Does Semen Retention Increase Attraction? (You WANT To Hear This!)
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Does Semen Retention Increase Attraction? (You WANT To Hear This!)

January 5, 2020

And this is why when you retain your semen you become so much more attractive and magnetic Hey guys, I’m Jonathan White I’m here to help you master your sexual energy so that you can magnetize your ideal life. semen retention Makes you more attractive, simple as that. what is the process of ejaculation for a man? the body Puts a priority on creating sperm sperm is the seed of the body. It’s the essence of the body the priority of nature is to continue the species continue life at any cost and What men don’t realize is that? Constantly ejaculating is taking a huge toll on their bodies. If not apparent in our teenage years in our 20s It’s like you have a million dollars you’re born with a million dollars and it seems like it’s going to last forever So you just spend it recklessly? But by the time men hit their 30s and 40s all of a sudden they don’t have that sexual vitality they had then they’re a teenager and many men are Nowadays many men are experiencing sexual issues at a younger and younger age impotence Premature ejaculation erectile dysfunction and I believe that’s because there’s so much stimulation so much sexual stimulation in our role with the internet with media and so many men addicted to porn and they’re just throwing their lifeforce away every day, so It’s very apparent to me that Constantly ejaculating depletes a man of his vital essence all the organs of the body. They have to contribute resources to create Semen it there’s a lot of Life force in the semen when you think about it one single sperm can become an entire human being this tiny little sperm multiplies multiplies, it becomes a human being that’s incredible power and a single ejaculation has Several hundred million sperm one’s man’s single ejaculation could repopulate the United States That’s an incredible amount of power But most men just throw this away because it seems like it’s going to last forever But it’s not going to last forever when you’re not constantly Ejaculating then the body doesn’t have to work so hard to be producing new semen and it’s energy can go into more productive things you have now a reserve of energy another thing the testicles produce hormones, they produce testosterone and other hormones and by Ejaculating you lose a lot of these hormones what a lot of people are finding Is that after about seven days of semen retention your testosterone levels increase by about a hundred and fifty percent? This is a pretty significant amount. How do you feel after? Ejaculated most men typically feel weak. They feel tired unmotivated There’s a bit of this hangover that occurs after ejaculation And if you’re not familiar with this, it may be because you’ve never gone more than a couple of days without ejaculating that was the case for me when I was a teenager and once you do start to go periods of time without Ejaculating it becomes more and more apparent Just how fatiguing how draining constantly ejaculating is and for what? What’s the point if you’re not going to be? creating a Child every time you ejaculate. What’s the point of throwing all this energy wait the problem is that men associate orgasm with ejaculation but these are actually two completely separate processes that can be separated and experience you can experience orgasm without ejaculation you can have Incredible sex without ever ejaculating and still feel completely fulfilled. In fact for me It’s even more fulfilling because you’re more charged from that experience than you would be if you had ejaculated. So what this does to a man and the way others perceive him What’s it like to be around someone who’s? Who’s optimistic someone who’s full of energy full of life full of vigor you? Feel you feel good being around that person there their love for life and their passion and their radiant energy. It’s infectious its contagious so this is typically how a man becomes when he’s not constantly ejaculating he becomes radiant he becomes Confident people are attracted to that Women are attracted to a man who is energized who is driven who’s confident who has that energy and that That young charms that male charge that we have in our semen So as our hormones build up women pick up on this They can smell it on you. They may not be aware of it, but there’s just something about you That is much much more appealing to them because your bodies on some level are subtly communicating You know, your body is saying hey, I’ve got all this semen built up I’ve got all this energy all this Drive. I would be a great partner for you No, we’re not aware of this this communication that’s happening We’re aware of it on a physical level but subconsciously people detect this Why is it that when you walk into a room? Let’s say you walk into a room There’s a room full of people maybe walk into a party or something like that And there’s 30 people in the room and in just a few seconds You have a pretty good impression of all the people in there. You just there’s just something about it This this isn’t something that we can Logically explain but we just we just get this vibe from everyone around us. Well when you’re a man who’s got this? sexual charge built up women pick up on this You become more polarized You become more masculine because semen is the essence of our masculine energy it contains the hormones that make us masculine the Testosterone so by retaining your semen. You become more of yourself. You become more Intensified more polarized so you’re going to attract that opposite polarity to yourself. You become much more polarized therefore much more magnetic from my own Experience. So let’s go back to my teenage years. I was looking at porn every day, you know, it was just my daily habit Oh good. Get on the porn site and one out real quick, you know, just so I could relax and go to sleep everyday I Had no confidence. I had very low self-esteem. I could not attract women Mostly because I was too afraid to even talk to women when I began practicing senior retention this Completely reversed. I felt confident because I wasn’t Looking at porn every day just draining my energy out I built up this energy. I felt comfortable in my body. I felt driven and All of a sudden women started approaching me. This never happened before women would approach me very attractive women I had no problem finding an amazing partner and this goes into Other types of Attraction as well not just you know male female partner type of attraction If you’re in business You will become more influential you’re able to better help people to better influence people because you’re more driven You’re more young you’re more expansive. You have that creativity that drive and that passion our sexual drive enhances all of these things our sexual energy is the root of our being it’s our creative force our ability to rebirth ourselves to birth to new projects it’s creative energy and When you allow this to build up inside of you most men cannot handle this energy most men as soon as they feel any Sort of sexual arousal they have to give this energy out of them as soon as they can They can’t handle that tension when you’re able to hold this sensation in your body Be comfortable in that be okay with feeling strong arousal and not having to do anything with it. But just let that Arousal drive your life. Let it drive your creative projects You become very attractive very very magnetic This is not just my experience look online. So many guys are reporting this So if you want to have that edge in The dating scene in the business world, whatever it is. I highly recommend you start retaining your sexual essence, let it build up and let it Drive you to become the best person of yourself So if you’re wanting to get into semen retention, but you’re struggling to make it happen Send me a message get in touch with me. I’d love to jump on a call with you and help you out Thank you for watching this video. Please subscribe to my channel leave a comment below Like this video. Have a great day my friends

