DESS-USA AngleBase Maximum Bond Retention
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DESS-USA AngleBase Maximum Bond Retention

January 6, 2020

Oh… the Ti Base… you know, not all Ti Bases are made the same. Take the DESS AngleBase for example, it is not only gold anodized for improved esthetics… but, also has up to 25º angular adjustment, and comes with a flat seat screw for maximum tension. and lets not forget about the grip! The DESS AngleBase is not only easy to work with, as well as saves you time and money also has a remarkable grip in fact all of the desk Ti Bases have vertical walls instead of tapered walls which is a superior design for maximum bond retention as well as select grip a unique treatment a special sandblasted surface that provides up to 2.5 times greater adhesion between the abutment and crown why does DESS design Ti Bases with vertical walls? When testing the bond strength of over 30 Ti Bases using the same bonding specifications… the results show that DESS Ti Bases with straight wall chimneys have a 68% stronger bond retention compared to a tapered wall where a chance of debonding increased significantly the DESS Anglebase is part of a suite of components and software for the digital workflow. We have free library files for exocad, 3shape and Dental Wings. DESS provides you with a lifetime replacement warranty on the implant and the FDA approved DESS abutment plus you can’t beat the price! DESS your source for restorative implant components. Smart solutions start at

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