of these ancient systems say that Creating this semen every every time we have to create new semen We lose part of our essence and that this is not that this is a finite supply and that some day We’re going to run out and so you know when you’re your 20s you’re you’re a teenager and your twenties you feel like it’s just this bottomless well of energy like oh I can just you know I can jacket it every day multiple times a day or whatever but then you start hitting your 30s and 40s and You start having sexual issues your potency drops you may have reptile dysfunction premature ejaculation all these sexual dysfunctions your Energy’s dropping you’re balding and It’s it’s I believe that this is due to excess ejaculation and then it’s very unnecessary You know if you’re if you’re not making a baby every time you’re having sex plus the point of sending this Incredible amount of energy just out you know and it and it’s gone So and I’m not saying that you can’t have sex or You can’t masturbate whatever it’s it the problem is excessive ejaculation you can learn to have sex without Ejaculating and still have orgasms and you can have orgasms that are even more intense than the the limited Orgasm that most men associated with which is the ejaculatory orgasm and so from my experience I’ve been I’ve been retaining my semen for requital quite a while now I’ve been practicing seeing retention for several years and The benefits are just enormous and to me it’s very obvious it’s very apparent that There’s something to this there’s something to holding onto your life force and not just wasting it basically it keeps you young it keeps you healthy I’ve never had more energy in my life of course I’m doing a lot of other things I practice yoga Qi Gong meditation and I eat very healthy I exercise and But to me semen retention ties in to these aspects because I am I’m cultivating my sexual energy I’m building it up and I’m not just wasting it and then. I’m doing other exercises I’m doing yoga Qi Gong and meditation to transmute that sexual energy as it builds up so it’s just it’s it’s so powerful this is really our life force and You know a lot of guys say. Oh this is bullshit you know but try it for yourself and You know try it for a week at least and see what notice notice what changes happen in your life and then learn to have a non ejaculatory orgasm learn to control your ejaculation and You know have sex in that way for a while and then when you start going back to ejected to our orgasms it’s like Oh, well you know this is this is nothing compared to what I was experiencing so so thank you for watching please subscribe to my channel like my videos and leave a comment below also Grab my free a Jack ulation controlled Guide there’s a link in the description below thank you so much for watching my friends have a great day

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  1. What if you can't hold it in. once it comes out can you just put in in your favorite ice cream or food and eat it. I've heard that its harmless and safe to swallow. Your body is just going to break it down and absorb it back. I feel thats a good way because you do not lose it. it comes out but you put it back in your body. What do you think ?

  2. How often should someone who's single self cultivate? I've tried nofap and have seen some benefits and have tried just semen retention and also see the benefits with increase in size and stamina, but do notice that my libido gets almost too high and i have trouble retaining longer than a week. Any advice would be appreciated!

  3. Sexual Kung Fu how does marijuana relate to semen retention? It seems to help me relax when semen buildup causes anxiousness and irritatability.

  4. Yes this just makes so much sense. This will be my first year without any full-blown ejaculations and I say it is the single most beneficial change I have ever made. High five, both hands! 🙌

  5. I've been doing semen retention since september, I had a wt dream since then l, is that still considered semen retention?

  6. Hey sexual Kung fu I purchased the testicle breathing audio but it cuts off about half way right before you start the testicle breathing. Anyway I can get the full audio

  7. Other advisors of semen retention suggest that the average or recommended period between ejaculations is about 5-6 weeks for most men. Do you concur ?

  8. Greetings Jonathan, I am 28 years old and I was a porn addict until September, is it too late for me to embrace this lifestyle and actually benefit from it?

  9. Swami Sivananda, a Hindu monk is 122 years old as of now and he says he owes his long life to veganism, exercise and celibacy(semen retention).

  10. No, it does not. Daily ejaculation has been proven to reduce the male’s risk of testicular cancer

  11. I think pornography and way too much of over-masturbation is a big reason why testosterone levels in men are falling across the nation. Plus, men rarely go out and do stuff like they did back in the day like in the 50s or even in the 70s. People are becoming homebodies by default and that's no good. Because men were designed to be moving and out in nature and getting shit done.

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