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  1. I didn’t have a girlfriend all of high school. I’m now going out with a New England Patriots cheerleader. Semen retention

  2. Day 345 of nofap- I could finally master the 4 elements wind air water and fire and use them for the better good of society. I now know the equation to create life and I could move a cup with my mind

  3. I honestly don't think nofap helps you attract a damn thing. I do believe nofap is good to do, but I feel whatever you attract is due to how you are as a person. You can't rely on anything attracting to you such as girls and what not due to no fap if you're a douchebag and aren't smooth charming person.

  4. Thank you soo much for this video! start of a beautiful morning im on my path day 4 this is my morning motivation. Bless you

  5. did hardmode for a year didnt work for me, all it did was leave me depressed and sexually frustrated lol

  6. I have not masturbated since the 4th may and all this energy and optimism I've felt lately is crazy. I really want to keep this energy as effectively as I can. I also meditate for about 20-30 minutes a day, lift weights and always trying to be present so I think that contributes to it all as well.

    Do you think all you have to do is not ejaculate and this energy will stay in your body by itself? I understand that it may vary from day to day but as I said I really want this energy to be contained.

  7. So if I have a girlfriend I’m supposed to hold my ejaculation ? ….ya do know that’s very dangerous to force yourself not to while it’s trying to ? I don’t jerk off , but for me to have a girlfriend and holding my sperm while we have sex sounds ridiculous

  8. Why did you not say in the video how you do it without feeling like you are not getting all you can from sex because for me without ejaculation I just not feel fulfilled . I feel like I have been teased . Feels like your going to get BLUE BALLS without ejaculation

  9. I started this NoFap journey from Jan 24 while I started IF .. Way Different aspects attributes to my mindset to take active actions.I do agree with you in my teenage I do ejaculate. Now am 28 year old, people started cheer at me you look younger than it actual age is .. so goodness to hear

  10. aha…the force ia a thing…girls can sense who is masturbating to porn too much & of course it don't work in your favour…meditate for at least 2 hours a day and being perfectly celibate (no porn viewing and steering thoughts away from sex or needing it & of course no masturbation) and after 6 months you will be glowing…I have gone nearly 3 months and can sense the feminine energy coming to join with me when just standing next to a girl…I look at the girl and she knows it too…the force is there…it is almost tangible…a definite quality that stimulates a girl to talk to you…look at you and ask you questions…if your force is strong enough she will get wet just sitting with you and your conversation can easily lead to your room for sex….now this is the thing….SEX WITHOUT EJACUALTION….you keep your power…do not lose it to the girl…draw her yin force into you…she may beg for you to release but dont do it…dont give it to her….give her a great workout…my longest session was with a teenage whore in bangkok…8 hours off and on until sunrise taking little breaks to sit down and smoke a cigarette and drink some beer while I chatted to her as she sat on the bed…then back into it for another round…must have gone over 12 rounds kinda like a boxing match…LOL…the wall mirror was a nice touch…I liked seeing my form hammering into hers…in the last round when I was nearing ejaculation I pulled out and blocked again and she punched me in the arm because she wanted my semen…a woman is usually a BIG DRAIN on a mans power…so many men get sick and lose vitality while their wife stays healthy because they are giving their life essence away…dont do it…have sex with your girl for several hours and meditate after so you are so much in ecstasy and so satisfied you dont feel lust at all for days or over a week….the periods without sex get longer until both of you man and woman have no sexual interest left due to being in perenial ecstasy….always high…and actually this super power makes you even more appealling to women because you are full of yin and yang combined…you are in pussy so much and filled with female essence that they want to join with you…they want to be hammered by you…drilled hard…so a man is susceptable to cheating on his girl with this power…its like being a sexual millionaire…you can have sex for hours and instead of getting tired get stronger as the time increases…I can't wait to go to japan in a couple months…japanese woman most exciting on the planet…the deep tongue pashing…the moaning and yelping…their perfect bodies…perfectly shaped pussies…feet..hands…a work of art and having sex for hours with a jap lady which I have done in chiang mai is an unforgettable work of art…the positions..use and chairs and tables..the wall..floor…standing in shower…as I say boys…when you are on a dive dive deep to the point of maybe not being able to make it back to your room…by the way making a girl have multiple orgasms is the way to secure a girlfriend…you posses her fully and she thinks about you all day and even calls to check where you are and what you are doing thru the day…dont be driven crazy by losing your seed in a woman…drive her crazy by inexhastable sex power…woman is naturally more powerful sexually than man but man can be more powerful sexually than any woman when he has this knowledge and mastery of sex

  11. 5'296'871'236'823 days with no fap. I can sit on my balls finally.

    More seriously, love your vids bro

  12. From my experience Nofap alone doesn't attract women. You need to talk with them, touch them, kiss them and it's like other females can feel that energy and they want some of you too. How do you talk to women? Just fucking say hi,start small, build momentum. But you gotta do it.

  13. This would have helped back in high school so much. I'm 29 now, better late than never. Been doing this for over a year

  14. Just get some blue chew (cheap chewable viagra)and you def won't ejaculate. get the bang but don't feel all depleted afterwards.
    Beat that Va jay jay up all night lol.

  15. Damn this video makes me want to bust a nut one more time tonight then try stop for a while. Now now that I have broke up with the missus last week it's would be a good experiment.

  16. Lol just get a vasectomy.. it will retain your sperm .. but you still need to empty out your prostate regularly

  17. Bro, I just started doing Taoist exercises and retaining and…I literally just saw this shit go down at the bar. It was wild to have something like a…”presence” or aura around me that was catching eyes around the room.👀👀👀

  18. His hair reminds me of this scene of "Crazy About Mary" where she uses semen by mistake to get her hair up. Funny his talking about semen retention.

  19. What an idiot. I'm in my 50s and still sexually strong. I have also been told that if you retain it that the body slows down creating it. Its also been proven scientifically that a man who ejaculates at least twice a week adds an average of 9 years to his life because the body stays in a younger reproductive mode. So the old cliche of use it or lose it is very true. Also lastly, who wants to have sex and not bust a nut? That's stupid.

  20. I jerk off 2 times a day, 5 days a week have sex with my gf 3 times a week and still hitting up gym hard!

  21. ☀It's increase ✔energy☉Force & power🌞🗺and📈comunication🏞on a Ⓜindfull Level🌌

  22. Lots of science to back up the fact that masturbation and ejaculation has major health benefits such as a reduction in prostate cancer, lower blood pressure, better rest and sleep. Actually there's no scientific evidence that its unhealthy in any way. As a matter of fact it has even been suggested that people in retirement homes could benefit a lot more from sex and masturbation than any of the little stretches and motion exercise that they practice there and enjoy life more for a longer time. So all you guys listening to this crap, do your research and find out the fact that it's great and great for you to cum! Or don't and enjoy your abstenance from feeling good and having better health and leave all the women out there for real men. Lol

  23. I think im crazy. After 2 or 3 days of no fap, i feel very depressed, agitated , aggressive. Such an asshole. Feel so tired , cant function, lose motivation and obsesse about pussy. It feels impossible to break the cycle of porn. What do you think?

  24. Sorry but i just dont buy no fap. We are designed to orgasm and release semen. Its perfectly natural. I wouldnt encourage excessive fapping. Tbh ive only ever felt a bit tired after for a short while then my energy bounces right back. I am 43 and i can honestly say my sex drive has hasnt really decreased since i was a teenager or my 20s. Ive always had high testosterone and high sex drive. If u have to whack off so as to concentrate on your day then fine. I dont agree with porn, ive never watched porn, dont need to, i have enough sexual desire and imagination without it. I think porn is destructive and depraved. Ideally you should not fap at all but you need a wife who is sexually compatible and supportive so u can offload all your semen into her. Nothing wrong with that and it wont drain your energy, in fact it will make you more confident and more succesful in life. All this no fap is for pathetic beta males with lousy sex drives who cant get laid.

  25. Heey, just found your channel, looks really good! Fantastic message and great delivery!
    Been on this sexual energy retention lifestyle for many years, it's so true what you are talking about!
    Breathe deep from the balls, transcend the energy to higher more creative places, keep up not ejaculating and keep up with cultivating the sexual energy!

    Thanks for the work you put into this video, keep up the hustle and your good production!
    I really can relate to you, subscribed!🌞

  26. Ever noticed when you get laid casually other women want you? You don’t retain your semen then…semen retention does nothing but make you fck women if you weren’t holding off on no fap you wouldn’t normally. don’t do no fap makes no sense

  27. I think your on to something , I don't fab anymore and my brother says his girlfriends have the hots for me but they don't know why and either do I.Good channel I subbed a while back to make sure I didn't lose your channel young man , catching up now well done ✌.

  28. I’m in the beginning stage but does edging effect attraction or energy in anyway? Or is it just the ejaculation of sperm?🤔

  29. Very good job man, you really did mention all information in a simple way for everyone to understand. Thank you for uploading. Greetings from Germany

  30. I did semen retention and after a few months I got a 9.5/10 beautiful face and sexy girlfriend with a hot body. I chatted her up on the street, and got her number. Next day I called her to ask her out. On the 2nd date we slept together. I would never get her if I don't do retention.

  31. When Im doing semen retention streak, I notice that men give you more respect. When I'm always mtb-ing, I get assholes always challenging and bah-ing what I say, even when I'm saying the right thing they want to contradict it with bullshits and story twisting.

  32. Really stupid. If the goal is to stop semen from comming out. Why would we talk about how many girls got attracted…. Stupid. How the fuck will we preserve if we go on a date and fuck. Senseless…. Dumb cunts when we fuck and when we fap we cum. Samething dumbasses…

  33. An ancient secret of the kings & sages lol there's a spot right under your balls you firmly press before orgasm that holds your man juice back. Due to the sensitivity of the area and what not it takes a bit of time to be fully effective

  34. It's all about blood circulation in body. No seman if you do workout everyday and you're blood you're more attractive than someone with seman rentition.

  35. The only thing that messed up my streak was me trying to seperate orgasm from ejaculation via edging.I quit edging so I will experience all the benefits.

  36. you are so right about the part of girls approaching you when you dont waste your sexual energy, it's so amazing how it works

  37. I am on day 9 of nofap and nopmo now
    I have had sex twice with a girl I recently attracted but I didn’t ejaculate or release my semen since am determined to practice semen retention
    I build up the energy and allow it flow all over my body
    Is it safe to keep having sex while practicing Semen retention???

  38. Im just got to 30 days and I have been getting more attention from women. My dopamine was screwed up too but Im starting to love life again. I can't wait to see how I feel at 60 days.

  39. the energy cannot be contained. even on your social media you will have more women liking your posts,. watching your story, ect. it just draws things towards you. ppl,places, things. when you have that arousal you can stare women in the eye with all that energy and they swoon after it 😉 they stare back,

  40. I do no fap cos I want to master my will. I have never had problems with the ladies. But I want to become a master of my will and soul. Plus I’m into esoteric stuff and I believe in the magickal intricacies of keeping my vital energy.

  41. me 2….but only in 3 days….coz I do few asanas….breathwork….and mantras….I think all compounded and created this attraction…..and I am farrrrrr below average….so getting surprised looking at beautiful girls stairing at me and blushing….and all strangers…..I will continue atleast for a month….then will fap just once in a month

  42. I'm on day 16 with 45 days being my longest streak. This time though I feel more confident because I'm not doing it for women. I want my brain at its highest form of capabilities. I want to get a career started in Healthcare I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. But I know I can do this!

  43. Don't do nofap for "the girl of your dreams" Do Nofap For "The Life Of Your Dreams" If The Reason/reward Is Strong Enough, You'll Be Willing To Go Through Much More Pain

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